In a world of ups and downs and storms inside and out we have many choices as to how we deal with these. You can choose to be positive and work through life from this place or sabotage everything by being in fear and victim mode.

It is always a choice no matter how bad things are you can choose to make it the best you can or get caught in a downward spiral and watch everything including you go down.

People have asked me how do I keep smiling and listening to peoples struggles and make it through life’s extreme challenges myself? The underlying cord of me chooses to be positive. Since a child in a very stressful and life threatening health and family life I survived and thrived with positive knowing underneath.

Whatever you align with you create. I find many people who are sick and unhappy align with victim. When I first tell them that they do not see it yet, life is just tough.

I have gone years without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and still I focused on traveling in that direction knowing it was there and making the best of the journey to ensure getting there.

The ups can only be real ups when you allow yourself to be there. Waiting for the other shoe to drop or for things to fall apart keeps you on the down side even when things are good.

An important part of my work with people is to help them see what is already there in their life and health. We can miss so much when we look elsewhere.

Even the little things can go in a positive or negative way depending on how you see it. I have just come through this myself and remembered to choose how I want this tragedy in my mind and impossible situation and timing to turn out the way I want it.

Recently, when I surrendered to allowing and asking for help to reach my goal now instead of when the logic in my mind said, everything lined up in ways I never would have imagined and the problem was solved.

When I was in fear about it my stomach hurt and mind was upset. When I decided to surrender to the moment and trust that this timing was perfect and allow myself to vision the outcome I wanted without attachment to how it had to happen, it was amazing and better than I would have imagined.

I just had to align myself with what I really wanted and do my research to find it and allow it to all fall in place. Things cannot change or get better unless we do this.

Sometimes it takes a long time for us to have our life and health how we want it but we have to do our part and allow our mind, intent and actions to all be focused on the direction we desire.

Even in our health, if we focus on fear and disease we interfere with the body’s natural healing abilities and for the correct path to open in the direction that creates health. If we play both sides to be safe we leave ourselves in confusion and we do not get the best results.

Being the devil’s advocate is sure to bring you in the worst direction. I know all of the horrible possibilities in life and do not focus on them because I do not choose to create them.

There is a voice that we have heard in society and home that you have to be wise and look for all of the problems. When you know where the challenges are you can do things to prevent them but do not go looking for them or they will find you.

Heaven or hell is in our attitude and choice. Look at how you react and think about things. What are you helping to create? If you want a different result, focus on the way you want life to be and allow the alignment, thoughts and actions you take to there.

Have patience, feel peace and do your part. Have fun with this. Even in great loss and challenge, I chose a better result even when the world was falling apart around and in me by allowing the lifeboats to come and getting on I found my way out.

In this time of panic and fear promoted by media, economy, weather and others, be the light in the world and allow the best to be. Smile, laugh, love and do your best. See how even the simple moments keep becoming better and better and the big ones turn around in new directions as well. Being the devils advocate only helps the devil.

Be Love

Be Peace

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500 for inspiration and more teachings.

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