Many have asked me about my name. How did I receive it? What does it mean? Is it Native American?

This name came to me in a meditation in 2003 as my name. I saw the letters STRAIGHTARROW spelled out in my minds eye. I also saw, what I heard was a soul symbol, which remains private to me. When I received this, I immediately felt tingles all through me and began to cry. It felt powerful and true. This one moment awakened and deepened my life, yet again.

Even though I am a Shaman in this lifetime, the name StraightArrow is not attached to any lineage, it is my name. This aligns with my calling as a Spiritual teacher and healer, a Shaman inclusive of all traditions, carrying a rainbow of teachings and tools, neutral and free.

My life flashed before me and I saw how I have always been a StraightArrow. As a child it was a tough thing in the outer world as I was shy and quiet about what I knew when it was unacceptable. As I became an adult it was still a challenge until I began to live my true self. My life purpose to Be The Medicine and assist others Be The Medicine in their lives requires curiosity, discernment and truth to be fully us.

I had been given many names from many lineages before, and yet this one summed up who I am, and what I live and offer as me.  In my search for healing and truth through many traditions from around the world I understood how I could easily see what was correct or missing and how things were confused. This has helped me to be grounded in my spirituality and teachings because I eliminate illusion and beliefs and focus on experience and the highest truth.

The depth and breath of carrying this name, StraightArrow, has awakened more as the days and years continued. People respond positively to the name wherever I go. Like Be The Medicine, the name alone moves people.

To work with a StraightArrow is to get to the bottom of things, clear away the fear and illusion you are carrying and have fun refining, awakening and loving you. Cutting through the BS to truth is a daily gift and becomes easier with daily practice.

Our problems in all areas of life are built on lies. Truth is ultimately more joyful than lies as they weigh on us as a heavy burden. To be able to see and speak truth allows freedom for all to realign with health, happiness and our best life.

In working with clients and students I help them move into truth with love, compassion and laughter. We all have been trained to live against us in subtle and not so subtle ways. We believe the stories we have heard and those we tell others and us and it keeps us off track. We all know complete truth underneath what we live and believe, and this is what causes dis-ease and disease.

Living in a time of profound awakening and change it is important to know truth and be unafraid to move forward in new directions that fit. It is my passion, purpose and joy to help others find their straight path to them and be free on all levels.

Gratitude, Joy and Grace,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! 973-647-2500

Call to have fun discovering freedom to be you, healthy, happy and free.


About BeTheMedicine

Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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