“If its not helpful, its hurtful.” Janet StraightArrow

One of the major pieces I work on with people is freeing themselves from judgment. It is the underlying theme behind challenges of health, relationship, career and all of life.

Raising awareness to what does not work, or gets in the way, is important, but when awareness turns to judgment we move into an unhelpful direction.

Judging others and us is what keeps all of us trapped and allows interference and pain, and its a sneaky bugger.

Mentally beating up others and our selves does not create positive change. Feeling like you are bad and wrong digs you deeper into mental and emotional suffering and pain and blocks positive resolution, and healing.

We do not need to promote living our “sins”, its time to focus on living our healing light.

When we are the judges and jury of others and self, we are following a learned behavior pattern of generations, which feeds negativity and blocks healing and transformation.

Loving you and others through our challenges, allows solutions to unfold. A positive focus on acceptance and growth is helpful and moves us. A negative focus on shame and blame keeps us in the dungeon of emotions.

“No one is perfect, we are here to perfect ourselves, as our spiritual journey.”

We all have areas and times in our life that we think and act out of alignment with our best self.  Learning to change and heal these, and accepting them as a part of our awakening and growth, begins with seeing and feeling what is off, without judgment.

When we judge, we tend to deny or get stuck in either poor me or bullying through the pain, unknowingly. Both of these are the ego, the one who is afraid to be seen as wrong, or be punished or judged by others. Instead we can use the positive strength of the ego to be awake and see what is off and create the solution easily.

“The journey from sinner to saint is the path of love”

Knowing we are all carrying our own wounds and challenges, and that no one is better than anyone else, is important.  Sinner means off the mark or separated from self-God-good. As humans we are all one light and wholeness of being, we are on our path of coming back home to this experience. 

Loving us through the challenges, means letting go of what others think too. In our journey of awakening no one but we know what battles we are fighting and what walk we need to take to live our soul purpose and best life. It is important to honor our self in the face of criticism and trust our journey.

Trusting and loving your unique process, purpose and path awakens, when you stand true to you, and live free to be. Others can do what they do and make their own choices. Your focus on being true to you and loving you, and all, through this amazing, challenging journey to enlightenment is key.

Letting go of judgment takes some deep work on your part to catch it and release it in various ways.

Begin by remembering we are all one on this planet of extreme experience.

No judgment, just love will open the doors to freedom.

Enjoy your journey, Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, 

Awaken to Be Free and Live The Power of You

Sessions and classes with StraightArrow are all focused on assisting you on your journey in the most direct, loving way. Immersed in wisdom and love awakens you to an amazing, joyful life.

Anxiety, depression, disease and fear are adversaries that we can stop fighting with. Energy Medicine, Soul Awakening and other teachings and experience lead you to learn to navigate, heal and live your best life.

Enjoy learning new perspectives, process and tools that allow your life to be better than you imagined.

Call today for an appointment and check out our website for more information and our latest schedule.

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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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  1. Thanks Janet! A great reminder.

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