Free to Be Us Fall 2018

WELCOME FALL. “Nature reminds us that in letting go of each season, and its glories, a new one awakens, unfolds, and gives us new gifts. We are nature and have our own cycles. Let go of anything in your life, that is ready to transform, and allow the awakening potential of you to find its new expression. Surprises await.” Janet StraightArrowBe The Medicine

As we move into the beginning of fall and the full moon this week there is much inner and outer change. Be gentle, loving and have fun with it as you can.

Blessings and Grace, Janet StraightArrow
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Quote of the week. “The ego says I know with emotion and defense. The soul says I know with gentle confidence.”Janet StraightArrow

Free to Be. What does Being a Responsible Person and Healer Mean?

In our co-dependent society and world, we live off balance by being responsible for others and by following the expectations of family, culture, and misaligned beliefs. This has made the word responsible, a word to be avoided, as we know that we cannot and should not take on what is for others to do and be for themselves.

Each person is responsible for themselves and that truly makes life infinitely easier on all of us, because it actually works. Instead of blaming someone else or expecting others to do or be for us we learn to make our own choices and look inside to see what we can change to create the life, health, and the relationships we want.

Once we stop looking outside of us for everything, we begin to learn to see the patterns and purpose within. It is exhausting for everyone when we use our energy and awareness to try to “fix” others. A focus of responsible solutions allows us to find causes and change the effects.

I was well trained in my healing studies to do it for, or heal others, and then was later told that the client-patient was the healer of themselves. Well, that was all well and good, but no one was trained in this personally or professionally.

Since my focus for myself was to Be The Medicine and learn how to live and heal and be free to be my best self I was on board with that. I took the time and focus for several years to discover all the ways to assist others to be the healer of themselves. I then developed the most refined ways to accomplish this with many tools and teachings that empower each person to heal themselves.

I also studied all the ways on many levels of being that we co-create disease and pain, and avoid the things that help us so we do not receive the fullness of health and healing. Be The Medicine and my individual work and pieces of training are all focused on realigning you with your best life and perfect health.

Being a pioneer for decades, it was helpful that I was comfortable not following the rules of others that did not seem to lead to solutions and healing. As I studied and practiced with others and myself, I sorted out what worked and what did not and also cleaned out the pieces that interfered or blocked us. There are so many beliefs, fears, and limits to healing, it is ridiculous when we are each a natural healer of us.

I also discovered that when I was the one who took full responsibility as “the healer” for others, I took on some of the problems and had to heal myself from what I was helping others with. I almost burned out by doing healing the way it was “expected” to be done. One day I just quit that way altogether and found a balance that worked.

All of my focus is on sharing energy, time, and teachings to help people help and heal themselves as a major focus of our work together. Being co-creative and giving people their responsibility made all the difference for everyone.

It is a very different paradigm and it makes sense and works which makes it very rewarding for everyone. Healing and being us is co-creative. We can assist others as long as we allow them to choose and manifest on their own. Receiving support of a trained healer allows them to share their gifts and work together with you for your goals.
It is always exciting for me to watch people grow and change within themselves, their life, relationships, work, and health immediately through our private work together. Are you ready to learn how to be responsible for you in ways that make your life and health work infinitely better? Call today for an appointment or email and let’s move through whatever you are ready to move beyond and through.  973-647-2500

I am on retreat 9/24-28. leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

There are still spaces available in all of the classes so do sign up. I also have openings for private sessions in October. Blessings to all. Janet





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How to Flunk Co-Dependence


I am okay, only if you are okay, that is a fallacy.” Janet StraightArrow

In this world of people pleasing, we hurt everyone. No one is happy when they are living lies and trying to figure out how to contort themselves to fit into beliefs and expectations that might not even exist.

Being independent, then interdependent, allow us to find perspective and truth and a better way to live. First, know who you are and feel safe and true to you. We never find peace and safety in trying to fit something outside of us first.

Breaking the roles and rules of challenging childhoods we discover short breaths and bursts of freedom to be us. We explore our authenticity and even begin the know what that is.

We cannot be authentic when we try to fit in. When we are who we are we discover matching people and energy and also discover healthy boundaries.

I will admit I sometimes revert to want to follow what pleases others. Then I feel the inner pull to listen to me and stop before I fall into the abyss of co-dependence.

Co-dependence is a way to improperly take responsibility for someone else. We make excuses and list reasons for their or our inability to be and do what is correct and then try to fill in.

People who think I am nice will be fooled when they try seducing me to take care of them, at my or others, and especially their, expense, and I do not relent.

Be Who You Are


We do not speak our truth when we are afraid someone will leave us physically or emotionally when they know how we feel and what is important for us.

This is where the abandonment begins, with us, when we do not live our true self and hide it from us and everyone else.

The world is such a mess of illusion and lies and it all begins with each one of us not allowing what is true to be known to us first in our lives.

Take a tremendous risk and quiet your mind to discover what your inner self who is infinitely wise, has to say about you, and your relationships and life.

The loud and fearful thoughts are the lies, they are the ones that drowned out the true wisdom we always have.

As we begin to listen to us we are safer than we have ever been. Relationships will change or leave or return depending on where we all are.

Being real allows true love and care for all and us that we can enjoy and count on. If we are only loved for what we can do for another then we are lost.

Find you, find true, allow that process of being true to you. When we are true to ourselves only then can we be true to another or offer valuable service that uplifts all.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Get to know the truly wise and wonderful you, and learn how to let go of what is holding you back in your life. This is one of the many things we work on together in sessions and classes. How to get real and heal and be of service in healthy ways for all. Let’s have fun breaking the rules that hurt and discover the truth that helps and heals and manifests great relationships and our best life. Skype, phone and in-person too.

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Change is Happening Suffering is Optional

“Peace and progress come easily when we let go of control and allow co-creative flow.”Janet StraightArrow

This is a summer of change. Two major eclipses, several retrograde planets, with transformative Pluto, and lightning bolt change Uranus, connecting to more planets, makes is a holy mess of change. If you are not affected, you are not paying attention. The world and her people are moving and grooving and its’ not always fun.

 Instead of saying I don’t like change and trying to avoid, deny, or resist it in any way, know that change is continual. We cannot hold onto the earth in an earthquake, or to water in a raging river, or to the air in a storm, or stop a fire when things are incinerated. These are natural extremes of the elements and relate to changes in our life.

Being caught in the drama of trying to control everything we are lost in the disaster. As we release expectations and control there is a clear space to process what happened and choose a new life that works.

What causes continued suffering is how we deal with change. Change is constant and how we grow and how we live every day. What we can be responsible for is how we live with it, how we see opportunities instead of just problems, and how we decide to move forward.

When something is over, like in natural extremes above, it’s over. It is what do we make of the rubble, or what is left, that determines how we can begin again.

 After death, there is always rebirth, and new life unfolds. Holding onto dying pieces does not build a new life. Allowing new elements to be revealed opens up new options and life to grow again.

We may want to control everything and make the world conform to our wishes. We are not the only ones involved. It is a co-creative universe and many other people and situations are a part of the co-creation. Doing our part and figuring it out is where the answers lie.

We are only stuck when our thinking is stuck, and we do not want to change, or when we cannot see beyond the change and are afraid. Stuck is being paralyzed in some ways and the need to stay in fear until we figure it out causes great suffering for and to us.

Be free to know that change is normal and when the fear clears there is a new path opened to explore and live that just may be where we were heading all along.

Change helps us with needed course corrections. Be curious instead of mad and see where life can be better than you imagined.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Live the Power of You!


Call Janet today and learn how to make the most of this summers changes in your life.

TESTIMONIAL.“Janet is the rainbow of love! With the skilled hands of a surgeon, Janet is able to help you reach inside to the deepest, most hidden places of yourself and give you tools to shine the brightest, most powerful light for personal & professional healing! Janet is a wonderful tour guide, providing direction and possibilities for healing as you walk your path! She is very personable, creative, and nurturing to all she meets. It is an honor and a pleasure to have her walking alongside me! Namaste’” Elisa Maggio, Healer, Teacher, Artist

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A Unique Spiritual Journey

StraightArrow Walking

 WHAT DO a Racecar Driver, Realtor, Mom, Sailboat Captain, Fashion Model, Shaman, Entrepreneur, Writer, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive, Lifelong student, Loving Teacher, and Spiritual Guide have in common? Me. It has been a full, terrible, wonderful, challenging, and exciting life.

Fifty-one years ago our family doctor said I would not live long. In these years I have faced death and rebirth on many levels each decade and I am still walking. Living our purpose is not often easy, it is challenging, and can be fun! How did I get here and what motivated me to develop Be The Medicine? A little bit more of my story with love. Janet StraightArrow

After living in many worlds consciously unfolding for over six decades, I feel great compassion for all of us and have a comfortable understanding of the journey of life, relationships, love, success, spiritual awakening, and living it in our everyday world.

From the time I was a child I had deep questions and lived the answers even when they did not agree with what I was taught in the family and culture. Inspired by sacred teachings, I knew there was so much more to life and health than was commonly known. I also saw that the world and her people were confused and hurting unnecessarily, and I wanted to find the clear truth, live it, and teach others too.

Very sensitive and aware and yet unafraid to explore, living true to me made all of the difference. Amidst the challenges, there were great friends, guides, and teachers. There were also times I was an outcast and that was not easy but I always wanted to be true to me and the values that were important to me.

CONSTANT TRAUMA. I grew up living on the edge of life and death. My father was in and out of critical condition from before I was born and we did not know if he would be alive any night, or morning, many days, weeks, and months each year. I was the oldest of three and my mother’s right hand in caring for the house and children and dad when he was home. He died in a very worn out body at the young age of forty-eight.

CHOOSING AGAIN. In 1967, when I was fifteen, our family doctor told me I would not live as long as my father did and that made me question everything and changed my life. I was very sickly in similar ways and decided then and there that I was going to live a long, healthy, happy life and figure it out which started the journey to Be The Medicine.

SHARING THE JOURNEY I organically began teaching mothers how to heal and assist their families with health and wellness and behavior problems in the later 1970’s with nutrition, whole foods, and natural methods as my first healing business.

TAKING RISKS. In those same years, I raced Porsches with my husband on Watkins Glen, Pocono, Lime Rock, and Bridgehampton Road Racing tracks on weekends for six years. This gave me many opportunities to face life and death and test myself as I  developed fine-tuned awareness, focus, and mindfulness as we were racing with many other cars at top speeds vying for the same place. It was the same courage it took to to step into a fireproof suit and car that later took to accept and live the unlikely life as a Shaman, Healer, and Sage.

During that period of my life, I also birthed two babies, planted gardens, and studied yoga and meditation, astrology, deeper healing, and more on whole foods cooking and eating. I was working very steadily to heal myself of two issues that would not subside no matter what I did. In the two weeks after my marital separation, those problems went away totally and opened up new doorways in the study of the mind-body connection. Many of the studies and methods I explored are popular now and were not accepted by many then. When I wanted to bridge my nutrition with a psychology degree I met great resistance in college.

By the late-eighties, I had divorced, completed another degree, and began my real estate career while raising my daughters and studying and practicing living spirituality and healing. None of this journey was easy and yet I followed my inner leading each step of the way and trusted the process.

In 1992 I discovered quite by surprise, my calling as a Shaman by a Shaman, I did not believe him and took it under advisement, and from this time on my life and expanded realities opened up. There has always been a deeper calling and understanding of many traditions that are Universal and not specific to one tradition. This makes it relevant to all.

Some of my greatest awakening experiences and studies came during those years and I began teaching Shamanism and Reiki and life’s wisdom to many as I sold homes and assisted people on their journey as homeowners. Living spirituality in all aspects of work and life was a focus I explored.

In 1999 I went to working full-time in healing and teaching and writing. I had support staff so I could continue to explore even more.  Each time I opened to some big answer, I found another missing piece or question. I asked higher wisdom for the answer and followed where that led me.

I was continuing to explore, learn and heal and was led to study and do private work with renowned teachers, healers, Shamans, Gurus, Masters and many others in many disciplines around the world. Each step awakened me more and gave me more pieces to the puzzle looking for complete health, spiritual mastery, and living it now. It has been a wild ride, full of love and challenges at every turn, and choosing love, happiness, and health all the way.

I could have stopped at any point to build a larger business and program where I was, and yet I knew my purpose and the greater gifts to be shared required me to continue to study and find complete answers as I taught and healed. It was the discovery of Siberian Shamanism and the highest teachings from the far east that brought all of it together for me. Each piece leading up to that was important and I finally found completion.

GREAT LOSS AWAKENS. In late March of 2008, I felt I was ready to bring the wholeness of Be The Medicine out. In meditation one night I heard, “You have more to heal first.” April 1, my youngest daughter Lisa died unexpectedly in half an hour. There was no doubt many things had to be put on hold.

Shattered, I deepened the journey by living through that life-changing trauma, and so many more that followed close behind. I felt machine gunned full of bullet holes and was still walking. Back at square one, I lived in the tender space where many clients join me looking for help, which helped me refine the work even more. I saw the work I had developed with new eyes and a heart that was broken open, yet again. I was grateful for all the wisdom and tools I gathered prior to this as I was able to survive through those difficult times and focused on thriving in love and grace.

In 2009 The year after Lisa died and the economy crashed I learned what it meant to have no money. People say that and still have a house, car, and regular income and that was not my experience. My astrology said this would happen, and I did not want to believe it. I began working when I was ten years old and I was always able to provide for myself by working hard and smart.

When I found myself down to my last few dollars, I was humbled beyond belief. I heard a voice say, “There will be no more income for six weeks, figure it out.” Not many people knew of my struggles and I kept walking. At the razor’s edge, I surrendered to my higher self, listened, followed, and built my life and money back up again.

During the past ten years since Lisa died, this deep journey was continual death and rebirth in various ways. The result was learning that the impossible is possible when we live from our high self and divine nature. I learned to heal body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul in ways I always somehow knew was possible and rarely achieved as I continued to share my findings with others each day.

Innocence prevails as I am always awed and surprised and grateful for each subtle and huge awakening, becoming and healing, and encourage the same in everyone. I accepted my agreement to be tested and challenged and live great loss to discover great gains that would assist many over generations with Be The Medicine. After being stripped to the hollow bone on so many levels, life is now new and clear and fun. Love is all there is in real ways.

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER The last big piece of the puzzle came in 2015 when my oldest daughter asked me to bring my real estate skills and wisdom to help her build her business in Title Insurance. Coming out of a very deep spiritual space and back into working in the world part-time has been another rebirthing experience allowing me to bring all of my pieces back together.

Living spiritually in a material world became natural to me again. This experience was my next awakening journey, and quite complete. I have been working with her and am excited to interact with people in different roles as I continue to work with individuals and groups and write and develop the wholeness and more clearly defined pieces of Be The Medicine.

It has been exciting to witness and share my daughters work watching her live as a conscious business owner. Blending both worlds has brought me new perspectives and understandings that have informed the work of Be The Medicine and informed me of where the population is and what people are looking for and need.

Wisdom comes from living it wherever our life takes us. Being spiritual is integrated with everything and makes life better. Even when we feel like things are over, life offers us new beginnings.

2018 NEW BEGINNING For over three decades I have been leading thousands of people of all ages in healing and spiritual awakening and living it. Training healers and guiding them to awaken their innate gifts have also been an important focus. It is always exciting for me to see past students sharing their special offerings with the world.

The purpose of this writing is to let people know this is a lifelong journey for me and also to encourage you to appreciate that it is for all of us. My search for unity and oneness brought all of the pieces together after over a decade of integration and refinement as I continued to work with many.

This summer I am rebuilding the foundation and structures for several levels of the work-adventure. Refreshing my website and updating social media too. I am available for private sessions all summer, on Skype, phone or in-person. It is a good time for ongoing support on your journey as we have amazing transformational astrology focusing us and encouraging rebirth and renewed life aligned with our highest self and truth unfolding for all of us into September

IT IS ALL ABOUT US BEING US. Each one of us has our own experience and I love to assist people to discover, deepen, and love their way through their unique journey. It is exciting to watch and participate as we are all waking up to higher possibilities and realities. Letting go of the world to live in it has been quite the trip. Discovering the highest truth and deepest love and translating it into simple, logical, common sense practices and ways has been a daily journey knowing this is my life purpose.

Be The Medicine is all about you being you in all of your brilliance, wisdom, and purpose. Healing what keeps us from this is the journey, as we embrace our true essence and live it.

Learning to live from our center and truth is exciting. Discovering we already have inner peace and deep love is awaiting our discovery. Check out our sessions and testimonials and all pages on the website and enjoy our Facebook pages for daily inspiration. The best is yet to be. If you feel called to work with me reach out and let’s find a way that works and begin.

Look for new Facebook live streaming and many offerings along the way. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Always in Love.

Blessings and enjoy your Journey,

Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500


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Breaking through the Spiritual Glass Ceiling

“Don’t put or keep yourself down to be accepted by others. Rise up and find new birds to fly with.” Janet StraightArrow

Going all the way through to our spiritual wisdom, truth and mastery require us to walk our own unique walk.

There are many fears, beliefs, and desires that create blocks to our freedom and enlightenment.

We must be the one who pushes through to the other side. No one can do it for us. Some will travel with us for parts of the journey, yet the true journey is within each one of us, one-by-one.

Standing in our self, our own power, and clear heart and mind each step of the way is the journey.

Hanging on to a religion or its rules or family or cultural beliefs hold us back from attaining true connection, fulfillment, and mastery of enlightened living and ascension on earth.

Each study or system gives us pieces and also gives us blocks to our upward movement. These are both guides and tests to see if we truly choose to move ahead and up and with the divine flow.

When we finally are strong enough to rebel and move with our true self, it is the God within who guides us when we listen. There are beauty and truth within all and yet our growth is to discern what to let go of in order to break through to the highest attainment.

Breaking the rules of man, to ascend to live the laws of God, is for the strong of heart and mind focused on the best there is, instead of hanging back and trying to fit in.

Being alone is really being all one with divinity and all of humanity. We feel this when we are in the void space of awakening. Keep going and be open to the wholeness of all.

Each belief system has pieces, and the glass ceiling is hit when we give power to beliefs, instead of using them as stepping stones to move ahead with wisdom, truth, and love to the limitless heart and mind of God.

Freedom is living our divinity in our body here now. Grounded and connected to all one love, truth, peace, joy, health, light, goodness, and beauty in being the divine-human that is our birthright and our destiny.

We are never alone. When we live our true self, we are met with many on earth and in the heavens celebrating our victory together. Drop Fear. Be Love all the way home to you and true.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500



Join us for retreats, private sessions, ongoing personal coaching, and classes. See our website for the many new opportunities unfolding. Your work and divine play with Janet StraightArrow is always powerful when you are ready for the highest truth and deepest love in your life, health, relationships and soul purpose.

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Using Words to Create Our Best Reality

The Power of Words


Words create everything. The earth and our body and direction of our life each day are directed by the thoughts in our head and the words we speak. They create happiness or hell, leadership or less than, wholeness or separation, health or disease.

Our focus on what is here is where the magic happens naturally. When we dive into our true positive, present and productive nature we speak clearly and life unfolds on a higher level naturally.


Learn to really listen. When I began teaching inclusive and neutral spirituality and healing we learned to give space to our heart-mind to speak. We also silenced what was ego or unconscious nonsense without judgment.

I will never forget a sweet woman who said she finally got it. Her greatest learning in being in the circle was to listen to and hear herself. Before this, she talked and talked and she and no one else really listened because it was just stuff with no substance. She learned that being lost in groups and relationships was all about her not being present and responsive to her first and then the group.

Over and over again, I slowed her down with love, interrupted her and asked her to stop and reflect before continuing to speak. She was a beautiful loving being. She was a giver and caregiver and began to learn to see her influence and value naturally and also receive.

This was not easy for her. The autopilot would just ramble stuff from her ego to her mouth that had little meaning to the group or her. Listening to her hearts truth created fewer words with real feeling and meaning. What delight!

This begins to happen with everyone when we slow down and stop and listen inside before we speak. Reflect on these. Is it relevant, is it meaningful, am I adding something? Do I need to speak at all or am I just wanting attention?

When I correct people, they know I am doing this so they can raise their awareness, intelligence, and influence and improve their life. Their ego protection quickly says I did not mean that. Somewhere inside we did and it is for us to release that way of believing or thinking.

I tell them the universal truth; our world and body immediately respond to what we say and think so it is best to pay attention, say what we mean and mean what we say and be quick to self-correct and change the lies behind the words to the truth on deeper levels.

This is an ongoing practice for all time. When we stop and pay attention and correct us we have a chance at making a difference. Breaking the patterns takes awareness and confidence which is the result of speaking the highest truth.

When we speak from the words of our autopilot and ego we have little awareness or confidence and sound that way too. We lose people and are not taken seriously because we are not speaking true words of meaning and value.


As a child, we learned to sit back and not listen or trust our inner wisdom and knowledge. Expecting approval and agreement from others instead of believing in us over many years has caused great hesitation, anxiety, and fear inside and out.

This inner insecurity created patterns of speaking and using words that stop us from owning what we say and standing behind ourselves in all ways.

When we speak it is good to be clear about what we know and feel. Words like, kind of, sort of, like, think, maybe, and such keep us from a strong way of speaking and clearly presenting what we are saying.

This is called ego protection. If I say what I mean without a buffer, I may get attacked. This is mostly unconscious and automatic after years of practice in hiding our truth and light from others.

Fear of judgment begins as children and continues as we grow up. When I asked an executive why they hesitated using the words above instead of speaking with authority, there was an immediate response to fear of being seen as cocky or too much.

Leadership begins inside. As we heal the ego wounds of needing outer acceptance and gain inner connection and confidence we are applauded instead of judged. It’s our hesitation that draws judgment and lack of influence.


Be an observer. Listen to both you and others. Are you clear and strong? Are you participating or just being a talking head? Are you playing with words instead of standing behind them? Begin today and make it a practice all day and night.

Words create everything and are powerful whether we are aware of them or mean them or not. Behind the negative words are false beliefs, childhood wounds, and experiences that traumatized us. When we heal and release these and our words change automatically. Call me for ways to do this and for support on all levels, it is simpler than you think.

Create the good life and the results you desire. It all begins with the words you speak inside and out. It is easier said than done which is why it is the beginning and not the end of the journey. After all, we are whole beings and not talking heads.

Enjoy the Journey. Freedom results. Have fun with it.


Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Join us on our main website and in sessions and class. 973-647-2500

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Perfect Health – How to Heal Yourself

 “I am responsible for my own health and healing. Feel the power in this. Be curious. Do research. Learn how to heal naturally. Our body’s nature is health. Explore and respond. You have this. Perfect Health.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

This year will be fifty-one years since I began my healing journey. After a dire diagnosis at fifteen, I decided I was going to change the paradigm I was on to my original nature of perfect health.

It was radical at the time and still is and yet it is Universal Law and one worth pursuing and accomplishing. Our health affects everything. Medicine to me is self-healing and looking to my highest potential and wisdom to accomplish this.

I have not had health insurance for thirty years and did not want it. I learned to listen to my body and learn to work with it to accomplish healing when things felt off. Self-care is always number one.

Many challenges arose and yet I met them with curiosity and asking higher questions as to their cause and how I could naturally help them all the way. There are a few minor things I am working on that are not complete and yet they are better each day.

I do not accept the geriatric status given to me by the medical community, it is a programming to break down and be less than we are. As I went for my Medicare physical this year, my bloodwork was that of a twenty-year-old. I do not take any medicines including over the counter except for some dental issues.

I eat whole foods and healthy most of the time. No processed food or other poisons are placed in my body. Over the past recent years, I have eaten too much as comfort while grieving and learned to eat less as I am all the way back from this.


The first thing I tell my students and clients is it took many years, decades and sometimes lifetimes to get to this place that we are looking to heal and make whole so patience with the process of unwinding the problem and its solutions is first.

Our quick fix mentality does not serve us. Accepting just feeling a little better and not changing us does not serve us either. If we do not address the basic issue it festers inside and pops up again worse. Taking drugs last instead of first is almost always wise as pharmaceuticals break us down faster than anything.

I felt the truth of this as a young child, often medicine made me feel worse, so I did not readily take over the counter and prescribed medicines unless it felt necessary. I trusted myself and listened to my body too. I innately knew Universal Laws and discerned truth from lies from a small child

I saw my father’s short painful life and sickness and pain as the result of poor self-care, taking lots of medicines, and eating poorly. He had a strong will and an unconditionally loving heart and wanted to live, but he did not take the leap of wanting to fully heal or even think it was possible. He bought the candy of pharmaceuticals. I saw all of these things as contributing to his early demise at 48.

What I realized at fifteen when I decided to reverse my body’s and life and health patterning was to look for ways that build up and strengthen my body and avoid what breaks it and me down.

This has been my life journey and what I work with all of my clients to help them be the healer of themselves. Everything affects everything and I was open to how I was led to explore many ways of healing.


Each one of us is a self-healing being. We have been taught against this and us for many generations. It is time to stop the breakdown of the magical human and rebuild our nature of health, love, peace, joy, abundance and all that makes us powerful and whole.

I followed Universal Laws as a child. Man-made fear, shame, guilt, worry, and powerlessness made no sense in the face of higher wisdom shared in all traditions. So much did not make sense at all. What adults called the gift of discernment in me was what I later realized was my ability to know what truth and lies were and call them out.

As an adult and a trained healer in many modalities and traditions, I was taught to be the healer and then told that my clients were the healer. We were not taught how to empower this, so people kept expecting the practitioner to be the healer. I took self-reflective time to figure this out and then immediately employ this knowledge with all. Now I know I was following the intent and patterns of Universal Wisdom of how we heal and so much more.


A paradigm of health as our nature is long overdue as our focus for all of us. Medicine is us, and in us, and of us, and has nothing to do with taking something or cutting something out. A percentage of people need assistance in those ways and still, I suggest we discover solutions and support to be as natural as possible so as to rebuild the human and body and stop the breakdown.

When I work with clients I teach them to listen to their body and inner wisdom and how to do this. I do not tell them to avoid the allopathic medicine, I suggest being discerning and trusting themselves in making decisions, our body knows the truth. There are many reasons, causes and ways to heal the body and whole being.

Learning to release fear is a major focus as fear blocks both healing, wisdom and body perceptions. Each one of us has a telepathic body and knowledge of who we are and what we need. When we ask for help we are guided in many ways to assist us naturally.

I do not interfere with my client’s medical advice. I support many ways of healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a guide, teacher, and healer.

Occasionally it is clear some surgery or medicine from the doctors is absolutely necessary. Even when it is not the best course for the person if the patient believes it is the only way it is best done. Educating consumers on all levels is my gift and joy. I assist them to find their own answers. Confidence leads the healing process.

Watching people live longer, healthier and happier lives is the greatest gift to all. I have volumes of information on how to heal us and help others. This is a humble beginning. Lots of amazing stories of my journey with myself and others will unfold from here and you will find them in past blogs too.

Studying with over 120 Healers, Teachers, Spiritual masters, Shamans, and Doctors as well as working with many thousands of clients and students and reading thousands of books and resources over these five decades offer support on my website, in classes, recordings, and in person.

We live in our body 24/7, no one else does. It is good to pay attention and take care of ourselves as the best medicine. All healing originates here. It is our body and life and we know best when we learn how to access our innate knowledge and power to heal.

Step deeper into the journey of healing you. It is quite the awakening, empowering, wise and wonderful process. When you feel good you awaken so much more in every area of your life. Blessings and Grace.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

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