Breaking through the Spiritual Glass Ceiling

“Don’t put or keep yourself down to be accepted by others. Rise up and find new birds to fly with.” Janet StraightArrow

Going all the way through to our spiritual wisdom, truth and mastery require us to walk our own unique walk.

There are many fears, beliefs, and desires that create blocks to our freedom and enlightenment.

We must be the one who pushes through to the other side. No one can do it for us. Some will travel with us for parts of the journey, yet the true journey is within each one of us, one-by-one.

Standing in our self, our own power, and clear heart and mind each step of the way is the journey.

Hanging on to a religion or its rules or family or cultural beliefs hold us back from attaining true connection, fulfillment, and mastery of enlightened living and ascension on earth.

Each study or system gives us pieces and also gives us blocks to our upward movement. These are both guides and tests to see if we truly choose to move ahead and up and with the divine flow.

When we finally are strong enough to rebel and move with our true self, it is the God within who guides us when we listen. There are beauty and truth within all and yet our growth is to discern what to let go of in order to break through to the highest attainment.

Breaking the rules of man, to ascend to live the laws of God, is for the strong of heart and mind focused on the best there is, instead of hanging back and trying to fit in.

Being alone is really being all one with divinity and all of humanity. We feel this when we are in the void space of awakening. Keep going and be open to the wholeness of all.

Each belief system has pieces, and the glass ceiling is hit when we give power to beliefs, instead of using them as stepping stones to move ahead with wisdom, truth, and love to the limitless heart and mind of God.

Freedom is living our divinity in our body here now. Grounded and connected to all one love, truth, peace, joy, health, light, goodness, and beauty in being the divine-human that is our birthright and our destiny.

We are never alone. When we live our true self, we are met with many on earth and in the heavens celebrating our victory together. Drop Fear. Be Love all the way home to you and true.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500



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Using Words to Create Our Best Reality

The Power of Words


Words create everything. The earth and our body and direction of our life each day are directed by the thoughts in our head and the words we speak. They create happiness or hell, leadership or less than, wholeness or separation, health or disease.

Our focus on what is here is where the magic happens naturally. When we dive into our true positive, present and productive nature we speak clearly and life unfolds on a higher level naturally.


Learn to really listen. When I began teaching inclusive and neutral spirituality and healing we learned to give space to our heart-mind to speak. We also silenced what was ego or unconscious nonsense without judgment.

I will never forget a sweet woman who said she finally got it. Her greatest learning in being in the circle was to listen to and hear herself. Before this, she talked and talked and she and no one else really listened because it was just stuff with no substance. She learned that being lost in groups and relationships was all about her not being present and responsive to her first and then the group.

Over and over again, I slowed her down with love, interrupted her and asked her to stop and reflect before continuing to speak. She was a beautiful loving being. She was a giver and caregiver and began to learn to see her influence and value naturally and also receive.

This was not easy for her. The autopilot would just ramble stuff from her ego to her mouth that had little meaning to the group or her. Listening to her hearts truth created fewer words with real feeling and meaning. What delight!

This begins to happen with everyone when we slow down and stop and listen inside before we speak. Reflect on these. Is it relevant, is it meaningful, am I adding something? Do I need to speak at all or am I just wanting attention?

When I correct people, they know I am doing this so they can raise their awareness, intelligence, and influence and improve their life. Their ego protection quickly says I did not mean that. Somewhere inside we did and it is for us to release that way of believing or thinking.

I tell them the universal truth; our world and body immediately respond to what we say and think so it is best to pay attention, say what we mean and mean what we say and be quick to self-correct and change the lies behind the words to the truth on deeper levels.

This is an ongoing practice for all time. When we stop and pay attention and correct us we have a chance at making a difference. Breaking the patterns takes awareness and confidence which is the result of speaking the highest truth.

When we speak from the words of our autopilot and ego we have little awareness or confidence and sound that way too. We lose people and are not taken seriously because we are not speaking true words of meaning and value.


As a child, we learned to sit back and not listen or trust our inner wisdom and knowledge. Expecting approval and agreement from others instead of believing in us over many years has caused great hesitation, anxiety, and fear inside and out.

This inner insecurity created patterns of speaking and using words that stop us from owning what we say and standing behind ourselves in all ways.

When we speak it is good to be clear about what we know and feel. Words like, kind of, sort of, like, think, maybe, and such keep us from a strong way of speaking and clearly presenting what we are saying.

This is called ego protection. If I say what I mean without a buffer, I may get attacked. This is mostly unconscious and automatic after years of practice in hiding our truth and light from others.

Fear of judgment begins as children and continues as we grow up. When I asked an executive why they hesitated using the words above instead of speaking with authority, there was an immediate response to fear of being seen as cocky or too much.

Leadership begins inside. As we heal the ego wounds of needing outer acceptance and gain inner connection and confidence we are applauded instead of judged. It’s our hesitation that draws judgment and lack of influence.


Be an observer. Listen to both you and others. Are you clear and strong? Are you participating or just being a talking head? Are you playing with words instead of standing behind them? Begin today and make it a practice all day and night.

Words create everything and are powerful whether we are aware of them or mean them or not. Behind the negative words are false beliefs, childhood wounds, and experiences that traumatized us. When we heal and release these and our words change automatically. Call me for ways to do this and for support on all levels, it is simpler than you think.

Create the good life and the results you desire. It all begins with the words you speak inside and out. It is easier said than done which is why it is the beginning and not the end of the journey. After all, we are whole beings and not talking heads.

Enjoy the Journey. Freedom results. Have fun with it.


Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Join us on our main website and in sessions and class. 973-647-2500

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Perfect Health – How to Heal Yourself

 “I am responsible for my own health and healing. Feel the power in this. Be curious. Do research. Learn how to heal naturally. Our body’s nature is health. Explore and respond. You have this. Perfect Health.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine

This year will be fifty-one years since I began my healing journey. After a dire diagnosis at fifteen, I decided I was going to change the paradigm I was on to my original nature of perfect health.

It was radical at the time and still is and yet it is Universal Law and one worth pursuing and accomplishing. Our health affects everything. Medicine to me is self-healing and looking to my highest potential and wisdom to accomplish this.

I have not had health insurance for thirty years and did not want it. I learned to listen to my body and learn to work with it to accomplish healing when things felt off. Self-care is always number one.

Many challenges arose and yet I met them with curiosity and asking higher questions as to their cause and how I could naturally help them all the way. There are a few minor things I am working on that are not complete and yet they are better each day.

I do not accept the geriatric status given to me by the medical community, it is a programming to break down and be less than we are. As I went for my Medicare physical this year, my bloodwork was that of a twenty-year-old. I do not take any medicines including over the counter except for some dental issues.

I eat whole foods and healthy most of the time. No processed food or other poisons are placed in my body. Over the past recent years, I have eaten too much as comfort while grieving and learned to eat less as I am all the way back from this.


The first thing I tell my students and clients is it took many years, decades and sometimes lifetimes to get to this place that we are looking to heal and make whole so patience with the process of unwinding the problem and its solutions is first.

Our quick fix mentality does not serve us. Accepting just feeling a little better and not changing us does not serve us either. If we do not address the basic issue it festers inside and pops up again worse. Taking drugs last instead of first is almost always wise as pharmaceuticals break us down faster than anything.

I felt the truth of this as a young child, often medicine made me feel worse, so I did not readily take over the counter and prescribed medicines unless it felt necessary. I trusted myself and listened to my body too. I innately knew Universal Laws and discerned truth from lies from a small child

I saw my father’s short painful life and sickness and pain as the result of poor self-care, taking lots of medicines, and eating poorly. He had a strong will and an unconditionally loving heart and wanted to live, but he did not take the leap of wanting to fully heal or even think it was possible. He bought the candy of pharmaceuticals. I saw all of these things as contributing to his early demise at 48.

What I realized at fifteen when I decided to reverse my body’s and life and health patterning was to look for ways that build up and strengthen my body and avoid what breaks it and me down.

This has been my life journey and what I work with all of my clients to help them be the healer of themselves. Everything affects everything and I was open to how I was led to explore many ways of healing.


Each one of us is a self-healing being. We have been taught against this and us for many generations. It is time to stop the breakdown of the magical human and rebuild our nature of health, love, peace, joy, abundance and all that makes us powerful and whole.

I followed Universal Laws as a child. Man-made fear, shame, guilt, worry, and powerlessness made no sense in the face of higher wisdom shared in all traditions. So much did not make sense at all. What adults called the gift of discernment in me was what I later realized was my ability to know what truth and lies were and call them out.

As an adult and a trained healer in many modalities and traditions, I was taught to be the healer and then told that my clients were the healer. We were not taught how to empower this, so people kept expecting the practitioner to be the healer. I took self-reflective time to figure this out and then immediately employ this knowledge with all. Now I know I was following the intent and patterns of Universal Wisdom of how we heal and so much more.


A paradigm of health as our nature is long overdue as our focus for all of us. Medicine is us, and in us, and of us, and has nothing to do with taking something or cutting something out. A percentage of people need assistance in those ways and still, I suggest we discover solutions and support to be as natural as possible so as to rebuild the human and body and stop the breakdown.

When I work with clients I teach them to listen to their body and inner wisdom and how to do this. I do not tell them to avoid the allopathic medicine, I suggest being discerning and trusting themselves in making decisions, our body knows the truth. There are many reasons, causes and ways to heal the body and whole being.

Learning to release fear is a major focus as fear blocks both healing, wisdom and body perceptions. Each one of us has a telepathic body and knowledge of who we are and what we need. When we ask for help we are guided in many ways to assist us naturally.

I do not interfere with my client’s medical advice. I support many ways of healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a guide, teacher, and healer.

Occasionally it is clear some surgery or medicine from the doctors is absolutely necessary. Even when it is not the best course for the person if the patient believes it is the only way it is best done. Educating consumers on all levels is my gift and joy. I assist them to find their own answers. Confidence leads the healing process.

Watching people live longer, healthier and happier lives is the greatest gift to all. I have volumes of information on how to heal us and help others. This is a humble beginning. Lots of amazing stories of my journey with myself and others will unfold from here and you will find them in past blogs too.

Studying with over 120 Healers, Teachers, Spiritual masters, Shamans, and Doctors as well as working with many thousands of clients and students and reading thousands of books and resources over these five decades offer support on my website, in classes, recordings, and in person.

We live in our body 24/7, no one else does. It is good to pay attention and take care of ourselves as the best medicine. All healing originates here. It is our body and life and we know best when we learn how to access our innate knowledge and power to heal.

Step deeper into the journey of healing you. It is quite the awakening, empowering, wise and wonderful process. When you feel good you awaken so much more in every area of your life. Blessings and Grace.

Always in Love,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

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A Shamanic Calling – What is Shamanism?

A Shamanic Calling

There exists a yearning deep within many of us to reconnect with the natural world. It is a call to a life lived in balance and awareness of spirit, of nature and of self.  We all know there is more to know and experience in life and we are ready.

This desire has led many to the practice of Shamanism, which has been reintroduced to us over the past fifty-five years. Indigenous cultures are resurfacing their ancient identities after being suppressed for many decades and longer. Real answers to healing and living are found in these traditions that will help us now.

The word Shaman refers to a man or woman of medicine who is called by the spirits to a path of service. The term originated with ancient Siberian lineages but is currently used in the West to refer to all types of medicine people, reaching commercial status.

An abundance of classes teach shamanism in a weekend, an evening or even over several years and now even online.  People have come to confuse familiarity with some of the tools of the Shaman with being a Shaman. This belief is not only mistaken but also dangerous.


One does not choose to be a Shaman; the “spirits” call you. Some are called through their lineage from their birth family. Some are called, initiated and trained by teachers and guides in spirit and/or flesh from childhood.

Some Shamans are born into an everyday family only to discover they are ancient Shamans returning to do their work again and assist at this time. This awareness of who they are illuminates why their lives and perceptions have always been so unique and why they have had challenges in the everyday world. These people hold a deep inner knowing of the ancient knowledge and truth that is timeless. All three of these progressions are signs of true Shamans.

The role of Shaman is a ministry like a priest, guru, monk, minister, lama, sheik, rabbi, nun or other orders of spiritual service.  You renounce your life, as you know it, to live in service to the people. Being a Shaman in today’s world is much overrated.

A Shaman walks the razor’s edge of sanity, working with the seen and the unseen, bringing the darkness to light. It takes precision, knowing and sight. Having a high level of awareness allows truth and lies to be known. It demands a daily commitment to relinquish attachments in order to heal and work from a neutral space. Yet it is easy and natural when it is who you are, in total balance and alignment with your soul.

People have asked me why I chose to be a Shaman, I was born a Shaman, a woman of medicine, and it was organic since I was a child. The discovery of the fullness of it occurred at the age of forty after my children were nearly grown. No one was more surprised than I that I was a Shaman and yet with my life journey and abilities it made perfect sense.

I was ready to live who I was as I opened up more each day as I was called to service and work with many Masters, Shamans, and healer-teachers from many lineages around the world. I found I naturally knew much of what was taught and could take it farther immediately. It was an adventure of trust as I awakened so fast and lived on many dimensions at once.

It is a very challenging path to walk and we are tested continuously. Living the work means trusting, letting go and allowing life to unfold in its own way. If you want to be in control of your life, you are not answering the call of the Shaman.

In its truest form, a Shaman is a calling of spiritual and healing mastery. It requires you to work with the forces of darkness and light as healer, teacher, messenger, magi, guardian, warrior, executor and manifestor as required. A Shaman heals themselves and is the medicine.

A Shaman remembers the knowledge in their bones of truth, beauty, health, happiness, and light. Some of the work is seen in the world but most of it is in the unseen. A Shaman who does not answer the call to action or one who acts outside of natural and cosmic laws may pay the price in unhappiness, illness and even death.

If you call yourself a Shaman you had better be trained, abilitized and prepared to work in the dark and the unseen. There is no room for ego, divinely inspired is the highest path.


Legend tells us that Ancient Shamanic Lineages began, as did all peoples and religions, in Siberia and surrounding areas from Afghanistan to Tibet. Peoples became nomads from here and moved to all corners of the world taking unique pieces of ancient knowledge with them.

Each tradition has some of the gold. Experiencing the unique offerings and teachings of each tradition helped me appreciate the rainbow lineage of all as one. Each has also acquired manmade rules and practices that separate us from each other and nature. This has created division and power over people and is not natural. Now, it is time for our joining to heal the world and her people.

Because of this diffusion and adaptation, there is now much confusion about the correct way to do certain practices. Many different groups or indigenous peoples have their own rules and beliefs. Many say their way is the only way and all else are incorrect, sounding much like traditional religions. Many tribes and ancestries have special words and ceremonies that are best not copied. Without the proper training, you are doing something you know little about and may create true problems for yourself and others.

Drugs are also suspect when used by Shamans. Be aware and safe if you choose this path. People die and can become damaged by hallucinatory drugs. Under professional care, these drugs can break you free from your stuck perceptions and open you to new worlds. What any drugs open us to are suspect and discernment and high-level spiritual work are important to accomplish along with any Shamanic experience. Dependence on any drug can create more problems.

Masterful Shamanic training does not require drugs but teaches you to reach these states and to do powerful work with the spirits by precise training and progression, safely, simply and easily. Shamans can reach these states without assistance naturally.

It is time for us all to live in the unity and oneness that each tradition speaks about. Many people hunger for their natural connections to all of life, healing and happiness.

I applaud the many teachers who assist people to find their natural connections and the ways that work for them. No lineage or tribe owns the circle or the directions or the elements. New Seers, Time Travelers, and Shamans are coming forward with authentic ways of working that are unifying all traditions and not of only a single group or tribe. These pioneers are working towards bringing all of the pieces back together.


You may train for years with teachers or groups and never become a Shaman. Many are called to Shamanic practice and perform Shamanic work daily. There is no certificate or degree that makes you a Shaman, although many people offer such things. An initiated Shaman doing their work for at least ten and better twenty years, with excellent results, will then possibly be acknowledged as a Shaman or Man or Woman of Medicine.

SHAMANIC PRACTITIONERS may be trained to do soul retrievals, healing journeys, drumming and rattling, crystal and herbal healings, and work with the elements and use powerful ways to work with the spirits in healing. All of this work and more, is very important, especially now as we move through deep transformational times on the planet.

Many are called to do the work of healing the earth, others and themselves through Shamanic practice. This is important work in this time of earth changes. The more people who answer this call to live and work in harmony with spirit and nature, the more we will all recover our earth, personal healing and world order.



Our current excitement and commitment to healing the earth have many people practicing spiritual healing inappropriately due to inadequate training and innocence. They are opening others, the earth and themselves to greater light but also to infiltration by toxic dark energies. This is why many teachers and healers are getting sick. People do not know what they do not know. Practitioners need the tools and training to develop more clarity and awareness to work safely.

Our ancestors lived a simple life in harmony with the natural world. They knew it could be dangerous to participate in rituals and ceremonies that they were not in full understanding of. They also knew that travel to worlds and beings beyond your everyday sphere may allow your power to be given to others unknowingly.

The excitement that people experience as they discover new ways to heal, meditate, and feel one with the earth and all are important, this is connecting you to your nature.

As clients and practitioners, please use your deepest knowing in your telepathic body to discern appropriateness while you are participating in spiritual and Shamanic journeys, healing, ceremonies, and rituals.  All are appropriate for healing and learning only. They are not to be experienced lightly for joy rides and ego satisfaction.

Spiritual healing is safe and very effective when done with responsibility, knowledge, and awareness. A good heart or white or purple or other lights are not enough protection. Knowledge, wisdom, and discernment are important to cultivate and practice every day.

Shamanism and spiritual healing are important and a blessing in our time. Use caution and awareness as to who and what you allow to affect you in your life and in healing groups and sessions.

Healing and Wholeness


After years of deep experiences, initiations and training I realized that my calling was to make Shamanism and Spiritual teachings and experiences more natural. I could do healing work without anything like a drum or rattle or leaving my body. I realized that everything is here within our body and aura.

I began to do work while sitting with clients with my eyes open. This makes it more accessible to more people as there is nothing weird or suspect. I am being fully present assisting clients to awaken, heal, and manifest their best life. Deep healing occurs and I teach people to Be The Medicine for themselves with tools and practices.

I found a deep journey practice that is said to originate from Siberian Shamans that I call Soul Shamanism. This practice makes our entire life, body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul accessible to know and heal in all areas of life. It is an initiation into us and requires teachings to learn to navigate the full expression and transformation available in this practice. I teach this to clients and students who are ready for profound work and we use this for ongoing deeper awakening and learning and healing.

Working with the land, communities, companies, families, and individuals we accomplish great clarity, healing, ability to live and work at higher levels without interference. I support people crossing over as well as staying in the body and complete healing. Helping people align with their true self and live it is the best medicine of all.


Go take a walk and play and relax in nature. Discover your own nature and love your own body and honor yourself. Be aware of the environment and stop polluting the earth. Honor other people, the animals, trees, water, air, fire and everything on this earth and beyond.

Be responsible for your actions. Learn and act with unconditional love. What you say and do affects everyone and everything as energy. What you put out comes back to you manyfold. Have fun and learn to live in health, happiness, truth, beauty, peace, love, and light.

This is a beautiful adventure.

Enjoy the Journey, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow is a Teacher, Healer, Writer, Shaman, Woman of Medicine, Reiki Master and Practical Mystic. Formerly a Top Real Estate Agent, StraightArrow found her calling at the age of forty in 1992 after twenty-five years of studying healing and spirituality – her innate gifts and dedication to living her purpose unfolded from there bridging the material and spiritual worlds.

 Janet assists many people of all ages, from all walks of life, to learn to live in alignment and balance according to their own unique blueprint in today’s world. All of her work is focused on teaching, healing and training people to Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You! 

StraightArrow also trains people to heal themselves and others. As a Spiritual mentor and guide, Janet supports your own unique journey and having walked the walk for fifty-years through many traditions and challenges she has wisdom and compassion and understanding to help you live and love yourself through your life and spiritual journey.

Live the Power of You!

Private phone counseling, coaching, healing, and training is available for clients and students from all traditions. Her work Be The Medicine is her mission and purpose to open new pathways to empower all on their journey of awakening and living.

You may reach Janet at 1-973-647-2500 or and see our main website for more information and her schedule.

Join her on her facebook pages for Practical and Spiritual Wisdom and Inspiration. and  there are several more pages as well.

By Janet StraightArrow   Updated and reprinted from 2004

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Be Whole Be True Be You!


In these times when people want to know who they are, there is a practice I learned that takes us directly to the source of our body and soul and teaches us how to embrace our life and live free to be us.

After thirty-five years studying traditions and methods from around the world. I was introduced to this spiritual practice that put it all together in the most profound way. It is a direct connection and eliminates the need for many other ways of connecting and healing and takes us through all dimensions of life and us easily.

From the first experience, we become whole and know what that is in ways we never imagined. We meet our soul self-our divine self that has been with us from before we are born and leads us unknowingly along the way.

Some of us have become more detached from this self because we lived a different life than the soul might have led us. We have heard that still small voice and ignored it over and over again. Experiencing different realities is not bad or wrong and yet coming back to our ultimate purpose and reality is healing, whole, peaceful and powerful to know, experience, and pursue.


The soul is not controlling, it is our divine self that guides and keeps us together in ways that let us know we are always safe. The more disconnected we are from this one the more fearful and hopeless we are.

As we join with our soul consciously we feel safe, secure and one. All traumas can be healed and so can all of our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The soul is the pure joy as it lives divine truth and love and assists us in surrendering to this higher reality.

When we choose to be one and whole we become happy, healthy, and free to be us in reality. There is no more questioning who we are and why we are here, life turns into an adventure of discovery and living it every day.

All of our brokenness can be healed, as we know we are whole at the core. What was broken was our consciousness and energetic reality and that can be healed with the soul’s wisdom and spiritual laws and support.

When we connect to this inner space we can relax for the first time and luxuriate in our oneness. There is no struggle as we blend with our true self as one being. Separation no more allows us to embody our wisdom and grace.


All of our worldly struggles are because we have been living against our true self. When we become one with all of us there is blessed peace and clarity.

This practice helps us transform all aspects of us that are not aligned with our best self and experience healing our entire line of past life, genetic heritage and this life experiences that we are ready to transform and release.

This practice is us consciously experiencing our inner space and with divine laws. This helps us quickly release man-made realities, roles, and rules that broke us down and kept us away from our true loving self-soul.

There is no judgment or blame here just unconditional love. There is also no co-dependence, manipulation, fear or control, our soul is a guide and does not do it for us. We awaken our higher consciousness to be even more co-creative along the way.

As we walk with our soul we have the opportunity to live a better life in all ways. Being the student and not the ego-driven leader takes practice to live our own authority with balance, wisdom, and grace.

Our soul brings us back to our childlike innocence and encourages us to play and have fun with this body and life in alignment with our best self. It is not a stern adult figure that we are used to being led by in this worldly reality.


Being led with unconditional love helps us empower ourselves and release the harsh corners built on fear and lack of self-value on our personality. We open to strength with peace and knowing who we are and what is perfect and next for us.

I have been teaching this practice and evolving it for fifteen years with amazing results. Working on all levels of humans and life we navigate from before birth to crossing over and every place in between.

We also navigate past lives and get to the cause and receive direct solutions to everything in the soul journey of us that is relevant to heal and know. Healing and living become organic when aligned with our soul.


Practitioners of any healing or supportive professional modality can become more in tune with what your client truly needs as you work on a soul level with them and you and no ego.

This practice is one I call Soul Shamanism and available for everyone when you are ready for whole living in classes or private training. Even my eighty-year-old mother enjoyed this connection feeling at home in her body and life for the first time.

I will travel to teach groups as well as it is an advanced practice for those who are ready to live fully and freely body and soul. An advanced way to Be The Medicine in all areas of your health and life. Next class in Madison, NJ March 10-11. Call me for more information and a personal connection.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! Be Your Own Guru 973-647-2500

See more information and testimonials on the website above.

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Choosing Life

Choosing Life or Death. I am honored to guide people and help them fully heal. Teaching people how to choose life in every way turns the body back onto its natural healing process. People come to me after they had tried many things, or just after a diagnosis. They learn to choose in ways they never dreamed had caused, or was continuing to support disease instead of recovery. Deeper understanding and love of self enough to make the changes that inspire health make all the difference. I am honored to be of service and watch people live many more years and sometimes find greater health and happiness than ever before. To Be The Medicine is a natural and profound way to live and Be. Be your own Valentine and choose health every day. I do not just say pretty words, I live them and teach others to do the same. Namaste.” Janet StraightArrow Be Your Own Guru

See more on our website for updates and much more information. Enjoy the Facebook links above for inspiration and support.

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Understanding Us and All


We are each amazing magical beings who have chosen this life to experience our soul.

It can be one of great opportunity and wisdom when you learn how to use astrology as one of the tools of developing understanding and self-acceptance as you explore your unique life.

In my many years of using astrology as a tool, so much of life and happenings in the world had a context and meaning. I understand that each one of us is blessedly normal and blessedly different, as we each have our own unique map and way of experiencing life.

There is no one size fits all people and no perfect way to think, act and be. Astrology helps us in myriad ways to understand the cycles and energy and purpose of many things. It is destructive for people to try to follow the path of others, instead of the gifted path of themselves.

Oxford Scholar and African Shaman, Maladoma Some, speaks of how in some tribal cultures each child is honored and welcomed for who they are. Children are born with the parents and the tribe understanding that each person is born to serve a purpose for the tribe and the earth. Their unique gifts are discovered, honored and developed.


Astrology mathematically charts our birthplace and time on earth. What our astrology chart shows us is where the planets were in the sky relative to our birthplace on the earth at the exact time we were born and how this blueprints us for our lives. This ancient science-art reveals incredible understanding as to who we are, what our focus is and what we might experience in this lifetime.

Being who you are “supposed to be” according to family, friends, culture, religion and government roles and rules, creates great stress, judgment, shame and blame and chaos for the individual body, mind, spirit, emotions, and soul. It is no wonder so many people say they “never fit in” when they are trying to fit into a different suit than the one they were born to wear.

It is the denial of self that is destructive to not only ourselves but to others, as we unknowing take the pain of hurt and separation from true self out on our parents, partners, friends, lovers, co-workers and the world as well as compromising our health.


In working with Astrology and clients as a part of our healing and coaching work, you learn more about you, relationships, your life passages and so much more. Since it resonates with your experience, it gives you a peace and understanding to have a context to accept others and self and navigate life from there.

You also learn to understand and deal with daily, yearly, or other cycles and not succumb to pressures, judgment, fear, depression or disease. Planets move through our chart and communicate through energy changes. When we learn what these energies are and they are here only for a time, we work with them and learn what we need to help in personal growth we heal them and then let them go.

Astrology used for enlightened living and healing has been a wonderful adjunct to all we do here to Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Blessings on your life Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

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