Healing is always possible and needed by all. Healing is self-correcting, nourishing, nurturing, releasing what is causing pain and disease, creating new supportive habits, living truth, loving your life, making it work for you, letting go of thoughts, people and things that hurt.

Sickness, pain and suffering seem to be a focus for too much of the world. What you focus on, talk and think about you create. To create a healthy body and world we need to focus on that. No complaining, just curiosity, conviction and decision to find and live a new way.

We are not subject to hospitals, doctors, medicines and surgeries except in emergencies when we take back our life and health. The huge expenditure in the medical system can be reduced immediately.

Common sense and logic is in play here. Let go of sick painful thinking, fear, avoidance, habits that hurt, judgment, anger, righteousness, victim and blame. Make room for balance, alignment, good choices, forgiveness, love, healthy food, positive thoughts, a meaningful life and joy in the journey of discovery and new life.

We are all energy so energy healing is helpful. It is the mind, emotional and spiritual body and blueprints that also need to be addressed and changed in order for any healing modality to work. We are whole beings. Holistic has holes in it when not fully addressing all aspects of the human. Each practitioner has pieces it is up to you to put you together and choose wholeness.

There are many things to address and change if you want to be happy and healthy and free. Stay awake and choose each moment how your life plays out. Be patient and kind as you wake up to more of you and exciting possibilities in beautiful ways, which is the natural result of vibrant health.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call today for a consultation to see what the next best step is for you to be happy, healthy and free.

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About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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