In a world where people are being told on television to ask their doctors for prescriptions that will kill, cause depression, or create worse problems and more disease and pain, I am surprised people still pop pills like candy without thought.

Our bodies are the temple of our soul and entire life. A bit of respect and attention please. Being aware and awake is a key component to self-care and health.

Life is not simple in the ways of the world of just popping pills or doing surgery suggests. Creating solutions instead of more problems is important.

Solutions are possible. Sometimes causes are easy to rectify. We have to be willing to be awake, aware and choose to be fully alive.

A wholistic approach is key. Holistic has holes when you use more natural modalities and therapies like western medicines or pills.

Buying a lot of pills from holistic doctors is doing the same thing, only you are wasting the pills down the toilet, more than poisoning yourself, most times. Dropping in for an occasional session without finding cause, balance and solutions keeps you stuck.

Looking at the whole person means stopping and taking inventory of how you are living in alignment with perfect health, and how you are not. Taking action in all necessary areas is important to act on in order to heal.

Sometimes a physical, mental or emotional problem occurs because of a trauma that has not been processed through and is instead stuck in a part of the body causing pain or disease.

A pill does not stop that.

Looking on many levels of us is important in a world where people say, it will be all right, in the face of – it’s far from okay.

I have had pills suggested in milliseconds when I have had traumas and pain in my body. People look at me like I am crazy when I say I want to listen to the pain and heal it on my own.

Even dentists have said I need to pull teeth or have root canals and such when I ask for the x-ray and see where the problem lies and then go home and un-layer the causes of the imbalance in my system and heal the tissues and the infection or deterioration.

I know I can heal myself if I am willing to look at everything and take responsibility for my health and me. Making healing changes in diet, actions, thoughts, fears, beliefs and resistances allows my body to return to perfect health.

Focus on problems and you will have more. Focus on solutions and you will find they are plentiful and you will be guided to find them easily.

Looking to change something that has deep roots and many layers takes time and patience. Pills can be an illusion that covers up and often deepen or mask the problems. Even vitamins and herbs can be too much and not address the problems.

Our body and life are worth our attention and deserve all we can do to realign with health. Health is our nature and once we do our part, the body takes over and completes the job.

We are in partnership with us and like all relationships, and this is the most important one, we are totally responsible for our part in keeping it happy and viable.

Staying awake and choosing wise and safe options is important.

Question everything and accept the best for you.

Medicine is important when needed and this is not to replace a Doctors care when required. Medicine has saved my life as a child. As an adult I found self-care, awareness, and correct action in my own behalf has saved my life and health.

I am not opposed to western medicine when needed. I find it important to use caution and awareness and use natural methods that will do no harm, which often means energy increase and healing, clearing and allowing the body to find its own path of wholeness and health.

I work in partnership with holistic and western medical doctors to help patients find healing solutions and remove pain and disease, depression and have more fun and purpose in everyday. Prescriptions are important for many things. Some can be reduced or removed when self-healing has kicked in, some cannot.

Medicine and herbs were originally to help the body remember wellness and not be a lifelong answer.

Living in alignment with the truth of you is key.

Finding what that is, and living it, is the journey.

In-Joy and Grace,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Look for more on or call me at 973-647-2500 or email me at to un-layer the causes and find the solutions and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Janet began her healing journey forty-five years ago when a doctor told her at fifteen years young, that her life of pain and disease would continue and she would die young. Janet decided to change the course of her health and life and live the solutions.

In these years she has been relentless and traveled and explored many traditions around the world for hidden or little known pieces and answers, and helped thousands of people along the way. Putting together Be The Medicine has been her life purpose through helping others and extreme challenges in all areas of her life and healing herself.

StraightArrow makes it seem easy, yet all of those years of study, focus and levels of awareness unveiled and known, has helped her make healing organic and natural for others to experience and learn.

Call today for a free consultaion or appointment on the phone or in person.




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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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