photoIn this past decade and more we have all experienced a total change of expectations of what life on this planet should be and has been.

After great excess and destruction of values and the earth we are falling apart and coming together into balance.

Change is daily from weather to relationships to beliefs to money systems to governments and corporations and religions and more.

Our personal lives have undergone tremendous change as well. Marriage, children, aging, health and technology have changed everyone and everything drastically.

Spirit and Soul Awakening is at an all time high and the earth and her people are rebirthing themselves.


When we go through any change it moves us out of our expected comfort zones of mind, body and emotions.

On personal levels; whether it is a letting go of the old ways of thinking and being that do not work, awakening consciousness, or job, home or loved one lost it changes our world.

Never easy, as the rug of reality and safety we expected to be under our feet, has moved, and may even be a flying carpet, or empty space on the floor, or breaking open our heart.

We are all on a journey of growth.

Some of us accept it, and some want to deny or control it.

On some level we all try to control it.

We create our reality, meaning we choose how to think, feel and see the world in a way we understand.

When change occurs, the first reaction is fear, where did our foundation of reality go?

When things and people we expected to be there go away, we feel lost and confused.

Our reality is shattered.

There is an empty space where there used to be someone or something we took for granted would always be there.

The voice of fear says, I am alone and there is a hole in me.

The truth is there is more space for you to expand and explore and discover life and you in a new way.

We are all more than we believed before and now is a time to live it.


Life is ongoing change, when we assume it will stay the same, we set us up for trauma and drama and feel lost.

Nothing ever stays the same, and when big things change, we notice and may rebel and deny instead of honoring our passage.

Become more aware.

Begin to slow down and see what is here now.

Notice the cycles and regular changes as they occur.

Appreciate where you are, and who and what you have in your life.

See what works and what does not, and be prepared to choose differently before it leaves on its own.

Life is what we make it to be and in these times we affect reality more than ever.

Everything we took for granted on the planet is changing and rearranging itself.

The earth and her people are aligning with higher beingness and wholeness



Release the paradigm of pain, and open to a higher level of loving consciousness that is here in the same space waiting your attention.

See things from a higher perspective.

Stay awake.

Be with what is.

Make it the best you can.

You can choose it to be difficult or be a victim, or you can find the higher purpose in everything.

Honor the coming and going and transforming life we now live.

Be gentle, kind and loving to you and all as people are losing realities, people and things they thought would be forever.

Make life simple and self-sustaining so you are more aware and less dependent in all ways.

Learn to work together and support one another in communities.

Know that when all is seemingly take away what you are left with is your inner treasures of strength, wisdom, courage and creativity that can create new life.

Mine these treasures now and deepen them.

The soul is always whole. When the personality self is broken, you are free to let go of the old and be whole immediately.


IMG00054-20101024-1510WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?

When our reality is shattered we can be chronically sick, angry and broken, or whole now more than ever before.

A new world is here.

It’s an experience of awakening and moving through life more easily, living the truth of the universe, instead of the fearful rules of man.

You can try to recreate the old ways if you want; it’s a free will planet.

Be aware that they no longer work, resulting in even more struggle and pain and are no fun at all.

Or, you can raise your sights to make each day support your life and growth in every way and help others with your positive attitude and living your unique purpose.

Enlightenment is living life consciously in loving support of all.

One for all and all for One.

You choose with your attitude, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Be Love. Be Joy. Be Peace. Be the Change. Be Light.

Its quite an adventure when you surrender to the best there can be.


Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Please contact Janet StraightArrow for loving support on your journey. StraightArrow Wisdom Coaching and Healing sessions offer practical movement through challenges and changes in everyday life and health. Results are you find new direction, purpose and perspective simply and easily and you feel good about you and all.

Retreats, Classes, Workshops 973-647-2500





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