photoIt’s the end of 2013 and people all around the world are still telling the story of Jesus. There is a worthwhile message here for all to embrace.

Jesus brought the light of truth, love and inspiration and reminded us of who we are and how beautiful life is living unconditional love as our guide and savior and innate nature.

Jesus as God reminds us that we are God too. Somewhere a long time ago on this planet, we lost our way and were blinded by the grand scam and illusion that we were not worthy-sinners who needed to earn our right to be ourselves.

At every turn we are blocked by varying illusions separating us from our inner light, wisdom and grace and we have been taught to fear it and us.

Jesus did not come to start a religion to separate man from each other, or us. He is not the way as a belief system. He was showing us the way to find God in all.

His message was not to believe in him, it’s about believing in you.

We are each the light of the world, a divine expression of the one.

Magic and miracles are normal when we are living aligned with the divine.

Man and woman can choose love over fear each moment and you will be free.

God is unconditional love and divine expression.

Unconditional love means without judgment or need to follow a course of beliefs.

The Universe supports itself so we reap what we sow.

If we break the law of the Universe we have immediate repercussions.

The stories about God’s wrath and anger and punishment are just stories to explain why peoples actions turned on them. We can self-correct and find the path and learn from mistakes, not out of fear but out of desire to live truth.

Free will means we create our reality as the universal force follows our lead. We are the masters and are best to remember our power to co-create and stop blaming others.

Our disease and pain is separation from God and us. When we free us of the worldly beliefs and fears, we can be the love and shine it in every corner of our lives.

The more people who live love, the more love will light up in all.

The more we trust our inner light of wisdom and knowing truth, the more we lead a life of love and trust.

There is nothing to fight, surrender to love, God, and truth and you will be free to be the glorious you, you always were.

Jesus came to enlighten us, to free us as the slaves of illusion and pain. He came to awaken those who are ready to listen and remember that the truth of who we all are is all we need to be free.

There is no fight. Since you are all-powerful, all you need do is let go of what is separating you from love and wholeness and live the light you are. Illusion falls away when you no longer empower it.

Jesus taught us how to live love everyday of the year, not just one.

Use love as your compass. Jesus did not come for you to revere him, he came for you to follow his example as master and Avatar and teacher, and to love you and all.

Love requires no religion. Love is divine expression of the one.

All of these teachings are hidden amongst all of the illusions that keep us trapped in fear and superstition.

Trust love, trust you to follow the nature of who you are and no other.

Be the light of the world, the second coming is in each one of us to live the seeds of truth that Jesus planted over 2000 years ago. Honor him and all by living love and truth everyday.

The world is ready to hear the truth. Are you ready to live it?

The story of Jesus has stood the test of time. Let go of fear and allow you to live love each day. When you live truth, you inspire others to do the same just like Jesus did. The world is ready to hear, remember and grow the seeds he planted to flower and express the truth of love.

Focus on the positive, stay in love and all transforms.

Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Grace, Peace and Love,

Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

www.bethemedicine.com 973-647-2500 Janet@bethemedicine.com

PS. When I was a child I saw the truth and lies in the teachings of Jesus and religion and wondered why people could speak truth and still not live it. This has been a major question to answer on the path of Be The Medicine, to find out what blocks us from us, and heal and live the teachings of God as man and woman, in our body, mind and spirit today and everyday. Join us for sessions, classes, retreats or online. All practices, teachings and tools are to find a direct way home to us.


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