A strong ego being is the one who is neutral and confident in who they are as a person. They are free to be themselves without doubt or fear and they act loving and respectfully in the world. They do not steal energy or easily take on other people’s energy. They add positive energy to a situation or group. They see other people in all of their innocence, strength and purpose as they see themselves in truth and balance.

A big or small or compromised ego is the result of basic or extreme wounding of the person. The more the wounding occurs, is focused on, or played out unknowingly, the more out of balance the ego structure is and the more energy is exhausted or pulling on the person, and others in their lives.

The ego is what saves us from destruction when terrible things happen to us. It makes things okay and bring us some sort of balance in a storm of attack, fear or life circumstances that would otherwise take us down.

Inside this safety are built in lies of ego protection allowing us to go on. If we heal the wounding under the band-aid of protection and let go of the lies, we can be free and strong and have real safety and balance.

This healing and awareness process must be learned, made conscious and worked with as it is not automatic for the ego to self heal. The wounding can build more destructive power and focus in the person when left unchecked as the person ages and lives their life.

When the wound is left under the lies that make things okay for survival at the time, they begin to act out and cause behaviors that are not who you really are but a reflection of the wound. The personality and reality of the person is taken off track unknowingly as the ego blocks out the truth and the lies.

In the trauma or time of protection, your innocence, identity and security are lost. Your true identity may never have been fully developed, or it was compromised making you feel very insecure and unsafe.

This results in behaviors of feeling not good enough or not good at all, played out in many judgmental fear based thoughts and feelings, which creates unbalanced views of you, people and the world around you as well.

The problem here is the wounded being believes the lies in their head making themselves and others bad or wrong. This causes a break down in health, happiness, relationships, work and more.

A bully, manipulator and poor me or victim mentality will be both the extremes and the subtleties of this loss of self and compromised ego structure. The person accepts the lies as real and does not realize or understand the depth of where this all comes from and may not be able to reflect and see the problems.


Because what is causing these problems is not a part of the conscious self, and are caused by many factors that are hidden, or from outside sources, it is important to release blame and then become curious to discover the many causes and solutions from a neutral place.

Our current psychological-religious-cultural model creates judgment, blame, shame and more disconnection instead of healing the causes, the wounds and the life. We cannot talk ourselves out of these places. Healing requires clearing the wounded ideas, energy and memories, and reclaiming the valued person by directly working on this in several ways all the way back to the cause and bringing it forward.

This model of healinga basic in Be the Medicineblends many levels of awareness, perspectives, tools and practices realigning the person into the place of the strong ego which is healthy, confident and able to be who they are easily in their lives.

Symptoms of this wounding that can be healed are depression, pain, illness, anxiety, fear, judgment, chemical and hormone imbalance, addictions, doubt, anger, attacking self and others, not wanting to be alive or inability to be fully functioning and content in the entire life or in just some areas. Non-stop talking, rage and keeping busy are other symptoms covering the wounds. Work, health, relationships and all are compromised in small and larger ways. Feeling stuck, wrong or attacked can keep the wounded ego wanting and unhappy.


The good news is that the lies that are covering the wounds can be removed and replaced with higher truth. The wounds themselves can be healed. And the ability to be clear, strong and knowing brings wholeness and healing as the result of this process work.

When you understand the simplicity and complexity of how this occurs and have the teachings and tools to do this on your own, your life can be full. There is no more blame, judgment or shame; there is unconditional love and understanding for self and all.

Life does not have to be hard or messy. It can be simple, easy and clear. The ego is our saving grace that requires maintenance, support, healing, uplifting and care just like our body does. When you know how to live and work in this way, you become happy, whole and free.

When the ego and person regain their healthy state and full power, life is beautiful for all.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Private sessions and classes are available on the phone or in person that have helped many people embrace life and move forward to enjoy their life and health, sometimes for the first time. Clients/students are men and women from children to elders from all walks of life. Call Janet today to begin your journey to a life, happy, healthy and free.

Janet StraightArrow has developed this work over 44 years of study and practice with self, others and bringing the pieces together from traditions and teachers from around the world. Enjoy her direct loving way to assist you with all of the complexities and simplicity of becoming the medicine for you! 973-647-2500



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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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