In this time of awakening, people are trying to figure out what to do with feelings of deep connection and attraction that they are feeling for others. It is important to sit back a bit and be an observer before jumping in, or trying to make someone fit an idea or ideal. Be present to the gift of connection offered and be curious about the connection.

Many of our deep connections to people are soul connections, but not people to jump into bed with or have intimate relationships with or marry. Over many years I have been honored to meet many soul mates who were many things to me in my life, but not an appropriate long-term partner.

Some became intimate and some not. Both were appropriate. All were honored so that we can stay connected in ways that are correct. Boundaries are important when you have such powerful connections and energy charge between you.

Sometimes they will be long-term partners you meet suddenly and stay with. Often it is something different and if you are confused it is good to stay as neutral as you can and figure it out.

Many people have led a single life through the changes of the past decade, which was appropriate to go deep inside and awaken and heal. These people may now be anxious for a partner. Do not rush headlong into anything.

Allow the evolvement to occur. So many layers of who we are, are opening and it is good to see people for who they are to us and us to them in this process without trying to partner, marry or become romantic when that may nor be your purpose now.

I have had many people set off deep and electric connections in me. Being a student of astrology I look up our birth charts and see the connections and understand them.  I see where the planets connect and go Ha Cha Cha, and yet for us it is a sizzle that sparks other things in us together, and separately. I have been confused and stepped back and realized there is another purpose of friends on the path, that is more correct than partners or lovers.

People have purpose in our lives and ours in theirs. If there is more, it will evolve naturally and you both will feel it and know it. Do not force anything that does not want to be.

Are there soul mates who are people who have been waiting to be together here now? Yes. Allow them to come to you as they do. Learn to be careful in all of your relationships, and see who and what they mean now. Past life connections are not guaranteed great opportunities. Be with the people you are with and see where it goes.

I have delicious friends who I am glad we never became lovers. Our friendships are loving and deep, and to have them on the journey with me is a gift that keeps on giving. If we had crossed the line we may not have this opportunity for long-term connection, support, love and fun together.

I love many people and am sure some have been with me before. Its so rewarding to step back, and see and feel the correctness of the connection. Some people mess up their lives following electricity and emotional connections that are not aligned and good for you.

Love you and all enough to take your time and enjoy what is, and live and learn and love. Let go of what is not correct and allow the best to be.

Begin by being a soul mate to you. Get to know who you are, what you want and what is aligned with your higher purpose. Live your truth and allow the lessons and love to unfold in you as the world matches you with what you need.

Love you first, and be true to you, and love will find you.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call Janet today to help you align with love and your best life. Bring your partner for a session to help you renew your love and find new connections together and clear out what is interfering with deep love. StraightArrow also helps you finds ways to untangle from relationships that are best to find a new form or freedom. 973-647-2500


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  1. bginbc says:

    Great post. Thanks so much for sharing with your many fans and friends–and for being you!

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