In my forty-four years of research in how to heal myself, and others, and learning to access our innate wisdom and knowledge, I studied many powerful tools, practices and traditions from masters and teachers from around the world. In 2003 I discovered this amazing practice from Siberia. I began to work with the Spirit Lake and Twin and initiated others in it immediately. It has been an amazing journey of discovery and purpose as I traveled with it. I did not realize the full power of it until I worked with it for several years.

I found it to be more than I ever imagined, offering people of all ages and walks of life direct access to all aspects of each one of us immediately. The Spirit Twin is your high self-soul being who has been near or far before and who knows everything about you and this life in this body and time. She or he is immediately accessible in ways that you can work with every moment when you learn how.

The more I worked with my twin the easier my life became because there was a knowing that I was operating from, instead of thinking or guessing. To work with your twin as you develop this connection you become more whole and never feel alone, you feel all one. To have this real experience of all of you, moves you into more power and clarity, wisdom and healing in ways you may never have imagined and might have hoped.

The Spirit Lake is your inner landscape, a real place that gives you immediate understanding and information about your life, health and multi-dimensional world. Yes, your life never is mundane again, there is a richness that awakens and develops with ongoing practice.

This is a complex and powerful learning to deepen and work with everyday. I have made it a central practice in working with my clients and students when you are ready to surrender to wholeness and living their truth.

Some may see it as a meditation, or another in a long line of practices they have worked with. As we work with more deeply in our journey to Be The Medicine the magic, power and deeper wisdoms and knowledge of the Spirit Twin and Lake unfold.

Learning to be discerning and curious is always important in life, but especially when you open to yourself beyond your current boundaries. You can’t get there from here unless you choose to let go of what you think you know in order to really know.

It takes learning more about spiritual laws and truth to open up to the real opportunities in our lake and life. In teaching people to Be The Medicine for themselves and in the world, I found this a powerful and important place to work from.

Like any profound experience there is a lot to learn and unlearn to live in this new space and learn to access all it has to offer. When you do, there is immediate healing and learning and being at your fingertips every moment. Life is richer and has more possibility and grace.

I am offering this work in Morristown, NJ, Boston and for groups ready to be who they are in profound real ways. My many years of experience in these realms brings through the energy, teachings and discernment needed to help you achieve these connections and utilize them in your life.

I work with phone clients with the spirit lake and twin as well. I always recommend people to take the class first if they can. Learning in community offers many possibilities to unfold in twelve hours of group experience.

I have introduced children through elders to their Spirit Lake and Spirit Twin with immediate experience to themselves in this way. Many say the Lake feels like being home in themselves and their body for the first time ever, and they are more peaceful than they have ever been.

The journey to you is quite an amazing experience to enjoy. Healing and knowledge beyond anything I have experienced in other ways is the gift for you to give you. Join us in a class or a series of sessions to learn and experience this amazing work.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet@bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 www.bethemedicine.com

Our next First level class is November 5 and 6 in Morristown. Next years first level is January 14 & 15 in Morristown and being scheduled in Boston. Our second level class in Boston is on December 10 & 11 with a Be The Medicine Circle the night before at the Center at Westwoods.

All of our classes and sessions support you in being who you are simply, directly and fully with joy. Recordings and workbook for the Spirit Lake and Twin will be available in 2012 for students after they have had training.

Email or call for more information. Please take advantage of extensive information and teachings on our website.


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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