What we offer the world is so perfect and juicy and full when it comes from our center, our passion, and expresses the nature of who we are.

Depression becomes expression, doubt becomes acceptance, and fear becomes courage as you step into yourself fully and freely.

You have your own unique beauty to share with the world and yourself when you step out of the old ways of being that have limited and defined you before.

When each one of us lives our truth, all are served and none are lost. No longer the savior or the saved we each take responsibility for our place and role in the whole society.

Instead of doing the jobs of others we each share our best, and as indigenous people have always known, we serve all best by being ourselves.

We have to be served in order to be of good service. From fullness comes overflowing abundance and possibilities for all.

When we act from an empty place of expectations, roles and rules and not enough self-care, there is little to go around and everyone is left wanting.

Our culture reflects these issues of not enough in a world of abundance. There is no need for anyone to go hungry or uncared for when all are serving and being served.

All are privileged. Choosing to be less than and sacrifice is not appropriate or necessary. Its time for all to know their part in the one so that they can assist in their way and by doing this enabling others to do the same.

These are spiritual truths that have been lost in the material world devoid of true responsibility. It is time for this to change now. Wake up to joy, love and all possibility.

Embrace your heart, your passion and your choices, and let the abundance flow out into your relationships, work, play and the world. This is being responsible and true. As you show up, others do as well.

A new world order of joy and delight is possible.

Peace begins with you being happy with you and your life. What radiates is confidence and joy in being.
In being you – you pass it on easily affecting the whole – person by person, atom by atom, smile by smile.
Begin today.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!

If you are so called – please reach out to me to share my purpose and passion with you.
I am honored to have developed a path-unique for all, to help you become more you that you have yet to meet, and somehow always knew was there! It is amazing watching people blossom and become, and create or improve livelihoods, new and renewed families and relationships, as well as improved health and happiness. This is my special gift and joy to be an awakener and healer of illusions.

Private sessions and all classes help heal and mid-wife people into themselves simply, easily and with joy! 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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