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Living and Teaching Be The Medicine

  WE ARE PERFECT HEALTH In teaching people that they can reclaim their health and well-being I have learned how much we have been taught against this in countless ways. Learning to overcome the objections of limited beliefs and fears … Continue reading

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Taming the Ego – Awakening the Soul

Please join us on our website “With every thought come back to Love. Love is the strength we all rely upon to see us through everything. Love is the truth that frees us from what we cannot understand or … Continue reading

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Shamanic Intuitive Astrology Readings

 “It’s been very rewarding to use the Astrology sessions to assist people in becoming clear in moving forward in all areas of their lives. Energy work and Shamanic healing unfold in these sessions as well. Yesterday we cleared past life … Continue reading

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Lighten Up the Dark Night of the Soul

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Bethemedicine  “We are not lost or stuck, we are in the perfect cycle of our own awakening.” Janet StraightArrow No place to escape. The dark night of the soul is here. We feel stranded … Continue reading

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Living on Purpose

As challenging as all of the changes occurring on the planet are, it is good to see people waking up to greater love, compassion, and purpose each day. We all have our own unique parts in the play of life. … Continue reading

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4 Spots still available for this Magical Retreat

SUMMER QUEST FOR A VISION IN THE CATSKILL MOUNTAINS Posted on June 25, 2017 by Bethemedicine      Friday to Sunday, July 28-30 with Janet StraightArrow A person goes on a Vision Quest when they are ready to rebirth their … Continue reading

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I Am Not That

We are not sinners or bad, our true nature is loving and good. We have taken on these concepts and beliefs and they conflict with the truth of us. Disease happens in body and mind when we live against our … Continue reading

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