Being a spiritual teacher I am careful in discerning through all of the drama, fear and woo woo of what is coming through as we near 2012. Having experienced and studied traditions and teachers from many arenas in the past forty years it has been easy to see who is real and what is truth.

Living in a society and time filled with fear that is magnified by the Internet it is wise to find a peaceful truth inside and to let go of illusions. We are programmed for drama and trauma and to believe in something, anything sometimes. If there is a lot of emotion, slow down, breathe, relax and find your calm center.

The first and most important thing to believe in is you! Know who you are and know what your truth is and feel it in your body and mind. The way to sort through illusions is to know truth in subtle ways moment by moment.

Life and the earth are changing, ready or not. What you can focus on is taking care of the business of you, your family, your community and the world in that order. We are all one, but if our individual one is a mess, we are messing up the world.

If our individual one, is panicked and fearful we are magnifying that in the world. If we are balanced, aligned and strong in truth and love we are magnifying this in the world. All of the focus on earth changes and star changes and belief systems and fear of it all can take us off track and keep us away from being and doing what is most important now.

The world is finding healing and balance and it means letting go of the old ways that never worked and finding ways for all aspects of society and individual life to flow and live in ways that support the whole.

Use your knowing, feel the truth and live your life. Focus on what is important for life and health and let go of the rest. If it is not helping, it is hurting.

There is a lot of hypnotism and fanfare in all areas of life. Trust you, make good choices, live love and peace and let go of the rest. I know this sounds simple and in reality it is. You will be amazed at how easy it becomes to navigate through all areas of your life and be in the world and not get caught up in the miasms of fear, excitement and control.

Living spiritual truth in everyday life is key. There is nothing woo woo about it.  I found if anything doesn’t sound good or true and feels out there it is. Something is missing or a lie and more information are needed if it is worth your time at all.

Be aware of getting caught up and let go. It is a daily moment-by-moment practice. Things are moving quickly. Use this gift to let go of what does not help and work and embrace positive, present and productive life.

Enjoy the Journey!

Janet StraightArrow

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