As we travel this worldly life of illusion and confusion we choose to stay asleep; or to awaken, learn and become. 2012 has been a wonder to behold, as have the years leading up to this moment.


Change and movement, awareness and clarity, truth and love are more apparent each day. At times you may feel disoriented and wonder why you are here. Sometimes you may feel clarity and surety of being. And others you may feel bliss.


Do not be afraid when you go through periods of confusion. You and the world are going through a big cleansing and sorting period. Stay focused on new life and allow the process steady as she goes.


We are transforming and it is an uncomfortable process. Being a spiritual teacher of wholeness and health for several decades it is rewarding to witness and support so many people from all walks of life ready to wake up, stay the course and be the magnificence of who they are.


Every day things are moving faster. Some people are staying in what is called the third dimensional reality of material and struggling not to change and playing their life the same way they have been all along. Others are moving through tremendous changes on all levels and experiencing a higher reality and bliss.


The key is to let go of what is hurting you – body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. Rules, roles and attachments to the way things were, or supposed to be, are like lead weights that keep you stuck. Understanding, compassion, forgiveness and easier possibilities give you freedom to soar and make life simpler, easier and more real.


All have been hurt but mainly it is our perceptions that have been skewed feeling old pain and sorrow and victim. When your focus is on light, love and happiness all of your past burdens can dissolve and you can find new ways to live in love, peace and grace.


We are all experiencing these changes some more stronly than others. Do not judge self or others focus on your experience and embrace the opportunity to evolve. It may be a scary, unsettling ride and worth staying the course. Past generations have held patterns of fighting change. As the decades have passed, each one has been changing more quickly, like it or not. This year does feel like the pinnacle.


We are coming back to our true nature and wholeness on the planet. It is the old worn ways of fear, control and illusion that are falling apart. Wherever you are carrying those, life will cause you to shake them off. If you do not volunteer to release them as they arise the light infused on the planet will keep moving you to let go.


It has never been easier to let go and be free. Let more light in as you keep letting go of dark thoughts, emotions and actions. Allow the unfolding, rather than doing things to make it happen, it is a whole new co-creative experience. All is in process naturally; it is for you to learn, surrender and enjoy the ride.


It has never been more important to take care of your physical body. All of this light being infused on the planet is moving and transforming you more each day. Your dense body is becoming lighter and will act out in pain, emotions, thoughts and illness to throw off what does not belong on its journey of purification.


Eat more natural whole foods free of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.


Be conscious of this process and work with it. Be more love, aware and cooperative with the changes. Healing and purifying the mind and all of its attachments and illusions allows more light in to support you.


Releasing fear is important. Fear is not your friend and is not needed as company on this journey. Discernment, wisdom and the desire to live love, peace and purpose are better guides and companions. Fear is a stumbling block and can be released. On the other side of fear is freedom to be the amazing humans we are having a spiritual experience on earth day by day.


Meditation, prayer and positive loving focus will help you move mountains easily now. Healthy foods, attitude and movement nurture and assist. Staying the course and living the process each day is the adventure for all of us. There is no end just new beginnings.


As you live your life consciously you begin to follow the still small voice of your soul-self that is all wise, knowing and sure. Trust you, even when it does not make sense from where you traveled in the past. The new walk is steady and clear when you feel the truth of it inside and move from here each day.


Do your best and…


Enjoy the Journey,


Janet StraightArrow

Rainbow Bridge, Practical Mystic, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Healer, Shaman, Transformation Agent and Lover of Life.


All of our work at Oasis For The Soul – Be The Medicine is to support you on your journey and assist you in your process of becoming the best you and living your purpose in your everyday life. Our classes, sessions and retreats offer you deep experience to navigate, heal and find your way home to you. Love, grace and joy lead the way to freedom – step-by-step.


Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!


www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com


Email questions or for appointments. If you would like a helpful chart of ways to heal and lighten up your body send me an email and I will send it by return email. Blessings to all!


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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