To live from the soul is to have peace, clarity, wisdom and love in each moment. Everything makes sense and you easily navigate your life here on earth.

To experience your life from this place you learn to become aware of all of the levels of your existence, and are attached to none of them. It is in the shadows of awareness and attachment to what is not truth, or real, that we get stuck in problems, pain and confusion.

We are never stuck when we awaken the soul, and honor it as who we are. There is always choice to play out the games of the lower dimensions here on earth, or let go and experience life anew.

We all live by Universal laws and when you know and live by them, all of the misunderstandings, pain and suffering of  man made rules, beliefs and fears, fall away.

We can liken this to the levels of representation of the sign Scorpio. At its base level, the Scorpion lives in fear of being seen and known because it is afraid of what is and is not.  Being wrong, revealed and punished is the greatest fear. This creates erratic behavior, tapping into the worldly chaos, the Scorpion stings themselves as well as others, no matter what occurs. Truth is hidden, love is not trusted, and life is experienced as being full of problems.

The higher symbol of Scorpio is the Eagle who rises above his or her experience of the world as an observer, out of the dimension of fear, and sees what truly is. The eagle finds out that he or she is free to be who ever they are and participate, or soar, or be a part of any world with perspective, choice and grace.

Be The Medicine brings us to this soul place in us to experience and live a life of love and choice to be free of the lower aspects of life on earth and raise ourselves to live heaven on earth being the eagle, or soul self.

This is accomplished in experiences, teachings and practices reminding you of Universal laws and that this world does not hold you hostage without your permission. You can find a way to live the best life and know that you can change and choose whatever you want in any moment.

Even in the darkest hours you can live love, wisdom and grace and find your way home to you, the best you, the true you, the one that never dies and does not stay stuck in the illusions that we used to hang out in, speak for, and believe were real.

Health improves, not only physical, but also mental and emotional health comes into balance and you become more vibrant and alive. You choose being positive, present and productive in your life, letting go of everything that held you back before.

Each moment is precious and you enjoy all of the gifts and the challenges the same.

You deepen your love for you, and all other beings on this planet and beyond. Living with compassion, we understand that we all have choice, challenge and a life to be lived in our own way.

The Spirit Lake and Twin is one way to develop a real connection to your soul self and access the most profound healing and awareness of self in this body and life today. See Soul Shamanism classes.

Janet StraightArrow is a Healer, Teacher and Practical Mystic who has gathered information from Ancient and modern traditions from around the world to develop a clear path for us all to live our highest truth and purpose easily.

We have fun as we let go of lifetimes of painful thinking and illusions and awaken our true selves to find the contentment available to each one of us everyday.

Oasis For The Soul is the container where we feel free and safe, connected to and discovering more as we live our higher self, purpose and love. The Oasis frees us to be who we are in childlike wonder and grace and to release anything we have carried that does not serve us.

Be The Medicine is the way to attain our best self and Live the Power of You!

This fall join us in new classes and dive into your spirit lake on September 16 and 16 in Morristown, NJ as we put all of the pieces together as we navigate this new way together.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500






About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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