As a Shaman I have engaged in the practice of soul retrieval for seventeen years. Retrieving a missing perfect piece of someone and myself after traumas has been very powerful.

My recent discovery after recovering from severe loss and traumas has been that my true soul is always whole. It is the soul who holds us and is calling our self-essence home. Without that whole soul we would not be able to heal or retrieve the lost parts.

My experience these past ten years with the Spirit Twin and Spirit Lake from Siberia has given me a direct experience of both soul and self. Teaching and working with many others with this practice has taught me more through the experience of hundreds of students and clients of all ages and walks of life. Every person finds their deepest truth and wisdom and ability to live whole happy, healthy lives and find out who they truly are.

The Spirit Twin is our animated soul-self and holds us each dear. This soul is you and helps you find your way home to you in the most profound simple way with continued learning and practice.

We feel and experience separation from our soul when we live in separation and not in our purity and highest truth and take on wounds and misaligned thoughts and behaviors from living our life.

I have been guided to expand this practice and add Be The Medicine and high spiritual teachings to assist people to get the most out of this practice and recover their wholeness. Results are that people are secure with them and find their gifts and live their best self easily.

In this practice I have discovered many gifts of being me and for us to be one with soul and self and all. Sacred teachings from all traditions make sense and immediate ways to heal and learn practical, real and sacred ways to live are available with the Spirit Twin-Lake practice.

Helping people come into wholeness is the greatest gift. Watching people wake up to their greatest potential and offer a support in their becoming is likened to a midwife helping a woman birth a child. In this practice you are birthing you.

Learning to live your souls journey consciously is a bonus. Releasing doubts and fear you understand and come back to you more each time you connect with your Spirit Twin and Lake essence.

Your life begins anew as you are more comfortable in your own skin. You learn to navigate your own healing and awakening from a core place. You are responsible for showing up and co-creating your experience and life. The teachings I share help you know how.

Our next class initiating you into this practice is on April 14-15 in Morristown NJ. We have a Boston area group and I am open to offering this to your group. If you are at a distant location I recommend a four or five day class to incorporate the entire foundation for your group and each person to work with. Follow up is available online, by phone or in person. More classes follow the beginning levels for deeper work. Please contact me with any questions or interest.

This weekend I am teaching a class of students who learned the practice in January and have practiced it for two months. Now we are going into deeper layers of understanding and practice and they are experiencing the wholeness of their being.

We are never separate from our source-soul, we are just disconnected in some ways, which is a part of our experience in being human on this planet. Having lived in separation it is comforting and powerful to live in our wholeness more each day. Even in my most shattered times I knew that inside of me was the greatest resource of all and I just had to keep coming back to me.

From this place of wholeness I teach and initatiate people into deeper Shamanic journey practices safely. When you are one with you everything is aligned with truth and you can soar.

To feel that we are broken as a soul is a scary experience. To know that we are always whole, and just have to come back to us, aligns with the most sacred ancient teachings about humanity.

We are one. We are sacred. We are whole.

Take the journey to remember who you are and live in wholeness each day. I have studied traditions around the world and incorporate many of their wisdoms to help people get the most out of this practice and in all of the work that I share.

Call or email me today to assist you in reclaiming your whole self and living your best life.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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