Man has created religions, cultures, belief systems, governments, academic studies, philosophy, psychology and other arts and sciences to prove things and control life and the earth and her people and yet the highest truth of nature, spirit and the Universe always reigns supreme and has its way.

The truth is never confusing except for when you do not like it and want to change it. Truth will lead you out of any crisis and is the end of war. Truth will win out no matter what anyone does or says, or attempts to take power over.

You may try to kill truth and it will rise up even stronger. Truth does not have to fight or prove itself, it just is. The ego wants to change it and manipulate it into a story that will exonerate you or prove your point or support your beliefs and yet truth lives in the smallest voice in your mind and heart in every moment.

The stories about people who lived truth and were killed made their mission and light of truth stronger in their cause to illuminate wrongs in the world and in her people. Truth lives on and never dies.

The highest spiritual truth has no beliefs to back it up and it needs nothing else, it stands alone. Humans are very attached to lots of words, reasons, discussions and proofs while the truth is quietly waiting for you to pay attention to what you know and be quiet and live it.

The body knows the truth and it asks you to pay attention. The more you ignore it, the more its nature-health, will go away. Your mind knows the truth in the still small voice and place of highest intelligence the truth. Truth awaits your attention it is ready to lead you in the most productive ways.

Instead you listen to the naysayers and fear mongers and loud cranky thoughts in your head that destroy your wisdom, confidence and grace. Truth is patient and waits, it does not yell or make a fuss it enjoys the natural flow and is there when you catch on.

Truth is natural. Common sense and logic follow suit as you realize that when you align with the nature of the being or situation the truth of it takes you through. Knowing the laws of nature, spirit and the Universe are well worth your effort.

Just asking to align with the highest nature and truth of anything or anyone will move you light years ahead. We are not the absolute… truth is and we are best to attend to it if we want to make our life work.

Stress is trying to control what is and make it what you want. Surrendering to the highest truth and purpose of any one or situation will create resolution and peace.

Moving with what is, helps you become a perfect student and master of life and all that it offers. We are living in a time where our nature – Unity is rising up, as all separation is falling away.

Truth is unity, peace, love, light, health, beauty and happiness.

We do not need dark to see light. Light is in the darkest recesses of your body, mind and even in the earth. When we accept light as our nature we can ascend and move into many dimensions of reality right here on earth.

If you are struggling with anything stop and ask for inner help and guidance to find the truth of the situation and how you can heal, let go and receive the best results effortlessly.

Truth is our nature.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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