Be-the-Medicine03-1HERE COME THE JUDGE

The judge speaks in our thoughts and has us speaking against others and us. It’s a very poor guest in our mind.

Its not you, do not blame you for thinking these thoughts. They are tapes that play in your head. Because they have taken residence, we have to make an effort to notice and to let them go.

This negative dialogue is given voice in the media, the family and every part of society and it is important to stop allowing this voice within us.

The Judge, like fear, distracts us from truth. Discernment allows truth to surface and you can use this skill to navigate peace and clarity in your life.

Breaking out of patterns of judgment, doubt and fear is something each one of us can do to be healthy, happy and free to be.


Begin to notice when you feel bad, sad, confused or your energy is sagging. Stop and listen to the thoughts in your head. Our thoughts are so unconscious that we let them ramble on unaware as a background noise stealing our energy and confidence every moment.

Breathe gently in and out and feel you, slow down so you can listen. Sneaky thoughts judge us and what we are doing, or what we have done or want to do, There is both fear and doubt in there keeping us off center and off track. There might be a good deal of blame judging others and self too.

All of these thoughts are counter productive and not our thoughts. They are rambling on and we are listening and do not realize it most of the time. These thoughts fuel our action and inaction, our attitude and decisions. They are not truth.


To discern is to know truth. It is what it is. I see it, feel it and know it. There is no right or wrong, good or bad with discernment.

Discernment says that the relationship is not working. Clear knowing, gives us an opportunity to deal with the situation, and know how to proceed.

Judgment or denial keeps us separate from truth, and out of power in our lives. Truth in hiding builds mistrust and distance, and things fall apart.

Discernment can also be when you notice, “I ran a red light.” Discernment says, “I ran a red light.” and might also note to be careful that this is not a pattern, and make changes in awareness and action.

Judgment would notice running that same red light and have thoughts of punishment and consequences, and negative talk with many stories of bad and wrong, blame of others and self, or excuses and reasons.

Discernment builds awareness and energy.

Judgment sucks energy and emotions, creates bad feelings and brings in fear to compound things.


Becoming neutral means letting go of shame and blame and seeing what is and being with it to let it go or make changes.

If you were brought up in a system of punishment for all of your misdeeds, you might think you need to punish or be punished. This is what created those thoughts and seeded the tapes.

Perfection is not possible in anyone, and the more we can love our selves, and others through life, the easier it gets.

So if you discern a truth about someone or something, you can make changes without judgment. Just say yes or no, and move on and through.


Life is just life. It takes discipline and practice to begin letting go of the “should judge” that never lets you be okay who and where you are.

Allow everything to be perfect. Be aware and move from there.

Gaining awareness and breaking patterns of thought is a process of discovery and freedom.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

If you would like to work on this or anything else, call or email me today or when you are ready. 973-647-2500


“In a session with Janet StraightArrow, transformation and rebirth occurs so effortlessly and naturally you are ready to move clearly into new directions and enjoy your life and health.”

“You may initially come for the powerful energy that makes you feel so good and clear and happy for days. Later, you realize that your life is completely different, and that your perspective is full of hope and new life.”

“You are so busy listening, laughing and experiencing that by the end of a class or session you realize how much you learned, changed and moved more deeply into you in a very positive way.”

“Janet heals and teaches with common sense, logic and wisdom. She takes the things I have learned, to deeper places that actually create change. Her teachings, tools and practices move you and make healing change immediately.”

“When I meet with StraightArrow, on the phone or in person, I immediately relax and enjoy a feeling of safety and caring. Janet listens and hears my body, mind and spirit and translates their messages to help me help myself.”

“Working with Janet StraightArrow is an experience, you learn without feeling like you are being taught, and you heal without effort or struggle.”

“Janet is a gift you give yourself.”


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