At all of the different stages of our life we might think that this is it! We get amnesia about the journey and forget. The end is not near, life is not perfect, and we still have many opportunities to grow and experience through. No matter how difficult at times, it is worth the ride.

I remember being a naive bride at nineteen thinking this is it, my life is at its peak. Married and happy, we bought a house in one year and we had good careers. I thought that we will just have children and be happily ever after.

It is true, it was the next amazing phase of my life, but there was so much to learn and experience and grow through. It was a just a beginning-one of many to come.

Happily ever after was not in my marriage, unfortunately, but I learned that no matter what occurred, I chose to be happy in my life and how I live it.

When I was twenty-two my grandmother said outrageous things-by her standards, and felt that at seventy-two she could finally speak her mind and heart.

Funny, cute and truth did set her free to be her. After living the life that was expected, she could now say, do and be what she wanted.

This inspired me to be me, from that moment forward. I asked myself, why wait? I am grateful to Grandma Sophie for this amazing gift of liberation and truth.

Doing things or being for the assumed approvals of others, or fitting into the roles and rules of society and family, usually bring more challenge and pain, inner and outer.

Holding back what we know inside, and who we are, creates chaos in all ways. This is why many are depressed and unhappy and struggling with health.

Being authentic is freeing of body, mind and spirit. Life, work, relationships and health flow easily from truth.

Life is a journey with many phases. Loss and gain, falling apart, breaking through illusions, unexpected sorrows and disappointments, laughter and love, creative adventures and achievements, and the new beginnings that you did not even know were on your program.

We may feel like we are stuck in a place, when it is just a shift point we can move through at any time.

When facing a new experience, I see myself as a virgin, a new being about to open to a new experience.

The ego might want to protect itself and try to be the expert, before it knows the path or process.

This is where we can get stuck, when we want things, or us, to be where we think we should be, instead of opening to where we are.

It is always uncomfortable and unsafe to fake it, or worse yet, not to know you are lying to yourself.

To understand that at any age we can be new born babes ready to breathe, speak and walk in a new way makes it real and fun, instead of difficult and fearful.

We do not know it all at nineteen or ninety. Everyone is our teacher and companion or co-conspirator on this journey.

We are never done living or learning in this body until we take our last breath.

This week I am guided to attend a professional Travel Writers and Photographers Conference in California. It felt correct to me when I opened the Internet page and I signed up immediately.

After sixty years of living my life, I trust my knowing and trust that I will have experiences that will awaken me in many ways and redirect my life in positive purposeful directions.

My history-her story, has proven this over and over. When I am guided, and it feels correct, I move on the feeling of what it is and see where it takes me.

I have ideas or sometimes not, but I would rather not try to know ahead of time and eliminate the pure experience of discovery. It is always more and better than I have tried to imagine before, so I will surrender to be surprised.

Our journey is quite amazing if we live it with less expectation, and the innocence of a child, who is ultimately wise.

When we are open to the moment, and expand into it, and pay attention, there is much to experience and enjoy. The next door opens with ease.

Begin to listen, trust and follow your knowing, day by day. We cannot know until we get there, so we might as well be here, and see where it takes us.

Enjoy your journey,

Joy, Love and laughter,

Janet StraightArrow

Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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