Healing Lifestyle

Healing is a lifestyle, every moment we are healing and every moment we are breaking down.

The circumstances of our life, self care and attitude determines our health and well being.

Accepting pain and stress and dis-ease as normal, allow those realities as a dominant force.

Deciding to live and enjoy a long healthy, happy life also creates that reality.

That is only the beginning.

The rest is education and deciding to work in alignment with who you are in all of your complexity and beauty.

After studying healing systems and modalities from many traditions around the world, I have come up with a system to learn to accelerate healing and reduce or eliminate deterioration.

Some things are practices you know about and others are long hidden knowledge, learning to integrate them in your life and live them is the answer.

The key is to raise awareness and responsibility and take action in all the ways that you can, and you can do and be more you easily.

Some of you will only want pieces and run with them.

Others might want to go deeper and learn and heal in ways you might not have imagined possible, and others of you might want to teach and assist others.

Healing is about change and each person has choice and purpose in each moment.

We are individual souls who are here to experience life through these bodies.

Free will gives us possibility and pathways to explore and experience our life.

As a Spiritual teacher I look at the whole being, life and soul.

As a woman who has lived many lives in his body, in lifestyle, business, family and studying with many masterful teachers around the world, I see you as you are and work with you as you decide to develop and grow and heal.

You are the healer, I guide, support and teach you how.

Join us in seminars and classes or participate in private counseling or healing sessions. Audio and video and tele classes will be available in the future.

My only requirement is that we have fun.

This proves a challenge at times as our work is to let go of judgment, blame, fear and illusion.

This will come up in sessions or classes with yourself and others.

Here I will ask each person to hold up a mirror to themselves to learn what it is that they have to heal.

I will laugh and neutralize and teach skills in ways you can move forward easily.

It is only you that can ultimately let all of the blocks and fears go, to embrace love, compassion and healing.


I am here to guide and support you on your journey.


Blessings, Janet StraightArrow


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