Be The Medicine is focused on awakening each person to their magic and mystery and to live their soul purpose, and life from their heart. The writer writes, the singer sings, the athlete plays, the teacher teaches, the healer heals, etc. Whatever your purpose and many roles, you live it like the master you are – effortless, natural and perfect.


Releasing all of the blocks, beliefs and learning that holds you hostage to a world that limits you, you begin to break the bounds of invisible layers of ego, expectation and pain and connect to your divine self.


When secure in you, there is no limit to what you can accomplish and enjoy in your life, health and experience. There is an intelligence that you tap into and become, that gives you constant nourishment and understanding and you live in peace even in the most challenging storms.


TheSpiritLakeand Twin is a gift of the divine giving you direct experience to become who you are. With ongoing connection, healing, learning, unlearning and process you have the life you desire and planned before you were born. This practice is advanced and yet it is one of the ways we begin to be who we are directly and clearly.


Learning process in your life is important; there is no rush to the goal when you are living the pieces of the dream each moment as it constantly unfolds. Each piece is necessary to honor as you put the puzzle of you together firmly, and in its entirety.


TheLakeand the Twin is much more than a meditation or a healing space, it is a multi-dimensional access to you in all time and place to help you discover, remember and live you. There is no limit to your life when you learn to navigate and join with the inner you in his or her wholeness and power.


More teachings, tools and practices move you clearly, simply and directly on your journey when you allow the process. Getting sidetracked with ego keeps you stuck in the illusion instead of the holy dream of you made real.


Free will gives you support in making the changes needed to move forward, or to stop your process at any time. You may need to side trips to learn lessons that when lived can propel you forward on your path.


It is all beautiful, perfect and real as you live it. Being is an act of living in the flow of the divine you. It is your birthright. Your medicine is your purpose and having the answers and antidotes for all you need inside. Being the medicine is living a life of ease and grace, comfort and safety, love and peace.


This is an advanced work for those who are ready to live truth, wisdom and grace. Anyone can do it when you are ready. The earth is aligning to this new paradigm more each day. All the support you need is here.


Living the highest intelligence of you, is being light, which becomes pure love with every breath. Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!


Enjoy the Journey,


Janet StraightArrow is a loving guide and support, as a spiritual mentor who has walked the walk she has developed a process that helps you find your way to do the same. As a spiritual teacher Janet gives you what you need to break out of the illusions that keep you hostage to the ego and beliefs and life that no longer serves. The blocks become subtle and you are used to your story and what is in the way. As one who sees what you do not and is able to help move all levels of you into your true alignment, StraightArrow can assist you in clearing the way to the divine you, offering profound simple tools and practices and perspectives, teaching you to continue the journey for yourself.


Call or email to find out how to begin today. 973-647-2500







About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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