It is a pretty intense time on the planet and the old ways of hiding or dealing with things are not working. It’s time to wake up and pay the bill, and to change the direction of the world and our lives.

It’s time to be responsible for ourselves and participate in all of the influence we each have on the planet and each other. There has been a lack of true responsibility and instead blame and fear has ruled the world and kept us locked in irons of illusion and pain.

All of the answers are here we just have to show up and grow up and know that each one of us makes a difference. Many have been avoiding responsibility to keep the illusion of the status quo. It certainly has been a major pattern encouraged over time, as a way to deal with problems. It is time to take control of our lives and world again. The status quo is crashing under our feet and fear is growing.

No one is immune to governments, religions, finance and all of the systems falling apart.  The earth is shuttering and shattering illusions every day. Let’s all focus on solutions and go inside ourselves and see what all of this means and what right action is, in order to move forward?

This is an important first step in a world where people make fun of natural and spiritual living and healing and instead poison themselves with toxins free flowing in the environment, chemical medicine and fake food and wonder why there is so much pain, depression, disease, including high levels of cancer and heart disease, autism and Alzheimer’s.

Last weekend I found out that the man who made billions of dollars by poisoning people and co-creating all levels of illness, obesity and pain by heading the McDonalds Corporation is now retired from that fiasco and putting together a healthy food chain. He knows where the trends are and the money is.

Health and Wellness is the new wave of business in the world. But we need to look carefully at ourselves, and what our part is in it all. No more pointing fingers to others, its time to be grassroots and make the changes in our individual world first.

The people with the money fuel the changes but we allow and participate in all aspects of what is occurring and can also change the direction of the collective by our individual actions.

Politically its time to tell the people who represent us to represent us and stop blaming each other and do the job they were hired for. Instead of being adversarial be grown ups and find answers instead of working on the next election. Stop the jokes, cartoons and negative press and work together as one government.

We are in a terrible state and we need to dig into our humanity, spirituality and oneness instead of greed, blame and fear. It is time for each one of us it is to see what our responsibility is individually and in the whole and begin to take action to support our survival.

2012 is here and this is the end of the world, as we know it. Instead of being in fear drop into your heart and connect to the oneness and peace everyday and find new direction in all areas of your life. No more putting our heads in the sand or waiting for someone else to save us. We are not victims. Each one of us can move mountains if we each focus on solutions. Together we can change the world.

Notice how people work together in physical disasters. We are in a global disaster now. Don’t wait until your home and life, as you knew it are completely destroyed. Do your part and support others who are helping and healing and making positive changes. Say no to what is not okay in governments, religions and business and say yes to all that will support the whole.

Maybe we should not rebuild areas that have been destroyed over and over again by weather. Nature has her way, its time to listen, learn and adapt to new ways of living. Fires, floods, winds and earth are the elements we are made of. Maybe there are productive changes that we are being told to make and are not listening to. Let’s find the Wisdom and give up entitlement and arrogance.

Look for new ways to be safe and secure and spend our money wisely. Stop jealousy, fear, doubt and blame and be open to doing your part. Each one of us can change the world by changing ourselves and our immediate environment and self.

Love is always the answer so if you are in doubt, ask if what you are thinking, feeling or doing is in love? If it is not, change your focus to a caring, inclusive, responsible focus and bring love in and watch things transform immediately.

When each one of us lives in the integrity of our being, others change just by being in our presence. Every person can be the medicine for the world one person at a time. Let go of fear and find your center, that place of peace and calm and knowing. We are the world. Stop just talking about what needs to be done and begin living it today.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500



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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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