2012 brings in visions of many things. For me it is awakening human conscious to their divine nature and learning to live it here on earth. The goal is to live love, truth and wisdom to make our earth life and each one of us to live fully, freely and at our highest level as best we can to help the planet and us individually.

Research and living it each through experience has brought a deep level of comfort and peace, health and loving into each day of my life. Helping others all along has taken me deeper and opened the journey in profound ways.

Everything makes sense and you can know how to navigate life on many levels of awareness and existence. By you embracing and being in grounded truth in zero tolerance of teachings and beliefs of fear, judgment and illusion-allows love, peace, compassion and movement in your life.

By living divine and natural laws, and rejecting fear or evil disguised as truth, we can find our way to an incredible life and freedom.

In each quote I put on Facebook and in other writings, there is deep truth revealed to explore and awaken in you. Instead of saying yes quickly, sit with these words and find the deeper meaning and truth for you to explore and live.


Health is our nature and not illusive when we remove the causes and the problems and live the solutions. The hypnotism of taking a pill that is poison instead of going inside to change whatever is empowering the disease, pain or depression is not logic or wisdom and is scientific and important to change in all of us.

Corporations and people are making money off of human misery and pain and it is for each person to stop it, beginning with taking responsibility for us. Magic and miraculous healing comes from knowing the nature and truth of what is occurring on many levels. Solutions are easy when you know and transform and reject what is causing the challenges and problems to occur.

“Ask and it shall be given,”

First we need to question and know that life as many live it does make sense, and instead we have a natural flow of health and happiness and answers to all problems. Confusion and complexity is a sign of missing pieces and focusing on the places that interfere with life instead of the ones that help. Whatever we need is here for us within reach of each one of each human, in every moment. There is a divine plan that we can draw on when we know how.

“Truth sets us free, Illusion keeps us in confusion.”

Distraction is a huge problem as well as wanting a quick fix without looking to the wisdom of cause and effect. Avoiding pain takes us farther off course and creates more problems and pain. Going the straight path gives us all that we need to live peace, love, health and solutions easily.

How is this spiritual mastery?

I have been called to explore and blend of spiritual and human truth on earth and in heaven, studying people, cultures, beliefs, rules and religions. The magical blend of all of the elements of all is what makes life, health, peace and everything work. The call to mastery is what makes the difference for everyone. We are spiritual beings in a material world. We do not control spiritual or material by will and human doing. It is from the spiritual wisdom, knowledge and living it that the material follows. You can reject lies and illusions in all areas of your life and discover and live truth. Mastery is the natural result.

For thousands of years the world has separated and rejected our higher knowledge and being and created fear of the very elements that are truth. Man made teachings and separate religions laced with control and fear are exactly the opposite of divine truth and love.


Unconditional love supports everyone. Wars are religious, financial, greedy, fear based excuses to conquer and control. Unconditional love of the divine would never hurt or shame anyone for being who they are.

Our planet living the laws of the original teachings of all religions and cultures on earth would not have any wars at all. People would live in love all the time. Co-dependence based on misplaced loyalty and lies are replaced with positive loving answers and living.


Disease, pain and suffering are all caused by a misalignment with truth on some levels of the nature of life and the individual. Healing these, co-creates health and freedom. Everything has a purpose and lessons to bring us back to our original perfection.

This is the evolving process of returning to our original human nature of living in love instead of fear. Every human has much to repair and heal in his or her body and soul; it is the nature of our existence. The experiences and journey for each person are to be lived with awareness, and self-love and let go of patterns of judgment.

Sacred and ancient wisdom texts of masters and are found in all traditions for many thousands of years and offer insight and teachings into our divine nature and how to live it. Our separation from self and division from divine truth for thousands of years is coming to an end.

No focus on one religion or tradition offers all of the answers, the truth lies in pieces of each one. By bridging the pieces together in a practical neutral way removes beliefs in separate Gods or practices.

When focused on the divine natural truth all illusions and problems can be released and healed and life can be lived in balance-this is aligning with mastery of being you and co-creating life in its best possible form.


Our nature is love, truth, health, happiness, beauty and light. Anything that speaks against these or takes our power as magnificent humans is not from any divine source. The path of living love and health, and spiritual and human mastery, is also an unlearning and dismissing of elements and beliefs that hurts us all.

Be The Medicine is an unfolding path of awakening and healing. Foundational pieces are very important as they give you a new framework and perspective to build on. Students find that their lives become simple and clear with each day.

Soul Shamanism is a direct way of connecting to self on a soul-spirit level giving you deep connection, inner wisdom and clarity on all aspects of healing and living your life divine.

Your purpose, passion and core self awakens in each experience of both pathways separate and best together, bring you home to you and living a life divine here now.

Awaken to your many possibilities and release limitations. Begin today.

Enjoy your own life’s journey,


Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Stay connected to the website and newsletters and blogs and my pages on Facebook for quotes, teachings, coming books and classes. Believe nothing. Be open to discover everything. Finding your own way with these is suggested and necessary.

Anyone around the world can schedule a session with me and work on many levels to assist you in walking your own walk effortlessly. 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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