Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is here?

If everything is illusion…

*   What is life?

  • What is earth, dimensions, this galaxy and beyond?
  • How do we navigate and live our life here now?

It is for us to find whatever is true for us in the moment, how we feel, what is important and what it means to us.

Everything else is someone else’s story.

It is time for all of us to learn to trust us.


I will never forget going to the top of Macchu Picchu with a Toltec Naqual Shaman. We had enjoyed several ruins in several locations in Peru and Mexico before this. Each one was full of mystery and history. We experienced amazing information and healing spiritual experiences in each one.

By the time we got to the top of this spectacular mountain I was amazed by the beauty and how it looked exactly like the photos I had seen. We gathered in ceremony for about half and hour in awe, overlooking the majestic mountains and ruins.

Macchu Picchu was all it was in the photos, and so real.

As soon as the welcoming and introducing ourselves to the mountain ceremony was over, the Shaman quickly dismissed us and said, “This is it for me. You have three days here on your own. I will be at the base of the mountain in the hot baths. This is your dream.” She promptly left, and we were on our own.

This was a perfect exclamation point to all of our work together releasing attachments and stories in our individual lives and the world, as we knew it.

When the shock wore off I enjoyed the adventure. I was the guide and the teacher for me. This place was whatever I experienced it to be.


In our lives each day, we are filled with stories, expectations and desires to put everything in an acceptable box.

As we climb off the hamster wheel of our life, each day awakens us to more of what is here for us.

Yes, for us. Each person has a dream and others are in it. But, it is not their dream.

Living life moment-to-moment in our own experience is a powerful, comfortable place to be.

Instead of looking out, we look inside our heart, mind and soul and find new worlds unfolding.

We are here to experience life as us, whoever us is. There is no saving or striving or healing or paining. We are here to be free to be what we experience without judgment or fear.

Each self is full of agendas and desires and experiences to have. None of them are right or wrong. Its up to each one of us to decide what our truth is and what our role is today, or not.

When you take all of this structure out of your life, it feels like our group did at the top of the mountain at Macchu Picchu, now what?

Since I began teaching energy medicine, spirituality and personal growth, I have focused on assisting each person in having their own experience.

It has been a great joy to midwife people into his or her own experience of themselves. A big part of the process is in letting go of self-judgment and awaken step-by-step to what is happiness, truth and beauty for us.

Know that if you are struggling, keep going there is farther to go to find truth and peace for you.

Allow the play of consciousness.

Let go of the platitudes and attitudes and find peace.

A grounded life unfolds from here.

It may take a bit of a process to get there, which is why we are here.

Enjoy your journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

Read one of my favorite all time books ILLUSIONS By Richard Bach of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame. It is the first book I recommend and one I suggest be reread often. Blessings.

Janet StraightArrow, Shaman, Teacher, Sage, Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, has dedicated her life to living, teaching, writing, healing and assisting people to: Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation and laughter whenever you are with her. Having studied traditions from around the world, Janet offers a unique perspective, a neutral path, and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and living their life purpose.





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