You Learn

Be-the-Medicine03-1To make changes easily

To quiet your mind

To be your own advocate

To live from your inner self-soul

To heal yourself  and maintain health on all levels of you.

Have fun. Life is here to enjoy.

To see the world and you from a new perspective that is logical and works.

To release the past so you can live in the present

To be happy, content and excited about everyday

To love who you are so you take care of you

To be your best friend and stand for yourself

To find purpose and meaning

To enjoy everyday

To know you have the answers inside-how to find them and live them

To be curious about how to learn and work through to success in all areas of your life

To be happy, healthy and whole

Be conscious and awake to everything

Learn your part in the whole and live it

To keep moving forward

To learn when to stop

How to meditate and live from the inside out

To take action with purpose

heart_loveTo live in love and not fear all day long

To clear misaligned energy in you, others and the earth

To work and live in unity with all

To align with you your purpose and the greater purpose-which is how things work

How to say no when you need to, and say yes to you always

Make the best choices easily

How to understand life-its simple

To Love unconditionally.

Learn Energy Mastery- everything is energy- simple ways to navigate this world

To Achieve Self-mastery.

Learn to know who you are and live in your knowledge and awareness,

How to unlearn the past and release fear of the future.

How to be confident with wisdom

Be a problem solver – every problem has a solution

How to speak from knowledge not thinking, guessing

We are all spiritual beings who live free and know all-learn how to live this

Learn how to integrate all of you body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul

Learn discernment in all of your life-how to know truth

Release patterns of living from fear, doubt, blame, shame, and judgment

To Remember as humans these qualities are our nature…











Learn how to release what is not you to live in all of your brilliance.

Release all illusions, hypnotism and untruths we have been taught to believe and been raised with, to live free and true to all.

Radiant You!We are all a full spectrum rainbow of possibility ready to express and experience the best life has to offer.

Learn to live from your soul and be clear, directed, free and whole.

We are divine beings capable of everything

Awaken your potential and have fun releasing the roles, rules, beliefs and fears that kept you back.

Reclaim and live your highest truth

Move forward with Practical Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, confidence, success and fun!

Live your passion, purpose and curiosity to live your best life today!

Call Janet StraightArrow to begin your journey 973-647-2500 email

Sessions around the world by Skype and phone.





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