My Psychology Mentor taught us that change is normal and that change is the one thing that all humans resist. Why would we fight what is natural for us? This was a question that has stayed with me though my life as I have been developing a way to heal and live a great life for others and myself.

What I found was that all of our problems are from not living what is natural and in alignment with our truth on all levels of our being – mind, body, spirit and soul. I also discovered the myriad ways we have been trained against ourselves everyday from the time of birth..

Negating ourselves and our nature and needs is what causes great pain, disease and suffering in all of us. This is also the cause of all of our stress – to resist what is natural, normal and what is correct for us.

We are taught since childhood not to listen to our inner voice that guides us in safety and offers direction in what is best for us. This innate gift of knowing is negated over and over again until it is ignored and feared and finally hidden away much of the time.

With this internal compass and truth center gone, we are left dependent on the outside world that does not live in our best interests or in alignment with truth and nature. All of their guidance for us is focused on their beliefs and their agenda. Cultures around the world all focus on their unique system of desiring life to be a certain way and bury what is.

In these times people are speaking of living in the now. First we have to learn to live in the truth, all the time. The truth is what is, and yet what we have been taught is to live is in our heads full of roles, rules, expectations and the unnatural laws of man.

Bridging this back into alignment with the now and truth means we have to change out of the unnatural into the natural ways of thinking and being, and this causes great fear and resistance.

When people say no I cannot change, or this is the way it has always been, we are in for a wild ride. If the way that has always been does not really work, we do have to be open to change in order to have peace, flow and progress.

Trusting ourselves is easy. That feeling or knowing that speaks ever so softly inside us is always wise, gentle and true. We have evidence from personal experience that things always work when we listen to ourselves.

The loud feelings of fear and resist are bullies and cause lack of trust. We have been taught to give power to the bully and live in fear of being wrong or punished if we do not do what may be accepted or expected all the while knowing inside that this is not okay.

This inner conflict causes dis – ease and is not often as easily recognized as clearly as I am stating it here. We want to be right and safe in society instead of right from the inside out.

You are safer in the world when you live and listen and learn from your inner knowing first. Being secure begins with you, and it gives you a firm foundation and clear lens to see the world through.

Having a father who taught me this as a child is something I now appreciate as a gift and great wisdom. Fortunately I listened. He told me that this world was based on illusion and all that I hear and most of what I see is not real so I should discern for myself and not be convinced out of my inner knowing.

So he gave me permission to question everything and trust myself all the time instead of what is outside of me. Instead of being scary for me it was a comfort to stay in my center more than most and not be dragged into fears, beliefs and control of outside forces.

I learned when to speak and when to be quiet with what I know so that I eliminate attacks from those who want me to be and behave and believe a certain way. It was confusing at times and yet it was easier to be an observer and not get dragged into places that hurt or compromised me.

The need to belong or be approved of had less influence than my inner comfort of being me. This caused me great challenges along the way. The outside needs of family, friends and authorities to control weighed heavily on me. Living their way began to break me down and soon I had to break out and leave people and situations that compromised me.

Every time I became ill it was because of undue stress in and around me. As children we are more easily compromised, but as adults we can choose freedom, health and happiness.

What  a sticky place it is when we say, “I can only be happy if others I love and care about are happy.” Unfortunately if you have always compromised yourself to make others happy they are not necessarily going to be your cheerleaders in change.

You have to risk being wrong to others in order to be true to you. There is no group consensus to being true to you. You are the one who knows and the one who has to live in your body and life.

This is maturity and living in the now. When people begin to trust themselves enough to speak up and live truth it will shift the paradigm to healthy, happy living and being for all.

My ultimate truth empowers yours every time. The lie keeps everyone off track, in their head and suffering in many ways creating a round robin of emotions and actions that do not help anyone.

Natural and universal laws are the ones all of our societies and religions are based on. What we need to do to live true is to un-layer the illusions and fears that have been woven in with these profound truths and teachings and relax into knowing and being again.

Begin by listening to that inner wisdom and following it more each day. Be more concerned to be wrong to yourself that to others. It’s okay if someone else has a different reality or desire for something to be true. You do not have to change them, its all about being loving and kind to you.

When you are strong and clear in who you are and what is your truth, stress and pain melt away. Letting go of fitting in or matching up with anyone else is quite a relief. You also develop more compassion and understanding of others when you have it for yourself first.

Have fun in your adventure to you, truth and living in the now. This is our birthright to living a life we desire.

We are not here to be spoiled brats making the world match all of our desires. That will not occur if those desires are not aligned with your greatest truth and purpose in this lifetime.

Having patience with your process is how you learn the greatest lessons. Each step is more learning and moving in the direction of your greatest good. People die and are born and so do you have to die to the lies and be reborn in the truth day by day.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Living the Power of You!

Call me for support in making changes in your life, it is my pleasure and honor and calling to be StraightArrow and help others live this as well. 974-647-2500


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