New Blog-Our Latest Posts From Facebook Join Us For Daily Inspiration

Hi All,

It seems we have a glitch in how to have a safe website with a blog.

So I will continue posting here so you have them in your mailbox too.

Happy All Saints day.

Blessings, Janet

Our Latest Posts From Facebook Join Us For Daily Inspiration

May these support your journey.

Janet StraightArrow

“THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE IS TO BE HERE NOW. When we learned to drive, we were taught to focus on the road before us and around us to get to our destination. When we walk our spiritual-life journey, its best to do the same. Instead of focusing on all possible outcomes, our focus on the road we are on creates the direct path as we make our best choices step-by-step. Patience with the process. InJoy the Journey.” Janet StraightArrow



“ABUNDANCE IS HERE. There is plenty for all when we realize Universal Law. In a world of illusions of separation, competition, lack and fear, we feel like we are always fighting each other and us. There is plenty for all: love, food, jobs, and resources of all forms. Its important to stop the hoarding by the few, and the destruction of hope, the earth, possibilities, and the heart and soul of individuals. We do have to be strong and wise to help turn this around for us first, so we can support the many. When we see each other as sister and brother, and work together for all, life works for us and all. InLove.”Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine Awaken To Be Free




“REFLECTIONS. Loving each other is the best of us. Whatever you be and do, let it be with love.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine




“REMEMBER THE GIFTS. There is nothing more humbling than a close friend, colleague, family member or us going through a rude awakening of health, relationship or financial loss. It reminds us that life is a gift every moment, and nothing is more important than what is in our hearts. Let go of the drama in your life, and make it a positive loving day each day. Blessings of Love.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


Light and Love


“ALWAYS AMAZINGLY TRUE. Our reality is what we ‘think” it is. If you do not like your life, change your thoughts. A whole new world appears in seconds. InJoy!’ Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine



Sun to Sun Soul to Soul


“SHINE ON. The brighter your light, the easier for others to find their way.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine




Living Our Whole Soul

“NO MORE WAR. When we realize we are all beautiful, talented and equal,there will be no inner or outer wars. Honoring our unique gifts and purpose, we can create and play together on this amazing earth.”Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine



Be Who You Are

“FREE HEALTH CARE. Have more fun! Eat more fruits and veggies, think positive thoughts, love your life, rest, exercise, drink more water, spend time in nature. Let go of drama and the illusion of victim. Have more fun! Stop eating highly processed foods, reduce simple carbs, and eat modest amounts of meat protein. Balance, healthy foods, self-care and joy are the best medicine to prevent all disease and the first thing to do when diagnosed or just feeling poorly.”Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine   

I hope you enjoyed these posts. Daily wisdom and inspiration is available on the two pages below. May your life be full of joy and wonder. Janet StraightArrow

Live The Power Of You!

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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