I will never forget being a young mother of two daughters having leg pain above my right knee and going to the doctor-an osteopath-to find out what was wrong.


I was a runner and exercised over two hours a day before the girls woke up. Without examining me-he told me I was holding onto emotions that were causing the pain.


I never had a doctor speak like that and it made sense. I went inside myself to see what I was holding on to, dealt with the problem and my leg pain of months disappeared.


As a Medical Intuitive Energy Healer with years of mind-body-spirit healing training, I find that our body holds onto memories, emotions and thoughts from our entire life, genetics and lifetimes of experience that are the bottom line cause for many of our diseases, pain, depression and dysfunction, in myriad ways.


Debilitating problems that do not respond or heal with many different treatments are healed quickly when uncovering the hidden cause and subsequent solution.


I have watched people come in for a healing session with lifetime issues or short- term issues that they have gone to various doctors and practitioners with, and leave free of these problems forever. Miracle?


No, it is the result of tracking, knowledge, and listening to the body/being and what messages and subsequent energy it is carrying, and knowing how to release the cause.


I have facilitated permanent healing of things from chronic pain from a twenty-year car accident, lung disease, heart disease, digestive difficulties, chronic behaviors, fears and depression, sinus problems, hearing problems, phobias, relationship and career difficulties, and many more.


Every body/person is unique and requires attention and openness to discover the specific needs of the person.


I also assist the client in learning to change perspective, beliefs and fears that created the dis-ease and make appropriate changes in thought and action.


After decades of practice and training I go straight to the source of the dis-ease and use whichever appropriate method to help each client release the cause and create solutions.


Some are pretty hidden and my neutral Intuitive knowing is important in discovering how, where and when the problem took hold and how to release it.


I discovered that all simple and complex problems have voices and hurts, energy and beliefs that are the underlying causes to physical, mental and emotional imbalances and problems.


I would love to work in tandem with medical doctors to help them with patients, and train them in this deeper-direct way of healing.


Do you have dis-ease, pain or problems in any area of your life that have been resistant to other treatments? Would like direct results in healing? Do you know someone who has been struggling with pain and unsolvable problems?


Call today for a session by phone or in person, or for training to enhance your life or healthcare practice. 973-647-2500 Janet StraightArrow http://www.bethemedicine.com


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