Living in many realities is the life of a Shaman. I have lived a life of many lifestyles and traditions in spiritual and material worlds. I have been open to learning and understanding the wisdoms and truths and what motivates and challenges the realities and illusions of each one, in order to teach and facilitate healing and counseling.

In days gone by a person such as myself lived in a village or town and was taken care of by the people, so that we could take care of them. Living in this modern world many do not see the value of the service a Shaman or medicine person and what we offer to the community just by being there. In India and other eastern countries and some more native based cultures around the world today, more is understood and appreciated and received.

My lineage as Shaman is not only one tradition. I have taken many years over several decades to learn, experience and refine who I am. The rainbow blend of Ancient wisdoms and abilities have unfolded naturally as I walked my walk.

A Shaman who comes from a deep spiritual calling is like a Guru, Priest, Lama, Medicine Person or Rabbi or other master who lives to enlighten and serve the people in various ways. My role has been to live among the people while I am living the life of a practical mystic. Learning lessons through loss and healing a challenging and fulfilling life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, student, healer and teacher.

My mission is to bridge heaven to earth by teaching Natural, Spiritual, Universal Laws and how living their wisdom in everyday life, heals your body, quiets your mind and opens your heart to truth, power and love.

To Be The Medicine is to own that this is your life, and you have all the answers inside of you. It is for me to help you awaken latent abilities and connections and help you empower you to be wholly who you are. Healing is our nature and yet we have been disconnected to what this means and how we can co-create our best life. Overcoming past patterns, beliefs, wounds and unconscious perceptions and causes allow the best to be.

My role is different with each person. No one knows exactly who I am and how I am called to work. Everyone’s needs are unique and so is the way each person will best heal and move forward in their life with assistance and grace. When working with a master you are best to be open to what is moving in you, rather than how it is being accomplished. It’s not the doing, it’s the being and knowing connected to self and the divine that is the healing force.

Healing occurs in the subtle realms and each person needs words and actions unique to them to allow it to happen. You learn that the healing is simple and easy and seemingly effortless as it unfolds in you.

Some Shamans and leaders and healers say you must do the show in order for people to acknowledge and receive healing. Instead I create a space of unconditional love and safety, comfort and peace to hold you and to allow healing and issues and concerns to resolve themselves easily. Specific practices and tools have been refined to help you create immediate results to continue your healing and movement as you work with them on your own.

My extensive training and research have been blended together bringing answers to questions and concerns that had not been addressed before. StraightArrow Medicine offers students and clients practical results. Energy work is done without touch or being on the healing table, although sometimes table work is done.

You feel light, peaceful, refreshed and hopeful, heaviness and pain are released, illness is back on the path to health, and your life is never the same. Clients recognize the change and feel better immediately, encouraged to continue the journey. Direct perception allows deeper healing to occur. The more you participate the more you receive, change and heal.

Medicine and healing when offered with intent and clarity has a unique pathway that finds its way to you. I am always present to what you need and how it comes through for your needs.


Psychologists, Therapists, Medical Professionals and Holistic Healers learn to Be The Medicine in their own profession. After experiencing this process of deeper learning, healing and becoming, practitioners are more masterful at what they offer and may develop new skills and deeper purpose in their life and work.

In order to assist people in making changes, which is ultimately what facilitates healing, you yourself have to have made these changes in order to help others in a real way. Talk is cheap but action moves mountains. Having studied extensively with teachers and masters from many traditions in body, mind, emotion, spirit and soul medicine, my awareness and tool bag is full and shared with you.

In working with clients and healers, I do not think about how to work with you, I pay attention on many levels, and I am guided all along the way. Teaching you profound tools and pathways to the deepest and most complete, direct healing and awareness begins the journey. Once you have embodied the healing yourself, you reflect that healing and growth in your life and the world, Being the Medicine in your way, with ease and grace.

Blessings to all on your journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call today to see how I can assist you on your journey of healing and becoming you. 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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