If you had told me that I would be making a pot of beans and another one of rice with a squash in the oven on a Monday morning while I was cooking my oatmeal for breakfast I would have given you the same reaction I did when a Shaman told me I am a Shaman…right!

To eat mostly carbohydrate foods and feel energized, clearer and lose weight, as my food is digesting and metabolizing easily has been the greatest surprise and joy. I was a vegetarian and vegan years ago several years at a time and could never sustain it. The reason I now realize is that I had to eliminate more foods to allow the veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds and grains and beans to work together.

My daughters have memories of growing up in a huge old farmhouse with the country kitchen filled with sprouts of all kinds growing on our windows and counters. Fresh veggies and fruits and foods without sugars and salt were the norm. They never knew butter was put on vegetables or sugar on cereal until they slept over friends houses.

Teaching whole foods cooking in that kitchen to mothers who wanted healthy families and better moods and attention for their ADD children was my first healing business. I studied foods and health for over twenty years before that and had just completed a degree in college and a couple of years studying with Annemarie Colbin of the Natural Gourmet Cooking School and a few others in the “Alternative” nutrition field which is all the rage now thirty years later.

I love vegetarian cooking. It is so creative and tasty and fun for me to enjoy. My problem at that time was I could not digest the beans. So I eventually went back over and over again to eating meat and fish. I never enjoyed cooking meat and usually would buy meat cooked out when I lived on my own.

What changed was I have been focused on finding just the right foods for me to return to a healthy weight and nourish my body easily. What began with that intention was foods to eliminate. I had to be ready and willing to make those changes and it took me nine months to accomplish that.

Like many I said I loved my coffee. I knew that coffee was a trigger for me to eat carbohydrate foods like breads.  I also knew milk of any kind including nut milks were not best for me. Sugar is a long known no no, and yet breads even whole grains turn to sugar quickly in the body.

I did deeper work on healing trauma that was keeping the weight on as I was finding the best way to eat for me. Trauma and stress helps us keep weight on and can be comfort food for the emotions and stop us for eating the best for us and losing weight no matter how hard we try.

Working out, yoga, and daily walking increased as I was eliminating foods. I did not want to try, I was doing my best to make it organic and natural just like the other healing work I do with people.

I decided to give up indulging in habits of coffee and eating out first. Within a short period of time I automatically began to eliminate my desire for other foods that were not working for my body.

One day I woke up and felt my next step was to be vegetarian and then within two weeks vegan. Here I am ten weeks later, fifteen pounds lighter and with more energy and clarity than I have had in a long time, and I have a lot of energy.

My body is in heaven and digesting everything so quickly that I have to eat more not less. I do not over eat just satisfying small meals more often. I returned to my old patterns of enjoying creative veggie cooking and eating, and the beans toot no more-thank goodness.

The main thing I eliminated after the coffee was healthy bread even sprouted or gluten free does not serve me. I baked new breads every week when I was veggie before and I still had milks and eggs. Eggs and bread went together and now whole grain cereal and other foods replace them.

So what do I eat, a variety of foods, flavors and textures that are plant based whole foods. I use little to no processed foods like tofu-all whole foods cooked or raw. Being a gourmet who loves to eat and travel I had lost my appreciation for most foods in recent years and now I feel reborn.

The good news is that restaurants prepare platters for me if they do not have anything on the menu now without blinking. I prefer my own home cooking and pack it up easily for the office or when I travel.

This is not for everyone and I will stay attentive to if and when my body wants to make more changes. So far I am appreciating the abundance and variety of fruits, veggies and grains, beans and seeds that are available now.

Low carbohydrate diets did not make sense to me, as our body needs good carbs in a form that the body uses easily. I am enjoying a high level of nutrition that also detoxes while it nourishes so I am healing and cleaning naturally.

PS. I checked on all of the foods I am eating and I have plenty of protein and vitamin B12 that most people fear in this way of eating. I am a very educated person in this area so I could jump right in.

Listening to my body is a continual practice. I needed to get some foods out of the way to hear it clearly. Now, back to the stove to put things away for the week ahead and go to meet with my first client.

Investing in healing your body with food as medicine is a worthwhile journey. I am nearing my sixtieth birthday and realize the importance of the little things and how big they are in maintaining good health.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Healing, training and coaching in health, wellness and a happy life available. Retreats, classes, phone or in person sessions. Medical intuitive energy healer, Shaman, spiritual and health coach. See website for more. Blessings.

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