FOR LISA 3/20/1979 to 4/1/2008 – EASTER SUNDAY 3/31/2013


Tomorrow it will be five years that you bade the earth and us ado. You had a calling to move into another life, and it was for us to deal with that.

You were born in ease and left in ease, quickly and quietly. The years in between you lived spiritual lessons of one who was usually much older, and it was not easy for me to watch. Those last years before you died, I watched you move into a high level of love and acceptance and appreciation as the lessons continued.

Although you came to me the moment you left your body, and held me with the most precious love afterwards, it was such a shock. My human self lost a daughter and my body, mind and emotions had to heal and live balancing the wisdom of my spirit-soul self.

You and I both knew you had signed up for an early exit, but nothing prepared me for this, and everything prepared me for this.

April Fools. One moment we were on the phone planning dinner for the next night, and not too many moments later, your sister called saying you had collapsed.

Life is so precious and you taught me that for 29 years, and every moment after.

For five years my life has been shattered in so many ways and I have noted the grieving and healing process to help others.

Having purpose made life easier, when nothing was easy at all.

You taught me so much and I honor you as teacher. You taught me to slow down and pay attention, to dream and be an artist in many ways, in our human years together.

Our journey on earth and since has been quite extraordinary.

I am grateful for all of the gifts, the special times we enjoyed together.

The days we spent hiking and exploring nature and special towns, trips and spots, and more hours just being in silence together were precious indeed.

The times we have communed since have been rewarding too. I have been grateful to be connected in a way to experience you and others who have passed on. I have learned so much more with our direct experience and what it is like after physical death.

A year ago, you told me that you knew that Dad, Sister and I had healed enough, and moved into a better place, which allowed you to go to new places on your journey. We did not need you so close anymore. I felt the truth of it.  Sadness opened to acceptance and appreciation. Yes, we will always miss you, but we can now go on too.

This past year has been great healing. 2012 was surely prime time to ascend in this body and leave the world behind. I do know that love is the answer, the place to live every moment, and nothing can hurt us when we live love.

This year I am not so raw. Some tears, but I know you are truly in a better place and that I am too, and so is your family.

My broken heart opened to more love, peace and freedom, as all of the pieces of me awakened out of illusion into the truth and beauty of love. Life goes on, love goes on and we never die. There is noting to fear and everything to enjoy.

I send you love everyday, my daughter, my teacher, my friend and thank you for sharing your life with me.  I realize how much each person means and changes our life, and makes it more.

You deepened my soul journey in life and death, and I appreciate that.

So today, Easter Sunday, I honor you and your resurrection into new life, and pray that more people can experience this in their lives too.

There is no need to die. You helped me with this, as I continue to choose eternal life and love in this body everyday.

Blessings Dear Lisa Michelle My Belle, you grace us all with great love.

Love always, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Dear Readers, Lisa died of a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot hidden in her leg, that found its way to her lung and heart. There are tests to see if you have a possibility of this problem, and you can make changes to be aware and possibly prevent them. Check with your health care provider for this information if you feel called to.



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