Trees are more ancient than humans on this planet. They descended from the stars millions of years ago. Not only do they assist us by oxygenating this planet they are also wisdom keepers, guardians and historians for us.

I have the joy of introducing humans to communicating and working with the tree people.

This is one of the most healing and awakening practices we do in nature.

I invite you to be like a child and let go of all of your presupposed ideas and open to the innocence of discovery. Go in nature, it could be your backyard or anywhere.

Allow a tree to call you or draw you to them. You know how to do this.

Let go and allow, do not make it happen, the trees will call you. Open yourself to listening and seeing in a new way. Let go of all thoughts. Introduce yourself and appreciate this tree. Asking permission of this sacred being is important, much like a humans all beings do not care to communicate. Notice the beauty. Trees appreciate being noticed, just like humans. Offer a gift of sacred pipe tobacco or some food or sweets if you can, or remember to bring some back later.

“Spirit of the tree I am here to listen to your wisdom story.” Allow yourself to touch the tree, if guided to. Trees are telepathic as we are. Listen to the words that come in your head. Something about the tree or yourself or the history of the area will occur. When touching the tree you may even see a visual of the history of the tree or the area.

Ask questions. Students are astounded by the precision of the tree people. How do they know that about me and my life and soul? Trees will remind you that we are all one. There are grandmother and grandfather trees and younger ones. Each has personality and purpose much like humans.

You might also give the tree people telepathic pictures of beautiful places you have been. Tell them stories and listen to theirs. They enjoy this very much. An exchange is always important in communication.

Trees also communicate with trees all over the world. On our last Vision Quest the tree at our sanctuary at home communicated with the trees in the Pennsylvania woods where we quested. Together they offered guardianship and protection for all of us and kept the black bears and others on the parameters.

Often I receive messages from trees about the trees at home. A message this week was, the big maple wants me to speak with her soon and so do a few of the others. I have been out speaking with trees in my travels and not communicating with those at home.

An important teaching is that if you receive a message that you suppose is coming from a tree and it does not feel correct, let it go. It may be another spirit in the woods playing a joke on you.

Trees have awareness and life so please move trees instead of just taking them out of your landscaping. Speak with the trees when you have to cut them down or move them. Give them an opportunity to adjust to the move or transcend.

Remember the child you are and allow your self an opportunity to expand your experience. We are all alive and one on this planet. Enjoy and Remember!

Janet StraightArrow is a Shaman, a Woman of Medicine, and a teacher. Discover her work at Call her at 973-647-2500

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