Join us Online – Intuition Our First Sense with Janet StraightArrow

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Healing and Wholeness   INTUITION: OUR FIRST SENSE with Janet StraightArrow

on Life Out Loud With Junie Moon

Join us on this link below for this webinar.

Janet StraightArrow speaks about our greatest gift, and how to listen, trust and learn from it to create our best life and health. Intuition is something each being on the planet has to keep them safe as well as to guide them everyday. As you become more comfortable with this ability and practice using it, your life becomes easier, simpler and more successful and real.

How can we know who we are, and live our authentic self, when we do not listen to our intuitive knowing? Janet will help you see how you have been taught to live against yourself and help you remove fear, beliefs and any blocks that keep you from trusting yourself, as she reinforces ways to step into the power of that you have inside.

Let’s enjoy a fun discussion with Janet and Junie Moon Schreiber our host and learn how to tune in and see how we can awaken our intuition more and be free to be.

Watch – Intuition Our First Sense Webinar Direct Link

Intuition is one of the main the keys to Be The Medicine. Knowing on the deepest levels and living it allows us to be happy, healed and whole. Sign up even if you cannot join us and listen at your leisure.

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Junie Moons Website


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