I kept last weekend open and free and did not know why. As I came closer to this time I opened up to inner guidance and possibilities. I have to tell you that I am used to inner leadings to change at the last minute, so I am slow to make solid plans, and as much as I might like to know ahead of time, I am always happy with the results.

I have been busy writing and creating amongst teaching and healing and with projects deepening I thought it to be a writing weekend. As we came closer I knew this weekend was to be for me, to deepen me.

I found a retreat center with yoga classes throughout the day, which appealed, and yet I wanted more quiet contemplation and reading time as well. It was a lovely nurturing place with lovely people. By Monday before, I knew I did not need other people now. By Thursday I was still open. Friday morning began with deep relaxation in bed with a great book and I realized nothing is more comfortable than an in-home retreat if you have created that space to live in.

On Friday I planned to get last minute emails out and my Internet connection died and could not be fixed until Sunday. Perfect, I said and meditated, walked and read sacred texts into the night.

Saturday morning I picked up more firewood and vegetables and fruit and cozied in. Blazing fire, kitties cuddling, a mixture of sacred music and quiet in the background, I dove into a series of books written about trips an American group took with the Masters in the Far East in the late 1800’s and my heart and soul opened more with each page.

Amidst stories and teachings were sparks of awakening, illumination and refinement of my life, purpose and truth. My own path and work became clearer as the days went on. I had these books for seven years and now was the perfect moment to unlock the mysteries and experience the wisdom and knowledge offered.

The preparation in the weeks and months and years leading up to this moment allowed me to experience deep meaning, inspiration, healing and peace as I enjoyed sacred space. In my meditations, there were powerful experiences of healing me on many levels, other lifetimes, and this life, to allow alignment with my divine purpose.

I am grateful I take the time regularly to go inside and connect to divine self and truth. It can be done quietly alone and through out the day wherever you are. I am also grateful that Masters have gone before us to pioneer the path and remind us of our heritage as humans divine.

The greatest learning for me now is refinement, there is nothing new, and yet everything is new, at higher, deeper levels of being. A few words, a story of truth awakens me at new levels of clarity and peace. My practice of surrendering to more is always met with more wisdom, knowledge, peace, love, happiness, health, gratitude and freedom than I imagined.

Being open to what I am not yet fully living, is my journey of healing and discovery. Where do I have the idea of something, and still I am not living it in every moment or cell? What needs to be healed, released or forgiven so that I can live, love and be happier? What misaligned belief, fear or illusion is still playing in my head that needs total transformation?

This might seem like work to some, but to me it is the greatest adventure. I stay awake to discover the subtle cracks in truth where illusion hides to be discovered and released. It’s a treasure hunt and such fun to use intelligence, awareness and purpose to liberate more joy, peace and truth in and outside of me.

The goal is heaven on earth, embracing a full life and experiencing exquisite love and peace with every breath. My body and health are also refined as I let go of all that is not aligned with my divine truth. What fun!


Listen to your inner self and take the needed time daily to perceive, receive and listen.  Clear the thoughts and feelings of dissension, to allow your truth to come forth. This is an important daily practice.

You do not have to believe everything you think. The best way to know the truth is in the quality of the thoughts. Are they negative, fearful, judging, doubtful, blaming or otherwise against you or others? They are not truth and you can stop giving them power in your life, listening to them and believing them.

Entertaining these false thoughts and beliefs age us quickly causing pain, depression and disease, holding us back from living a full life. When you clear them and let them go you find more energy, clarity and truth easily. You then know how to live and what inner guidance to follow.

Claim what is your nature-health, happiness, truth, peace, beauty, light and love and focus on those. Know that all else is false and not you. Practice this and watch your life become positive, present and productive.

The truth will set you free.

My wish is that in sharing my journey, you embrace yours.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Be the Medicine is a path of spiritual, healing mastery in everyday life. Even the beginner classes and sessions catapult you into higher truth allowing profound healing, awakening and knowing. As a practical mystic, shaman and spiritual mentor and healer, Janet brings heaven to earth in utter simplicity as only a StraightArrow can.

There is more to fully understanding and living the lesson above. Tools, teachings, healing and more to learn to live the best life and health are available. Call or email Janet to discover your next step. Blessings. 973-647-2500



About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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