Responsibility – The Ability To Respond Beautifully

photoTo be responsible for self is acting from a balanced place of wisdom, grace and love. To be responsible in the world requires you to be self-sustaining. As important as this is we have been trained to be separate from self, codependent instead of independent and interdependent.

We have been taught it is selfish to care for self-first, and yet it is by being awake, aware, supportive and present to the self that we can serve the world best.

It is the true self that balks and knows when things are off or incorrect. This inner self keeps gently asking you to self- correct. This same self knows the lies and wants truth.

Returning to self, truth and love.

We have learned since a child to know who we are by the reaction, opinion and input of others. We learned to look outside of us first to see if we are pleasing and can get what we need and want from parents, family, friends, teachers and others. This has taken us off track and created beliefs, fears and patterns that keep us out of trust and balance and out of our true self.

When we live this way, we do not learn how to be responsible and take care of us first, or even see others clearly. We do not know who we are, what we know, and what is important to us. Our brilliant core self is over lighted by people pleasing and getting others to do for us since a baby.

Learning to live from the inside out is a worthwhile practice to embody. Learning to live from your true self is an experience of growth in becoming the real you who is wise, capable and knows how to love and care for self.

Our spiritual-personal journey is to know who we are and to live from this sacred place. Unwinding the ties that bind us to our old pattern of giving to others first without considering or knowing self is a tricky process.

All worry, fear, judgment and pain is coming from a person out of touch with the feelings and needs of themselves. Instead of knowing what that is, we lash out at others. No one is to blame; it is the result of a codependent society in the midst of change.

Reacting is emotions that act like a Ping-Pong ball never to land. There is always a problem or people or things that upset you and keeps you disconnected and off balance.

How do we learn to respond and be present and true to us first?

We begin by discovering where we put us last. Begin to support you and listen to your body, spirit and soul. By living in the flow of life giving energy you give from a full cup.

Love yourself enough to live fully, freely in health and happiness and you will be a good steward of the planet and you.

Happy New Year All!

Blessings on your Journey, Janet StraightArrow

Janet Heyoka Greywolf StraightArrow is a full time Shaman, Teacher, Healer, Coach and Sage, Director of Oasis For The Soul and Creator of Be the Medicine. Janet has studied and integrated spirituality, psychology, nutrition, movement, yoga, energy medicine, astrology and many modalities of healing for 47 years.

Janet has researched and traveled to find missing pieces and complete answers to healing, enlightenment and living our best life with renowned teachers and masters. Janet has been teaching holistic living since 1981 and working with clients from all walks of life bridging health, wellness, career, relationships and purpose with their unique choices, experience and life.

StraightArrow has several books and projects in development to Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You. For more information and support see Call 973-647-2500 or write

Join her on Facebook@janet.straightarrow @ Bethemedicine @ awakentobefree



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Healer. Teacher. Shaman. Reiki Master, Writer. Medical Intuitive. Spiritual Counselor. Life Coach. Sage.
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