Living on Purpose

As challenging as all of the changes occurring on the planet are, it is good to see people waking up to greater love, compassion, and purpose each day. We all have our own unique parts in the play of life. When we live our true self we are fulfilled even in the darkest nights.

Lifelong purpose, short term purpose, and soul purpose awakens in us with passion, in everyday life situations, and a feeling of wisdom and accomplishment unfolds. We are all souls on a journey in this body and time. Follow your inner calling and be courageous to explore the possibilities. As we go inside and claim our authenticity and act we find comfort and support for a new life that works.

People ask me what should they be doing? I suggest slowing down to listen and feel the truth that comes to you each day. Follow what calls to you to be and do. Our inner wisdom is peaceful and clear and not controlling or dissuaded from what it knows.

In some of the situations unfolding in the country and world, we each have our own part to play. Some people march, some make calls and write letters, some people pray. I support individuals as I write and teach and heal. There are many things for us to be and do to progress and help our community, world, family, and self.

Instead of following the crowd, or worrying what others think, its time to really know, what we think. This is where you will find direction, answers and new questions to move with. Our part is organic when we stop resisting the truth. When we quiet the mind that reflects rules of others, we open to the true mind of us.

It is a practice to honor and know what is you alone, and not the voices of beliefs, fears, and desires of others. There are no should’s even with you, just what feels correct, and you know it’s true for you.

Living Our Whole Soul

Direct Perception. The feeling sense is an important one to know our truth. Learn to tune it in, and raise the volume so you can hear it. It is a process of learning through experience and trusting what we feel and know is true.

No seeking outside approval as this takes us away from our inner wisdom. Looking to others does not work when we are in the midst of challenging changes. Being you in the oneness is doing your part.

Rejecting of what we have falsely tolerated is important. Everyone does not need to agree. It takes a village and we all play different roles in the whole. Someone who plays a different role in their life will want you to play that role too.

Learn to follow your soul-heart-wisdom and become whole and peaceful in the chaos of life. That is the journey here to Be The Medicine, living your true self and enjoying the journey of the divine-human walking the walk, authentically.

Freedom, health, happiness, beauty, and light embrace us in unconditional love. That is living in the world and not of it on purpose.

Happy Summer, Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Email for appointments

Our website and healing center was always Oasis For The Soul. The work is Be The Medicine. It was confusing to people so I eliminated using Oasis for the Soul. I am being guided to integrate both again as we do offer an Oasis for the Soul as we experience and learn how to Be The Medicine.

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Best, Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500

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