In nineteen eighty-seven the stock market crashed after a consistent rise in real estate prices and many things. I was a mortgage banker at the time, while deciding on a career. I had just completed my degree in Psychology and knew that eventually I would be in a profession helping people, and also had goals to support my family.

My success depended on Real Estate agents referring me clients to assist in securing a mortgage. After the crash, Realtors were in shock and many were feeling hopeless. After six months of struggling to get business, I decided that since people always move, no matter the market, I had to go to the source of the business and become an agent.

Family and friends told me that I was too nice to be a successful agent. Real Estate agents were right up there with used car sales people in respect and expectations for lying. I told them that I was going to change that paradigm.


Two years later, after many agents left the business, and others were struggling and discouraged, the local Board of Realtors asked me to teach a class in how I was so successful in this market. I have always been happy to share and support others in all ways, so I agreed to speak and share my secrets of success.

There was a full house of Realtors who were both seasoned, and newer agents, in the room. They were expecting charts and handouts and instead I gave them wisdom and simple, logical and insightful marketing tips, and new ways to look at people and how to get their listings sold.

The first thing I told them was that they had to tell the truth. A pin could drop in that room. Truth was not what brokers told them to use as a way to close transactions. Since truth was how I had always lived my life, it was a natural for me to use in any business, and life circumstance.

Manipulation, lying and control was not something I appreciated or fell for. I was a good sales person and focused on helping people first, using acute awareness and creative marketing by looking at the way people bought and needed to see things, I looked at who might want to buy a home and focused on finding out how to reach them.

I also helped people make good decisions in buying homes and helped them stay real in price, location and lifestyle so that they did not overspend or buy too far away from work and schools and other considerations that they would regret later.

Agents would think I was nuts because I was not quick to close a sale. I wanted a sale that would close and people would be happy afterwards and all along the way.

When you are steeped in manipulation and lies, you waste a lot of time and effort and dance in circles and fear. When you take the time to tune into what is needed to compete a task or a job, a perfect pathway opens up and all are satisfied.

I educated buyers and sellers, like I educate people today in healing and personal success. I was a partner in helping them reach their goals. Homes often do not sell because of lies and missing pieces, much like health and life requires full awareness.

By paying attention to truth first, I could see what worked and what did not. My goal was a sale for the best price for my clients, even if they were losing twenty-five percent of their investment.


Many realtors focused on how hard it would be to sell a home, I focused on how we could get it done. I had multiple offers on homes in neighborhoods where no other homes in the neighborhood were shown. Realtors and buyers did not believe me until I had all parties sit down at the same table.

Telling truth helped me discover the best price that would really sell, and that the closer we were listed to that price, the more showings and offers and we had. By telling the truth, and helping people make the best of a challenging market, not only did we sell, when many did not, but we attained the highest price.

The common practice was to inflate the price to get the listing and have to fight sellers to reduce it. To me that began a relationship with dishonesty, was a huge waste of time and effort and often ended up with wasting six months, disappointed and losing money for all.

Instead I chose listings well, and only took listings where the buyers were ready to listen to truth, and ready to sell, and I did very well. I had been in the Title Insurance business in my first career from title searcher to partner of owner. I saw the cycles of the business and knew the responsibility in all areas.

Not only did I build my business well with clients, I had the respect and trust of other Realtors who loved doing business with me because they knew I would do my best to close the sale with them and help our clients.

There are so many subtleties in life, and if we are in illusion, avoidance and manipulation, we miss all the fun, and allowing things to work. Rather than lie, it is best to seek deeper truth of what is happening and why.


Twice I had listings of people who had to sell. Their homes were shown daily. The price was right, the homes were perfect, and yet, no offers. Looking for truth, I realized that one of the owners in both homes did not want to sell, even though they had to.

By sitting down with each couple, and working through their fears and difficulty about moving on, we opened up the energy of the homes to take offers immediately. Other Realtors might have wanted to reduce the price as the only option, when that was not the problem.

Looking for deeper truth allows greater information, of both cause and solutions to come forth. You have to be open and ready for success, and do everything to support the process.

Healing, relationships, and all areas of life, work well on living the truth of what is. We have been caught in cycles to avoid, lie and not look for solutions but to take drugs, make up stories that do not make sense, and allow problems to manifest and continue.

Life is easy when you can break the cycles of illusion and find truth. You save time, money, and energy, and create an amazing successful life in all ways.

I love to help people heal from things they had no idea they could, solve relationship problems and succeed in business and life.

PS. The realtors did not follow my advice. They used my printer and delivery person to market their listings, and did not listen to the important keys to marketing, and working with people and each other. Both the printer and delivery person are still in business and doing well as a result, many Realtors are long gone.

Paying attention to the deeper truths and living them works in all areas.

Look to your life, and see where you can pay attention to truth, and live the life and health you desire.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Life and health coaching and healing in all areas – from relationships to health to career and more. Janet StraightArrow finds hidden truths that straighten out the challenges in your life.

Call Janet today to have her on your team and help you achieve success in all areas of your life.


PS.  If you are or know a Realtor who would like to increase their success, give them this story. Janet has helped Realtors increase their business in surprising ways. They make more money in less time and have happier customers.

In 1999 StraightArrow bridged over to full time teaching, coaching, healing and writing, leaving her successful Real Estate career to help more people, and continue to research and create ways to make life and health easier with truth and joy.



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