When people say things like, “It is hard to do.” It is easier said than done.” “I don’t believe it is true.” Or “I can’t do it.”  I realize they are making a choice to fail, be sick or in pain or want suffering and drama more that healing and joy.

Health and happiness, success and fulfillment are all choices that we can live easily; they require focus and allowing the best to be. We can find and face the interference and take action to overcome and deny its power over us. You can choose to believe the lie of “I can’t.” rather than the truth of our own power over adversity.

We were designed for perfect health and a life of our choice. Life does not just happen to us. Somehow we co-created all of our trauma, drama and good fortune. Somehow we walked down a path that was not the best for us and it took us into ill health or bad choices.

The good news is we can awaken and see where we went off track and choose the best for us again everyday. Life is what you make it and if things are not working you can find your way out of problems and pain.

It does take effort, but it is worth it to take the time and effort to correct your journey and find a better way to live and learn. This is where people become derailed. The wounded child inside does not want to take responsibility or be told that they are wrong.

Honestly, it is time to get over this perspective. Working from a place of curiosity instead of blame helps us to see possibilities and results. There is so much joy in seeing where we have been off track and finding that higher ground to walk, enjoy and benefit from.

I know from experience that every time my life has been challenged on severe, or even simple levels, I had a choice to choose for me and remember that anything can be healed or changed.

Facing the problem; whether it was health, money, relationships or life direction, was important, and in the next breath I always began looking for a solution. Getting stuck in the drama of a problem can be a trap. Letting go of the victim is an important first and ongoing step in order to find solutions.

I learned with strong focus, curiosity and effort, to continuously choose better for myself. The road always meets us where we are and opens before us as we walk. When we are walking a road that is not what we want, a new better road will open for us to take the higher path to freedom and a better life.

First we have to see out of the maze of the way things have always been and be open to better choices. There are always many different realities we can live by changing our focus.

I am always amazed when people make the less powerful choices that will take them back to pain and problems. The saying, “The devil that you know is better than the devil that you do not know.” Reflects this belief and fear system.

I personally, want out of any choice that is not going to create a good life for me. So when people are focused on devils I am focused on angels and a way to transform and heal and live the life I want.

Does it take time and energy, yes it does, but because our nature is the higher ground, it can be easier when you align with truth and choose to work towards your best self and possibilities.

It takes more energy and time to stay stuck in the problems because things continue to get worse as you surrender to poor choices or accept problems as real or the only way.

Saying yes to yourself is to know that you are worth it and that it is possible to be and have what is important to you.

Accept the best and leave the rest.

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! Is a path of healing and self-mastery in alignment with your best self and life purpose. The road gets easier as you walk and you find truth, support and joy in living the best life you choose. All problems have a lesson and way to solve them to propel you farther along your path. Unlearning old ways of the world are just as important as learning new ways of living a wonderful life. It is a wonder filled life!

Call today to discover ways to live the life you want. StraightArrow specializes in finding hidden and difficult causes and helping you live the solutions. 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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