In working with people who are looking to achieve health, happiness and success one of the first things I work with is helping them let go of okay, fine and it will be all right in their dialogue and their lives.
Staying in this middle ground keeps status quo and lower to continue. Begin to raise your sights and your standards. There are higher answers when you allow deeper questions.
Fitting in and doing what others do will not lead you out of pain, suffering and mediocrity, nor will it assist you in getting what you want out of life.
This illusion costs us plenty each day in many ways. Looking to just get by instead of having a wonderful life will get you what you focus on. Everyone can reach out of the middle and climb higher.
Stop worrying about others and where they are. Each person is in charge of them; it is for you to focus and learn by being the best you. I have witnessed people who are struggling with disease and depression and are more attached to the illusion of who they are supposed to be for others, or how they are supposed to be according to inner rules. This keeps them away from healing and thriving.
Having a high tolerance for pain, people and self when things are not working keeps you in those places and allows deeper wounding and problems to occur.
Zero tolerance allows you to notice when things are off so that you can prevent more serious problems. Sin is an archery term that means off the mark. When you are off the mark you are out of alignment with what you want to achieve.
When you are only a few degrees off where you need to be for a straight shot to achieve your goals, and follow that path, you end up far from where you want to be. So each time you are making things okay that are not, you steer away from your bull’s-eye and go farther off into territory you might wish to avoid.
Begin by noticing where you are focusing on problems instead of solutions. When you become curious and ask for answers you will be led to them. When you focus on problems they become more difficult unless you focus on moving through them to learn and change.
Change is normal in all areas of life. Let go of how everything is supposed to be or how you want it when it is showing you another path. Cells continually recreate new cells and so does all of life. This is the joy and excitement of all of the possibilities offered to us as beings on this planet.
Letting go of what does not fuel continued best results and life allows new possibilities to evolve. Health, relationships, career, money and more sometimes needs to fall apart to get you back on course.
People, groups, companies and the earth are going through extremes of letting go of attachments on all levels to allow a higher experience to be revealed. The old must be released in order to create new life.
For years I went through enormous challenge, so much so that I felt like I was being machine-gunned daily. I had to let go of many things, people, ideas and desires to allow a new normal, truth and freedom to unfold. Love and grace held me through this time and I learned the higher reasons that were the result of all of the losses.
I learned that there were no bullets, nothing to fear but fear itself, and what was really important.
Notice when you are holding on to what is not okay and let go of people and things that are ready to go. Open to a new life and allow yourself time to heal and process all that has occurred.
To jump from one-way of life to another takes many steps. Be patient and kind to others and yourself. Other illusions to release are instant change, or missing the steps that are needed to transition and become.
Get out of the false safety zone of middle and focus on higher ground. You will have a lot of company as you travel. Life is an adventure just like the movies we watch, it is not often in our control, but we can learn and find better ways and allow ourselves to find the treasure.
Enjoy the Journey,
Janet StraightArrow
Be The Medicine, Living the Power of You!
As a teacher, mentor and healer I am here to help you navigate your adventure and make the most out of it and land on your feet smiling. Call me if I can be of assistance. 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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