I remember decades ago trying to reconcile my spirituality with everyday living. There was an enormous bridge to cross and some days I jumped over the fence and was immersed in spirituality and then I would jump back into my life and the world.

I do my best to remember this when I support people in waking up to spirituality and wholeness. When we still feel connected to separation we have several categories and compartments that we live in. I remember those years learning both sides as I also walked the fence between them both not feeling very comfortable.

In the past year or so more people than ever are learning to bridge that gap fairly quickly. Yes things are speeding up especially when it comes to being spiritual beings in physical bodies and accepting it.

There is wisdom and maturity to bring along with this to make it real for you. It is important to fill in any gaps in understanding and living, with grounded truth and love. Spirituality is more than an ideal or an idea; it is the truth of who we are.

Discovering a belief system or religion as spirituality is the journey for many. Wanting to belong and have someone tell you how to see the world is also a stage of life and not the end point. People who have believed for decades are now confused and disappointed as the truth of the lies they have believed are being unveiled.

I wanted to find the essence of who I am without beliefs or belonging to a “club”. I jumped in 200% into quite a few to learn and experience. Traveling through many spiritual traditions around the world I found the neutral, clear thread of truth, love and happiness that was the basis of all and explored living it first with some of their practices and tools and later in stillness, silence and love.

For each one of us to be open to experiencing spirituality as love, respect and honor for all beings and the earth and stars and all of the wholeness that we are a part, can still be a stretch. All cultures have limiting beliefs and rules that do not make sense and it is important to release them and embrace what feels loving and true.


Living a life of mutual respect, love and kindness for all is a good basis for living a spiritual life everyday. Honoring our differences and not needing to change them or make anyone right or wrong is important. All of our wars begin here.

The war is inside of us learning to love ourselves first, accepting all aspects of us and having a good laugh at our process instead of being serious, judgmental and expecting something different than what is, makes us advanced spiritual beings.

Loving life, diversity, possibilities and being present for the lessons and healing puts you on the path of spiritual understanding.

Spirituality is not about being good or right it is about being humble and real. Breaking free of old ways of fighting and taking sides and fitting in takes a bit of learning.

Be patient as you learn new rules based on universal and natural laws which always have been the basis of life for all of us. Instead of creating a new box for them, learn what their real meaning is and enjoy the journey of living free instead of in boxes of conditions.

Be human and find out what that is. One tradition I appreciate speaks of humans having five attributes-health, happiness, truth, beauty and light. It also states without all of these there is no humanity.

Embracing health as normal is a good start. Happiness is inherent in all aliveness. Truth is the only way to know and live and manifest. Beauty is the appreciation we have for all beings. Light is the substance from which we are made. Love is what we feel and know as truth in all.

The further teaching is that what is not these is not human nature. We are not sickness, sadness, anger, pain, ugly, dark, and all of the things we accept as us that tears us apart and feeds on us, instead of supporting us individually and as a collective.

Spirituality is working through and releasing the lies of the second group and embracing the first. Being spiritual is being love with every breath and healing what is not. Letting go of separation and pain we find oneness and new life.

Enjoying your body and your life where you are and who you are, is very spiritual and well worth exploring. We are born to delight in life, not to make it hard or tough.

The best way to deal with challenging people and circumstances, is to look at the truth of what is behind the problems, which is always based on fear and control, and detach from those and do your best to bring light on the truth of the matter and work from there.

This works in business, relationships, health and all of life. Success occurs when aligned with highest truth. Being spiritual is being in wholeness, not separation. You know you are there when you are at peace.

When truly being a spiritual person you are enlightening those around you just by being. The ego fights for its case, fear, or reasons why life is wrong or tough when the love-spirit just breezes in allowing everything to transform and work together.

Have fun experiencing and exploring your journey to wholeness and love. Be kind, true and take care of you. Yes, you first, when you live your life true, you relate to, live and support others from this place too.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet@bethemedicine.com  973-647-2500 www.bethemedicine.com


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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