Radiant You!It is not a mystery why people are sick and depressed and in pain. What is sick is our system that keeps reinforcing diagnosis and following problems instead of co-creating solutions.

Healthcare in our time is disease maintenance more than recovering health which is not healthcare at all.

There is a cause and a healing for every illness, physical pain, emotional struggle, mental challenge and spiritual crisis.

Looking for partial answers or to feed illness with more substances that break us down, instead of transform the illness into a cure, has got to stop if we want to be healthy.

The high cost of medicine is fueled by big business and not health, its time we stop lying to ourselves or waiting for someone to save us and get healthy on our own.


Having focused on healing for forty-seven years since a doctor told me I would die young, because I was so sick like my father who was near death, changed my life.

I looked at my home life and questioned everything. My father was in and out of critical care for two decades. I was very sickly and so were my siblings and mother. I said this does not have to be.

My mother was looking at natural cures and I was reading her books and listening to the spiritual healing and living illustrated by the stories of Jesus in my church. Seeking complete answers has always been my focus.

I knew there was a different paradigm right here in the same space and most people did not see it. I felt a hypnotic pall over the planet and people. We looked to run to the doctor with everything, and not to self-care.

Instead modern medicine was used as a panacea which does not heal. The focus being, lets just take a pill and think it will make everything go away, and not look at why we are in pain or sick so we can heal.

I innately knew we did not have to be sick or in pain and I wanted to find out how. I began by reading Edgar Cayce, Nutrition and Spiritual readings to find answers. I also looked into myself to see what I needed to do to take better care of me. I was sick and tired of being sick and in constant pain.


When I opted out of the disease care system, I began to discover my body’s innate ability to be healthy and happy and pain free. I did this of my own choice and action, no one did it for me or told me how, I stayed the course my whole life.

I kept asking questions expecting answers. I followed my choice and knew my body could heal itself in a time where the majority of people did not even imagine it possible.

When I blended an earlier nutrition degree with a psychology degree in the nineteen eighties, people thought I was crazy. How do the body-nutrition and the mind-psychology have anything to do with each other? I am amazed at how many people still do not know this important connection. This was only the beginning for me.

Hypnotism of beliefs built on keeping us addicted to systems that do not heal or work and keep us quiet and unintelligent has to stop for each one of us if we truly want health and wellness. Even today, when some of these wisdoms are well known, and people have many of the pieces, we still have to choose and put it all together.


The answers have been discovered eons ago and some are kept well hidden and many are not. We do not have to do any more studies on what causes things in ways that just offer a new pill or surgery to stop it.

It’s time to wake up and use our innate wisdom and look to our lifestyle, food choices, thought choices, healing past traumas and wounds, and living our truth instead of what we think we should be and do. Looking at how the whole being is out of alignment with health works by correcting it.

Healing is here now. Lets not wait for near death to call us back to aliveness. Lets stop making and eating poisonous food and drink. I saw a chart, which showed that alcohol was one of the top causes for all types of cancer. I still cannot believe how many people drink soda, which would best have a skull and crossbones on the bottles and cans.

People in poverty are given poisonous food for free; processed foods, low nutrient foods and cheeses, a great way to break down health, immunity and life force energy. These foods create diseases like obesity and diabetes, and low passion for self care, life and work.


Educate you on health and wellness. Go beyond the common pieces of the puzzle and get curious. My life-long journey has been guided by knowing that if I looked and listened to the wisdom of me and and did not accept illness, depression and pain, I could put the pieces together and be totally healed.

At sixty-one I look to be in my forties. I have high energy and passion for life and do not take medicines or tell doctor stories about how they cannot find out what is wrong with me. If I am feeling off or in pain, I look to find where I am out of sync with me and at what I can do to address the causes and change them immediately.

Yes, I have decades of intense studies in mind, emotion, body, spirit and soul medicine which gives me immediate answers now, and yet it is always a choice to stay awake and choose wellness each moment that allows me to live the answers.


There are a lot of holes in holistic medicine or practices today. I feel it began when they took the W out of Wholistic. Many of the practices and pills offered are just pieces of the puzzle and people are trying to use them like the medical system, expecting a one stop solution. When things do not work fully there is more to be aware of. There are many other places to look at and bring more knowledge and answers together to regain health.

Instead of taking more things, we can eliminate things from our diet, and our life that work against us. Stop looking for the quick fix and invest in your life and health. Everything has answers. I went into places few explore and found profound truths and answers. Even with these I looked for what was missing and how they all fit together until I found what really heals.

Stop looking for one size fits all and complain about the doctor. You are your own medicine when you stop and know that your body heals itself when you are aligned with it. This also goes for all other areas of your life as well.


Insurance pays for sickness, not healthcare. With higher deductibles, lower coverage and high prices for insurance its time to invest in your health.

Following my desire for complete answers has brought them to me. We have many books now to give us pieces and new ideas, but its what you do with them how they apply to you and looking even deeper that make the difference.

There are many levels of causes and important new-Ancient teachings to support complete solutions. I have seen heard people use powerful tools and practices and wonder why they do not totally work.

These are the deeper understandings and teachings that Be The Medicine and I offer and address. The private sessions and classes have helped many people find the missing pieces and reclaim health and a positive, productive life.


If you are not healthy, it’s up to you to choose to be healthy and get curious and creative and move into health. Our fearful focus on diagnosis and disease creates more of those. Stop telling your body it is sick instead of looking to support its natural direction of health.

Stop you from taking pills first, and ask and listen to you and your body to see why you have that headache or pain. There are so many easy answers that cost next to nothing and just need you to wake up to aligning you to self-care and healthy lifestyle.

It’s not about eating vegetarian-which supports many-not all, or doing yoga-which is amazing, or taking “natural supplements or herbs, although that helps some, its about going deeper to make healthy changes in our body, mind and heart.

Knowing we are multidimensional people who have many layers of being, we can discover and be realigned to health, happiness and a peaceful loving life.


When I ask professionals in allopathic medicine, what would you tell people to help them heal in these times, they all say…DO NOT GET SICK!

Choose health, it chose you a long time ago. Stop waiting for big brother to take care of you, its up to you. You are worth it.

Blessings and Good Health,

logo4Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call Janet today to open to health as a pathway for you and your family and to help you find the missing pieces for you! 973-647-2500.

See both websites for more inspiration and possibilities for support in realigning you to perfect health and vibrant living. 973-647-2500 Private session specials this month see them on this website.

Medical Intuitive, Integrative Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Teacher, Writer, Sage, Business Woman and Shaman. See Janet’s Bio and Training on the What is Be The Medicine page on this site.

Janet has dedicated her life to living, teaching, healing and assisting people to: Be the Medicine, Live the Power of You! You can expect new teachings, transformation and laughter whenever you are with her. StraightArrow has been teaching and healing for twenty-two years and has studied with Masters around the world and developed simple, clear and profound ways to assist people in all aspects of their life, health, relationships, career and discovering and living their life purpose.


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