By Medical Intuitive Energy Healer Shaman, Janet StraightArrow
We are self-healing beings and can find the pathway to move through challenges to solutions. The feeling of depression is very compelling and nothing to take as seriously as many do. It can be as easy as changing a channel on the radio. We can break through all of the reasons that are causing it and become happy, healthy and whole. Depression is not normal; It is a human beings reaction to many of life’s challenges turned inward stealing energy, confidence and peace.

Whatever imbalance occurs in our life, it begins with the mind and thoughts, traumas and pains and how we deal with them. Someone who is depressed has an ongoing litany of negative thoughts and listens to them and believes them. To surrender to these thoughts as truth lowers our resistance and creates depression and we move farther away from our magnificent self.

Physical and chemical imbalance are often a result of traumas and beliefs, fears and experiences that began with a deep inner imbalance of emotions and thoughts. Medicines, even herbs, were designed as a short-term solution to help the body remember wellness to assist with the natural process of healing. Healing depression is a journey of deep inner healing, changing patterns, beliefs and releasing fears and moving back into you in a loving positive way.

The power and beauty of the individual can be brought back. In working with clients and students who are experiencing symptoms and feeling depressed we transform the negative self-talk and discover the truth of what is not working in their life so we can face these and make healing changes. We then heal and release deeper energetic attachments and fears and realign us with our best self.

Health is a choice we must make every day over illness, pain and depression. Depression is a function of giving away personal power on many levels. Forging a new pathway, and reclaiming all of you is an important part of healing.

The old ways do not work so you must be persistent and creative. You begin with a commitment to you and break out of the fog of inner pain. Fear keeps you trapped and lost in confusion unable to find your way home to you. Both fear and depression are energies that are being hosted by you in your body-mind and need to be escorted out in order to have complete healing. This is easily accomplished with breathing practices and new understandings.

Your body comes into balance when you begin listening to the healthy part and focusing on that, and not the part that is speaking to you from imbalance. It is important to reinforce health and wellness every moment. Your body believes everything you think, so you must change those negative thoughts. They are not real and are like bullies holding you hostage as long as you give them more power than your deepest truth, which is happiness and health.

The way out of depression is a process. Some people move quickly and some take longer depending on the severity and length of the former depression and what caused it. Begin with the teachings and practices below and enjoy renewed health.

1-Begin with knowing that depression can be elevated and reversed.

2-Stop ongoing negative thoughts, and change them to positive, present and productive thinking.

3-Eat nutritious foods, a balance of protein, veggies, fruits and whole grain carbohydrates. Choose to eat meals with of a variety of colors and use food that is as fresh as possible. Eliminate or limit preservatives, soda, alcohol, sugars, white bread, and caffeine and white rice products. Good nutrition and nurturing the self is important.

4-Drink more water daily, hydration is important to feeling buoyant. Drink hot water with or without lemon for a soothing inner bath in the morning and/or throughout the day.

5- Add oxygen and breathe more fully all day long, this will clear your mind and raise your energy and clear heaviness from your body and brain.

6-Walking, yoga, exercise, martial arts and meditation also refresh and renew you.

7-See where you are living out of alignment with your truth and make healthy changes in your relationships, job and lifestyle.

8-Get out of the house, routines, patterns or wherever you are when you feel sad or stuck.

9-Ask you what you want and do things for you that give you pleasure.

10-Let go of wherever you feel a victim and take charge of your life.

11-Realize that you can choose and change every moment.

Every step forward is a step that creates more healing in your life.

There is further work to heal the deeper causes, the energy of trauma and create a new life of freedom, abundant energy and grace.

This is a good beginning to rebuild your energy, clarity and peace and begin making healing changes and getting on track to happiness.

Enjoy the Journey back to a happy, healthy you,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You

Helping people achieve full energy, positive direction and expression is a process that is a joy for me to assist and guide. Many years of study and practice of many traditions have brought powerful tools, teachings and healing to many. I can help you execute the above list and many more ways I found to heal the cause and live the solutions. Call for an appointment today.      Gift Certificates available. 973-647-2500

If you are on medication do not reduce or stop it without medical supervision. I suggest an integrative approach with great care.

Janet StraightArrow has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing and assisting people to: Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has been teaching and healing for over twenty years and has studied with Masters around the world and developed simple, clear and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and living their life purpose.




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