No matter the experience, whether it is the end of a life stage, a move, a job, a relationship or spiritual awakening into infinity, the first reaction may be to curl up like a mouse out of fear of the sudden awareness of the grand expansion of limitless possibilities open to us.

We have just woken up and broken out of a box of beliefs about the life that we have been living in, and suddely all of our true possibilities open, and we may become frightened. We are so used to this box, which is just as much illusion as the rope is to the Elephant who is convinced of the power of his rope, which holds him not.

It is our thoughts, beliefs and ego structure that has given us the feeling of reality and safety in the box of life we live in, and we accept it as true. We hang on to great limitations wherever we are, when they are always of our own making.

We are limitless beings who have accepted and co-created limits with each breath, thought and belief. So as we move out of the boxes of our creation, we then are likely to create another box quickly, and often a worse one, if it is created out of fear, without staying open to greater possibilities.

The most relevant example for everyone is when relationships end by death or divorce or letting go in some way. It is important to heal first before rushing headlong in making another outside connection. Self-reflection and inner healing helps us through the breaking of patterns and pains and misaligned beliefs of self and other so that we pick a better match for who we are now.

When we do not take the time to heal and deepen our connection to self and inner, true security, we will go and pick someone or a new situation that will give us lessons and challenges worse than the last one. I have witnessed this over and over again. Doing anything in fear brings more pain and suffering.

When breaking out of old places in and outside of you, it is the perfect opportunity to grow and allow new and better pathways and people to come to you.

As we move into this time of awakening for everyone, it is important to notice when you have finally broken free of something that has been limiting you. Face the fear that appears real and stay awake and open to the magnificent reality of greater, happier, healthy, loving possibility.

Even if the last relationship was good, you still need healing of the self and being free to find out who you are on your own. this is not a two by two world it is a world of one by one who can choose to be together. This self-discovery on your own is a precious gift of amazing beauty, purpose and joy. Learning to take that journey of healing and becoming is the greatest trip on earth.

Stop, slow down and do not try to fill in blanks that beg for a new reality. Open to breathing free for a while and be curious like a child to smell the flowers and see the sun and feel the gentle breezes of change and possibility that are here for you now.

Expand into you and all that is beautiful and true.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

StraightArrow helps you navigate the new journeys you are on with wisdom and grace teaching you ways to stay awake, positive, open and live free. Call her for appointments by phone or in person.

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com





About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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