After four and a half decades of reclaiming health and happiness against all odds I come to find myself surprised that I am about to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. How fast the years go. Every year has been rich with adventure and experience. I feel better than I ever have in many ways.

Ancient traditional cultures saw sixty as the peak of life. Good nutrition and health practices were common. Nature was your partner in life and appreciated for all of the gifts. You were only halfway through your life at sixty and knew how to live. A sixty year old was expected to win the marathon according to Deepak Chopra.

Modern people take themselves for granted and destroy their health from the beginning and are surprised when health fails. Eating too much food that is not food. Taking pills that kill, instead of care of self. Not exercising or honoring the precious mind, body and spirit that we are each day has devastating effects. Ignoring the precious gift of body causes the body to fail and then some wonder why it has failed them.

My parent’s generation saw two world wars, the great depression, and the world became one through airplane flight, electricity, automation, television and the Internet. From a small simple life everything changed drastically in the last hundred years. Traveling to keep ahead in careers, credit so that even if you make little money you can have it all – and struggle to live each day, plastic food and life making things seem real but so far from nature and reality that we lost our humanity.

Nature is precious and nurturing and reflects our own nature and keeps us in touch with humanity and realities of life. Instead we pave it over, cut it down, live in man made boxes in our life and mind, and lose touch with what is our source.

Humans lost touch with their wisdom, logic and common sense. Religions that create fear and control and act against what they taught are breaking apart along with corporations and governments and people who are focused on greed instead of serving purpose.

Living in truth instead of illusion is more important than ever in a world that does not know the difference. People have replaced truth with fear of being judged or exposed. Lies are always exposed and you are best knowing and living the truth to be safe and free.

Three decades ago I was laughed at blending nutrition and psychology degrees in college. I was surprised. The mind and the body and spirit have been so separated that people forgot that we are one whole person. Everything counts and affects one another. We are all one.

I see people run scared to the doctor with things that are normal reactions of the body that need attention in a healthy way. I watch them take pills and get surgeries they do not need that are horribly expensive and devastating that can ruin health and break down a person when a simple self-care solution could have occurred for a few dollars and some wisdom and attention.

A big topic today is the runaway expense of health care when it is really disease care. Focused on disease and fear instead of health and common sense keeps everyone sick. Natural health is all the rage but in some ways it is just another business run the same way as medicine. We must change our thinking in order to change our life. Choosing health is a daily focus and you must support this choice by action. Free of fear and blame and hurt we can break through dis-ease and create a healthy, happy life free.

Today the world and every area of our lives are falling apart and it is time to wake up. We cannot take anything for granted any more. No one is going to take care of us but us. Angels and divine guidance are here not to save us but to help us save ourselves. We have to learn to work together as people to turn this world around person by person.

Staying awake and out of fear is key. There are volumes of information to creating a happy healthy world. Leave your attachments and ego controls at the door and dive into a better, simpler, happy and healthy life.

I have been inspired by wisdom teachings since I was a child. At first I was confused by how adults then and now how many educated people could spout some of these but live so differently. The world has been dyslexic and its time to walk the talk of wisdom, courage and love. This is where the solutions are.

Lets stop talking and keep walking and discovering our deep inner wisdom and knowledge and find our way home to a real new age aligned with nature and the divine sources and our nature as powerful beautiful humans who were given stewardship of the earth. Lets clean it up and let go of fear and find natural ways to live and heal and Be The Medicine for all of us.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

Powerful classes, retreats and session by phone or in person are available to support your health, happiness, journey and precious life.


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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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