Ego gets a bad rap for good reasons, and also because of ignorance and misunderstanding. Ego is a basic fabric of our being that keeps us going and strengthens us. To have a healthy, balanced, secure and knowing ego is perfect.

The ego that gives us a problem is the unbalanced, insecure, fearful, controlling ego that has been wounded and tries to protect itself over and over again.

A healthy ego loves and takes responsibility for self. This ego is wise and mature and able to see truth and live it and self-correct when off base, which happens with everyone. No one is perfect we all have challenges to us daily. This ego takes care of self and does not wound others.

An unhealthy ego is always trying to be right and blame others or have others be responsible for them. A bully will blame and try to get you to feel less than them when that is how they feel and you are their mirror and punching bag. A poor me will also blame. and want others to take responsibility and be strong for them.

The bully projects their weakness on others, and puts a lot of energy into hiding from themselves instead of loving themselves and self-correcting.

A poor me is always playing less than and trying to get others to do and be for them because they believe they are not strong enough. Neither way works and is very draining on everyone.

When you live in balance, you can be true to you, and what is occurring in your life, and learn from it. No one is to blame and you have a clear path to move easily in.

When someone says that someone has a big or small ego what they are saying is that this person is taking their wounds out on others acting irresponsible and hurtful. Both are an energy drain and not very fun to be with when they turn on you, subtly or directly.

The way to see if your ego is out of balance is to listen to you and see where you might be blaming others instead of looking at you.

A big or small ego uses you for a punching bag or a food source to fuel their wounded self, which is never any fun at all. Neither one is safe to be with when you do not see the imbalance and think it is nothing, get mad them or want to fix them.

Loving each other through life is important, and seeing where we all are only occurs if you heal your own ego wounds, and know how to take care of you.

Spiritual mastery is all about healing the wounded ego and living the highest truth with no fear, doubt or blame. Having compassion for self and other is paramount in living love and understanding.

Our personal healing journey, physical, mental and emotional are all related to healing and realigning the ego with the highest truth and love.

Once you learn and heal it takes so much less energy to be you and be with others leaving you free to enjoy more of life and love and vibrant health too!

Happiness is being real and not ideal, because real is what we all deal with each day when we are in balance.

A bully or victim, are not to blame or fear, but instead can show you where you are out of balance to heal yourself. You help them by not playing into their game, or blaming them either, as they are the last ones to see what they are doing because their attention is not on their true self at all.

Love you enough to be wise, and know that only you can change you to be happy and healthy. Do not blame another for your problems, you are the solution when you can get free of wounded ego patterns and see the light and truth, and be free to be you.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

Spiritual healing coaching helps you to get straight with you. Having a healthy ego is the key. Being loving and powerful is normal and allows you to move forward in every area of your life easily.

Call Janet StraightArrow today to discover a new simpler way to you.


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