Wow what a week. My life has been rewritten in more ways that I can imagine quite yet. Sometimes even, or especially, for a teacher, it is taking an inner journey that is more important for all.

I have been working, writing and creating anew for months now. I kept feeling drawn to take time off but the outer world called more strongly and even taking half days here and there have not been enough for what I needed.

Grateful to have all of my energy back after a long time of healing and grieving, it was exciting to be all here now and ready to move forward in many ways.

The day before the eclipse I had an early morning interview for a New Jersey Woman’s magazine and told my story to a group at another learning center that night working with clients and calls in between.

Telling my story with discussion opened up many memories and reminded me of who I am and why I am here and gave me food for thought as well as to where I am going.

Feeling a bit peeked, but going on as planned and expected, I made it through the day well. The next morning the inner call came to slow down or be stopped. I was planning the weekend off but my body did not want to wait.

I worked through the day and by the next morning I cancelled all for the next five days including dear friends birthday celebrations. Not an easy thing to do except that it was necessary.

I have always been the energizer bunny going and going and falling easily asleep at night and getting up and going again. I also had the former pattern of going until I drop which requires stopping for long periods of recovery and I was not doing that again.

I am grateful to have caught myself. Ready or not, there was an inner journey calling that would not wait.

I have been working with advanced students and clients with healing deep wounding that co-creates illness and many of our life challenges and also opens our life purpose and daily journey. Excited that I had a large enough group who have been working to begin this deeper level of work I planned a retreat for August and put everyone on the path to prepare.

I also have a new group of healers ready to begin this deeper journey with me in the Boston area this July and so much is opening on new levels to bring to them as well.

As teacher I know that when I take people onto a deeper journey I go deeper on my own path as well.

Being a decades long student of astrology I knew enough about this month and my chart to be open to transformation, deep healing, more awakening and change. Change to me is always a course correction to a higher alignment to my life purpose and always perfect and right on time. The eclipse hit my chart directly and some lifetime planetary aspects are in play as well promising a new level of work and life.

For me as for many of us, it is time to move into our deeper spiritual, and life purpose. We are all on time and it is important to put down the books, toys and distractions and go inside to find our best information and guidance.

My physical symptoms took me back to my early childhood and pre-birth memories that had been visiting me in my recent waking hours. I thought I knew the stories from many visits to these times healing the memories and the resulting life experiences from many occasions in the past.

What I did not expect was the deeper story of my soul and my choices. Now I know why I needed the time, the deeper work just became deeper yet. My life story now has a new beginning focus, which heals and helps and makes sense of so much and is still rippling through all of me daily.

A new blueprint is forming; responsibility, enlightenment and choice have new meaning. I trust my process as it has always served like it or not, and I see the importance of this timing.

We are all taking an evolutionary leap, and how we work with it determines our outcome. We can choose to stay stuck and lost or we can realize that we can move into a higher consciousness and own our journey and reality with joy and wonder.

Living in this body on earth is our connection with the divine. There is no waiting for death to experience the exquisite beauty and bliss available for all.

Letting go of drama, trauma, victimhood and blame opens us to ecstasy and new life.

Stepping into our wholeness, and oneness with all, awakens all possibility.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is there to experience? What is there for me to learn? What is there for me to heal? What is there for me to teach?

The answers to these questions change and evolve as we walk our walk and are unfolding new levels of awareness and experience.

Today is my last day set-aside before seeing clients and students again, so I am off to the woods for a walk inward before it rains. I rescheduled this coming weekend as well so that I can continue to process, write and recreate.

This summer solstice today awakens a new level of beginnings for all.

The adventure continues.

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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