Things I have Learned by Janet StraightArrow

I have learned to slow down and appreciate each moment, each person, each opportunity.

I have learned to stop fighting what is, and surrender to the pain and the pleasure.

I have learned that balance, aligning and being creates amazing, easy doing.

I learned that it is better if I allow the lessons to be learned the first time they show up.

I know that love never dies and life goes on.

I learned that living truth, once discovered is easier that suffering the lies.

I discovered that I am far from alone in the deepest cave and highest mountain of seclusion.

I appreciate the ones who travel with me, they support my truth, and freely challenge my illusions.

I have learned that gratitude, compassion and love are more real when you have lost all you thought was real, and survived, and then thrived again.

I have learned that the reason for all pain, disease and suffering in the world is in not living our truth.

I have learned that the highest spiritual, natural and Universal teachings and laws of neutrality and unconditional love are the only wisdoms and truths that make sense and explain how the world and all of us work.

I have learned that the riches you take with you wherever you go in this life or the next are the ones of heartfelt loving and living in each moment.

I have learned that we have to stop often and say, ‘Where am I in this?’ and self correct.

I have learned that wherever you live, there you are. In each place a slightly different you but the baggage and gifts come with you. Location gives a different twist, maybe easier, maybe harder.

I have learned that people of service, healers-teachers-leaders are best to learn how to receive love, support and gifts of sharing, in order to really give something of value to others.

I have learned that the people who challenge me most have offered me very precious gifts of awakening truth and healing illusions.

I have learned it is not selfish to know, value, and honor myself-it is essential to being a valuable asset to society.

Loving and seeing others clearly comes from loving and seeing yourself clearly.

I know that we are never totally cleared or healed but that this is an ongoing process of unfolding, healing and becoming love and joy!

I have learned to face and process everything as soon as possible so that I can heal, be happy, healthy and free to be.

I have learned that traumas do not need to be re-lived forever, we can heal, release the pain and reclaim our life and be peaceful inside and out.

I appreciate that 
life is a journey that becomes deeper and richer with each moment, challenge and experience.

I question everything.

Know Truth

No Doubt

No Fear

No Judgment

No Blame

Be Love

Enjoy the Journey!

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

May this be of service to you

This is a post from facebook with a few additions, the original was written in May of 2009.


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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