Death and grieving are avoided in our culture. We all die but we try to avoid dealing with it before or after, and do not allow grief for others or ourselves. Get over it and move on, is often a thought or even said to people.

When someone we love dies our heart breaks and we are ripped apart in many unseen areas of our being. Life as you know it is totally different and you somehow must put all of the pieces of you together and move on, in two weeks or less.

Having lost my daughter Lisa suddenly four and a third years ago I know first hand the process of grief and how devastated I was and still am. Part of you dies with them and if you are aware you know that you need to heal and call those parts back so you can maintain health and recover your life.

Many people are experiencing so much loss in these times; jobs, homes, ideals, family, friends, beliefs and more are being shattered. It is no wonder people are addicted, diseased or in chronic pain as coping mechanisms.

Life and death are a process to be embraced. Compassion begins with you honoring you and what you need to survive and to thrive. Letting go of other people and how they think you need to be and allowing you what you need daily is important no matter what your life circumstances are.

After decades of spiritual practice, grieving my daughter brought me immediately into each moment everyday. Learning the need to breathe and chose life each moment was imperative to survival.

Two weeks leave or two months does not even scratch the surface of what you are going through. Our instant culture needs to take a break when the heart breaks and offer love. Even when a person seems okay remember that they are still grieving and it is not bad or wrong to allow whatever process needed.

I worked hard to allow the time and space to grieve and heal, letting go of trying to be somewhere else I stayed with the now. As a Shaman and spiritual teacher who helps people in this area of healing from past traumas and wounds, and reclaiming self-everyday, I knew how important it was to take the time to heal as I lived.

Gratitude and Grace for each moment and breath continues as I recover from my own near death experience in this process. I knew the path and still I had to walk it carefully to survive. It is no longer a focus, but still an awareness for myself and my family and for others who have suffered loss.

We take our precious selves and others for granted, until we are faced with death or disease and then do not. I am still grateful for each moment, breath and opportunity, and this makes me very alive.

When we take life for granted we are a little dead inside and asleep at the wheel of healthy, whole operating of our body and self. To live in gratitude we honor the preciousness of each opportunity to express ourselves and be alive.

Grieving is a process of inner death and outer loss. What you once knew is gone and all of the deep inner and outer connections are no longer there to hold you together and you must take the necessary time to stop and recover the tragic blow even if you are caring for family or working each day.

Hold yourself and others who might be grieving like a precious child. Do not rush the process because you cannot. Even with me doing my known spiritual and emotional and physical healing work daily, forty months later I now finally feel like I am more in my body, happy, healthy and me.

It isn’t over until it is over and it is always a new beginning. Be gentle and kind with each person you come across in your life, you do not know what burdens they carry and losses they grieve.

Compassion for others can only occur if you honor your own life and daily process in gratitude and grace, then you can hold that same space for others.

Be aware, loving and alive each moment.

Enjoy the journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Please call if I may be of assistance in this or any healing or learning process.

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com








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