Unfortunately we have been raised to be drug addicts, people who are looking to take something for everything, instead of paying attention to caring for ourselves.

This includes pills and potions of all kinds, cold medicine, pain relievers, herbs, vitamins, mood stabilizers and more.

Our body and being is self-healing. Drugs interfere and harm more than help. Listening to your body and what it needs takes a new focus from how you might have been taught.

Popping pills is more of a habit or a mental relief than an actual one in many cases. The list of horrible side effects, including death or disability does not discourage people from taking them. I wonder why?

This habit can be stopped.

I grew up in a home of chronic critical illness. The doctor came to our house. Being a Veteran whose condition began in WW2 my father received medicines easily from the VA.

Medicines kept him alive and I question how much they destroyed his body at the same time. He was physically an 88-year-old man at, 48 when he died.

I was very sickly myself and found that most medicines did not reduce symptoms or make me feel better, and often made me feel groggy and worse, and did not heal. I saw myself going down the road of chronic illness and pain and stopped the pattern at fifteen.

We pop pills in fear, and to make something go away or change instantly. Nature and true response to the problem works immediately and often is free with no side effects.

Covering up a problem does not heal it. The body still needs attention. Your mind can be used to learn what you can do to change, and bring you back to health and peace.

Sometimes it is a simple as knowing you need water. When the body is dehydrated it starts to feel poorly and break down. Your mind goes into fear, as its basic ingredient is not being replenished. There is a perspective of dying when you do not support your basic needs.

The key is to know more about how your body works, and what it needs, and care for it. This is the best medicine.

Some people say that they have no time. Taking time for reflection, education and self-care can buy you years, maybe decades of a happy healthy life.

Doctors who have been on board with this for decades, and when asked why they still prescribe drugs easily, say that it is the people who insist on drugs. It is time for us to be the guardian and healer for us. In the end and the beginning we are the ones who are responsible for our health and well-being.

Before you pop a pill next time, see if your body or self is in need of something basic to bring it into balance. Eat healthy, drink water, laugh and let go of things you cannot change and find ways to support you and your body-mind will respond quickly and easily.

Focus on health and coming into balance, and listen to what you suddenly feel you can do to help you. Your body is telepathic, you are the one who can best read its signals, and will let you know what it needs, and you just have to listen. A glass of water or some nourishment, or taking a break in what you are doing, or saying,
may be all your body needs to get rid of anxiety or a headache.

Slow down, wake up, and choose not to take drugs unless you have a serious condition that requires them for your life.

See how easy it is to feel better when you recognize what you need and fulfill it. Have fun with the adventure of discovery of a new way to live.

Your body will thank you, and suddenly you will see it as your friend too.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

This information is not to take the place of medical attention, but to assist the consumer to be a co-creator of their life and health.


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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